Faith Applied
Faith Applied
Nettye Johnson: Wife | Mom | Speaker & Bible Teacher | Health Educator & Co
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WOW! I just listened to two episodes back to back can say is WOW!!! They were AMAZING!! First off, I love Nettye’s voice!!! It is so soothing and warm, and I think I could listen to her all day 🙂 Secondly I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she mixes PRACTICAL living with THE WORD of God. Theologically accurate, and spot on how to apply it to your life. Can't wait to listen to more 🙂
kt nors
Steady and Steadfast!
I listened to Nettye Johnson’s first podcast that deals with our desires to start something and the what, when, and why of the process to be able to successfully complete and accomplish our goals. The tips and testimonials Nettye offers and shares with us are realistic, relative, and offers an opportunity for a response in achieving your goals and fulfilling Christ-centered purposes. This podcast is a powerful and instrumental tool needed to help guide and empower individuals to be prayerful, consistent, and steady on our spiritual, professional, and personal journey. “We are what we repeat.” (Nettye Johnson)
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inspired prissy
Sooooo Relatable!!
This podcast was very inspiring! I love how you break everything down into small steps which makes setting goals seem more attainable!! “NOT EASY” but like you said, “IT’S POSSIBLE”! Specifically, permanent weight loss goals. I’m looking forward to more simple yet profound tips on sticking with what I’m starting. Keep them coming!
Lazard, P.
Anticipating good things!
I’m looking forward to hearing practical ways to apply God’s Word especially in terms of health. I’ve struggled with being overweight for awhile so I’m looking forward on learning the mindset of sustaining good health over a lifetime.
Ebony Mitchell