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False Neutral
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Awesome show
Good show
Awesome show! Buying my first bike soon and this show is a great way to get more into it
Don't miss Pete
Keep this going Eric and Garrett. Pete was a negative nanny. You guys will do awesome.
Stevie Ray M
Fun machine-oriented podcast
These guys know bikes. Lots of them. I am using their website to try to develop this encyclopedic knowledge myself. Fun to listen to; I look forward to it every Tuesday!
Awesome motorcycle podcast
Great podcast by a great group of guys. Very entertaining and very informative.
Rob Kroupa
I don't even LIKE motorcycles
And it's still a great listen. That's how good this show is. Grats to Tanshanomi and crew.
James Mackintosh
If you like motorcycles listen
If you like motorcycles this is a great podcast. This is about motorcycles not being a "biker". Pretty good information and entertaining this is for riders not posers.
Steve in Cincy
Great Podcast
Great podcast. Now I just need a motorcycle...
Entertaining, informative
The hosts do a terrific job of being knowledgeable, sharing a wealth of motorcycling experience and capturing the excitement of being a motorcyclist. I enjoy the wide focus and the inclusion of older bikes. On the side, kudos to a show that recognizes the thrill of the Honda MB5! Look forward to each new episode...thanks guys!
Brewer Fan1904