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Fab Wives Unfiltered
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Love it!
I discovered this podcast about a month ago. I am a 22-year-old wife who has been married for just five months. This podcast has helped me be more intentional in my relationship and has inspired me to truly reflect on the beauty of marriage. Thank you fab wives!
This was fiyah! Truly enjoyed this and my hubs was especially happy:) that day/night. Honey loves I’m a subscriber immediately
JaWz Mom
100th Episode
This was soooooo amazing, funny, interesting, and definitely educational. Thank you, it’s good to hear wives have fun talking about sex 😘😘☺️
Yessss 100!!!
The 100th episode is the BEST YET! Now gimme that soundtrack! ☹️😂😂
I love how real and raw fabwives is! They help me get my life as a wife together!!
So fun and real
I love how you ladies are always real, fun and as usual plenty gems. Keep going! Congratulations on your 100th episode.
The best podcast ever
I’m so happy I found out about this podcast it has definitely helped me in a lot of ways.. I absolutely love all of the ladies on the podcast they’re so fun and down to earth..
The truth
Not for the goody 2 shoes!
nickey r
Sooo DOPE!!
To the dopest, most unfiltered podcast there is CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th episode!! I can always count on you ladies to keep it 💯 as you drop knowledge and bring the facts!! I’m fairly new to the podcast but have loved every minute and have caught up FAST! This podcast helped me to take a good look at my 14 year marriage and I have now moved from being complacent to intentional (fruit roll ups and all 😉). I love the impromptu singing, transparency, and topics. You all are so inviting it’s refreshing and your laughter is contagious. Congratulations again on this milestone and cheers to 100+ more episodes!
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Great job ladies! Glad to hear real stories of marriage and all the nitty gritty it contains. Thanks for keeping it real.
I found it
Like the tag line says every wife needs her tribe. I think I found mine. They say everything I wanna say out loud but no one to say it to. What I wouldn’t give to have a circle of friends like this in my life right now. This episode really reminded me of how big of a freak I used to be. Since kids that has definitely changed. But after this episode she might need to come out and play. Lol
Ok .. this the one
So I am absolutely a Fab Wives community member but I rarely listen to the podcast ( that’s changed) but this one here !!! Lol it solidified it for me !! Episode 100 was everything !!! Congratulations on your 100th episode ladies
Lola's Grammie
Love love love this podcast!
These queens are the definition of keeping it real and unfiltered as wives. There’s nothing better than listening to women who give the truth about marriage!
This podcast talks about some tough issues but the ladies are so real and provide sound advice. Episode 90 was 🔥. I could relate on so many levels, except the farm animals. Best wishes to you all and I look forward to meeting you at the brunch!!
Tried all the other names
Women’s fab fans
Oh my goodness! I am so happy I found the podcast and group. I mean, I’ve moved and live away from family and am so busy with life, work, fiancé, kids, weddings plans, bible study, dinner, taking care of the dog, preparing for the coming baby, I mean I’m exhausted hahaha, so I don’t really okay wait, I don’t have friends here and my friends all live in other states so being able to listen with you Ladies, it makes life and my day at more enjoyable and you ladies make me laugh so hard. If you need some understanding either for you or your partner the ladies here are here for you. Thank you ladies #love&respect
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Love It
This is my favorite podcast! These ladies are so relatable and “unfiltered”...True definition of keeping it real!
More, please!
I absolutely love this podcast but I wish the episodes were at least an hour and more consistent. Updated Review: I changed my rating to 5 stars when I returned to the Podcast and realized the episodes were longer. I love these women and really appreciate the laughter they bring into my life and the hope they bring into my marriage, as the episodes normalize my frustrations.
Your marriage needs this!!!!
I ran across this podcast earlier last year and have been stuck ever since! The gems they drop every episode will make you think and motivate you to put your best foot forward in your marriage. I have been telling all my friends about it and they love it too! Listen for a marriage pick me up or reassurance that you still have a healthy, committed and normal marriage because hunny it ain't easy! Be blessed.
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wife 2016
Absolutely love the podcast... really needed so much of the advice and encouragement you ladies bring!
Love the Podcast!
I sooo look forward to each episode. I laugh and learn at the same time. Just know... I carried the 1! 😂😂😂 #stayingput
All Wives Need this!
This podcast has helped me so much as a listener and as 1/4 of the Podcast! Invaluable insight is shared and the support from my tribe of wives is like no other. Rhea, continue to forge ahead as God leads you. This movement is a blessing. Unfiltered 😘
Tish Guerin
Thank you thank you thank you!
I’m so thankful for you ladies. Your transparency and realness is so relatable. I’m so thankful for this community and the tips and tools you ladies give us to help nourish my marriage. It was hard for me, coming from a single parent household and not growing up seeing loving thriving marriages, to acclimate to this married life. Through this podcast I have learned to articulate expectations and needs to my husband and be understanding/more aware of his as well as a whole list of other things. I could go on but y’all know y’all the bomb!! Again, thank you ladies!
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Jay Rae Mae
Fill me up!
Oh do I love this podcast show. Fills me up each time with joy and many laughs. Definitely identifying with each lady uniquely. Loving the topics of discussions and definitely hot topics. Can’t wait to dig through older shows with a glass of wine. Finally a married podcast that is relatable and true to life itself holding nothing back.
Wow! What a show
Finally! Married Women who are willing to truly be honest about marriage, so women who are single like myself can really learn and listen to real life scenarios and to laugh of course.
I must say the moment I’ve been listening to this podcast I literally have been taking notes . Even though it was just an example on your “whose holding the husbands accountable part 2” about having a workshop for single women to become fab wives that’s something I’d throw my money at and sign up for instantly ! Though I am in a loving relationship I am a technically single woman ( not married yet ) so this has been helping me with more things and in more ways than y’all can ever imagine ! Thank you ladies for being transparent and amazing!!! P.S the gaps between these episodes are stressing me out !! ( not literally ) lol I’m just being greedy .
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I just love love love y’all
I honestly look forward to Wednesdays and kekeing with y’all as I drive to work in the morning. Although I’m not there with y’all, I feel like I’m sitting on the sofa with my girlfriends drinking wine and learning how to be a better wife.
Selena Coles
Being young and married, I find it difficult to relate to my peers who are not married. Fab Wives provides me with much guidance on how to be purposeful and accountable inside my marriage. Thank you guys so much!
Love it!
I love the open and honest conversation!
Juanita Stovall
I never write reviews BUT....
Stumbled on this podcast months ago and it’s my absolute favorite. You all are sooo AMAZING ❤️ Thank you so much for putting marriage on such a positive platform. The content is so real and relatable. I’m sure I am not the only wife that you’ve pushed to be more intentional not only as a wife but all around. God bless.
All I’m going to say is: FINALLY!
Love it.
Tifanne C
So relatable and insightful!
I love the insight provided by the hosts. The fun, lighthearted energy is great. While offering sound advice and diverse perspectives, these women touch on many of the matters that I personally find myself managing in my own marriage. I’m currently going back to catch up on prior episodes and looking forward to those to come.
Life is about Community!
As a newlywed (under 2 years married) I needed a community of women whom I can listen to and take advice from and just laugh with in my car. My mother has never been married and my grandmother has been divorced several times therefore I cannot talk to them about marital things as I do not think they would understand, but this is podcast is God Sent! I love the fact that the women are genuine and REAL. I appreciate the founder for creating this podcast and community because it helps women in sooo many ways. I think it’s even beneficial for single women who want to prepare themselves for marriage. Sis, just download the podcast already and thank me later! LOVE THESE GIRLS! SN: can’t wait for the Fab Wives Brunch! YASSSS!!!
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Always a good time and a good listen!
I love listening to the FabWives! They are all so relatable and lead and encourage others in their marriages from a place of authenticiaty and humility. Seriously love them all and reccomend you give a listen!
Love you ladies
I started listening a couple of months ago and there was a contagious laugh that caught my attention😂 I was determined to find out which one of you it belonged to and it is Rhea!! Gurl you crack up in almost every episode 🤣🤣 I love it!!
So glad I found you!
I found this podcast in early December and let me just say that I love all the ladies and the guests that you have on your shows. I’ve been with my husband since we were 15, we’re both 32 now and will be married for 10 yrs this June with 3 children so I can relate to almost every topic discussed each topic is real and I love how you ladies keep it unfiltered, my only complaint is that it’s not long enough lol I could listen to you ladies all day I feel like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends when I listen to you all. Keep up the great content Fabwives💕
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Love love love!
The Fab Wives are enjoyable, relatable, and hilarious!
Must Have Discussion
This podcast was definitely a “Must Have”!!!! It made my day!!! Keep it coming ladies!!!
I love the real conversation. Thanks for the sincerity of the conversation. Would love for you all to limit talking on top of each other. Love this show!
Listen 2 Him
Love it
I love all the episodes. I am so glad the newest one is longer. We love hearing more from you ladies. Keep it up!!!
Love it
I love all the episodes. I am so glad the newest one is longer. We love hearing more from you ladies. Keep it up!!!
Podcast Love
So happy that I’m apart of this group it’s always so good to hear from other wives who keep it real and love to see others do well in their marriage!!
Sound far away
Talk in the mic ladies. Requesting at least an hour.
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