Fab Wives Unfiltered
Fab Wives Unfiltered
The Fab Wives Unfiltered podcast brings together four dynamic wives who engage in real and unfiltered discussion surrounding various topics related to marriage and life as a wife.
Do Wives Lower their Standards After Marriage?
In Episode 102 of the Fab Wives Unfiltered Podcast we chat about standards after marriage. Do women hold their boyfriends to a higher standard than wives hold their husbands to? From the surface to going deep, we dive in to answer this question and more. In this episode we also chat about a few celebrities that really need to "Be Like Monica" AND The Real Dope Therapist answers our first letter received from a husband wanting to know how he can get his sex life popping in our Ask Fab Wives Segment.
Nov 18
42 min
Sex Drives on the Rise!
In episode 101, the Fab Wives chat about sex drives on the rise! Recently there's been a lot of chatter in the Fab Wives private Facebook group (Fab Wives Community), about the wives who want sex just as much if not MORE than their husbae's! In this episode, we breakdown the reasons why we believe the wives' sex drives are on the rise (AND the reasons why they dive).
Oct 28
51 min
For the Freaky Fab Wives Only
***Warning*** This episode of the Fab Wives Unfiltered Podcast may not be appropriate for some. In episode ONE HUNDRED, the Fab Wives celebrate this milestone by bringing together the best of two worlds…Sex Talk & Music! If you’ve been rocking with the Fab Wives since day one, you know we’re likely to break into song out of nowhere AND we get really unfiltered when it comes to talking about sex! In this episode, we have fun going through a few very freaky songs and ask “Are you that kind of freak?” or…”is this too freaky for you?” Please help us celebrate our milestone episode by doing us two favors: 1). Please share this episode (and/or your top favorite past episode) on Instagram and tag @fabwives 2). Please leave us a 5-star rating AND a review on iTunes. Send us a screenshot of your review (by visiting fabwives.com/100) and we’ll send you the entire soundtrack from our 100th episode! Visit fabwives.com/100 for details.
Sep 23
45 min
Sexually Bound by Religion
The Fab Wives invite Fab Wife, Nakilah Majors to discuss feeling sexually bound in her marriage by religion. We have an unfiltered conversation about how the church impacts the bedroom even after marriage and why some wives are afraid to explore sexual desires with their significant other even after marriage.
Sep 9
48 min
Black Wives in America Vol. 1
In episode 98, the Fab Wives revisit the Jada, Will & August conversation in the hot topics segment and give their reactions to finding out the definition of an Entanglement! Plus they have a more serious discussion on some of the obstacles specifically faced by Black Wives in America. Healthcare disparities are at the top of the discussion in this episode. Tish wraps up the episode by answering an Ask Fab Wives letter from a wife who is sexually frustrated with her husbae.
Aug 26
49 min
What the Eff is a Respectful Cheater?
In episode 97 of the Fab Wives Unfiltered Podcast, the ladies touch on infidelity. They breakdown disrespect vs blatant disrespect and answer the question, "What the Eff is a Respectful Cheater?"
Aug 5
47 min
Good Grief: Is it Normal to Grieve the Loss of Your Single Life?
In episode 96 of the Fab Wives Unfiltered podcast the ladies discuss different forms of grief after marriage. Most wives won't admit it (and maybe some wives don't experience it). However, 4 out of the 4 Fab Wives podcast crew members express grieving some type of loss after marriage over what they were once able to enjoy back in their single days. Share this episode and tag us on IG or Twitter @fabwives and let us know if and/or what you grieved the loss of after saying "I do."
Jul 22
35 min
The door is CLOSED to Open Marriages!
In episode 95 of the Fab Wives Unfiltered Podcast, the ladies talk open marriage and Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith & August Alsina's alleged love triangle! Mrs. Angel Savoy joins to share her journey on the other side of being in an open marriage.
Jul 8
1 hr 1 min
Black and Married in America
To date, Episode 94 is the most important episode the Fab Wives have ever recorded. While Fab Wives is a community for all wives committed to love and marriage, our demographic primarily consists of black wives. In light of the recent uprisings speaking out against the systemic racism black people continue to face in America, the Fab Wives invite their husbands to join to have a real and unfiltered conversation about what it's like to be black and married in America. Although we share the same agenda to grow the black community, we quickly realize we have a difference of opinion on what strategies are the most effective in doing so. This is the start of many conversations regarding being Black and Married in America.
Jul 1
1 hr 23 min
How to know if your marriage is worth saving
The Fab Wives are back after an unexpected 2-month hiatus due to COVID19! Since a lot of couples spent more time with their spouse than expected, some couples may have realized they were forced to address issues they've been running from previously. Or maybe you're a wife whose been working hard on your marriage for quite some time and you ask yourself often "How do I know if my marriage is worth saving." We discuss this and more in our welcome back episode!
Jun 17
36 min
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