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Extreme Movie Reviews
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Sit back, and relax while you join our host, Steve, as he (and sometimes his friends) review, rate, and converse about their favorite and least favorite movies and shows, old and new in a journey like manner. There will be horror, there will be comedy, there will be nostalgia and there will be Netflix. If you survived the 90's, you should remember how everything was "extreme" even when it was just a bag of chips. Well, here's a bag of 90's style EXTREME chips for you to pop open and enjoy! Movie Reviews for you.
The Platform - Full Review w/ guest Hayley
Come along with Hayley and I as we get delirious (intoxicated much?) while looking at all 1 million questions the science fiction-horror, that took the Covid-19 world by storm in late March of 2020, Netflix's "The Platform". After an hour and a half of...
Aug 20
1 hr 45 min
What About Bob? - (REVIEW)
Join me as I take the quirky ride that is, What About Bob?; a largely forgotten gem from the early 90's. It's an atypical typical movie with talent brimming from its edges with stars like Bill Murray, Julie Hagerty, and Richard Dreyfuss. What About Bob?...
Aug 6
1 hr 9 min
Five Netflix Recommendations & Finishing Warrior Nun
Today I briefly give some opinions and recommendations on five shows/movies that I've watched on Netflix, recently. I will also be re-visiting Warrior Nun to finish up that "review" from my previous episode.You can reach me with any comments, feedback,...
Jul 22
23 min
A Netflix Recommendation? & more...
Apology part A, for releasing my previous episode late. I'll quick talk about a show I've gotten half way through, on Netflix. Letting you know if it's worth your time or not. AND MOREIs Warrior Nun worth a watch?
Jul 10
7 min
Friday the 13th: Part VII - The New Blood (Full BAD Review)
Join me as I torture myself reviewing the seventh movie of this franchise, eight years after it came to the big screen. This is when the Friday franchise hits it's all time low. I will walk through this pile of a movie offering up commentary, analysis,...
Jul 8
55 min
Friday the 13th: Part VI - Jason Lives (REVIEW)
Six years after Jason Voorhees was first born on screen and two years after Jason was killed for the final time; he's back from the dead. Join me as I walk through this gem of the franchise with commentary, analysis, and some insight into my favorite...
Jun 24
1 hr 19 min
Ranking Entire Friday the 13th Series
In this episode we will be going over Steve's rankings of the Friday the 13th movie series. Friday the 13th is the last of the big 3 (Nightmare of Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th) to catch his eye and turn him into a fan. The perfect series...
Jun 18
16 min
Onward - Review w/ guest Hayley
Come join us as we go for a journey with elven brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot. After, Hayley and I will rate and review this Disney film. Looking at all of the elements of film making as well as simply talking, as you and your friends might, about...
Jun 11
1 hr 18 min
Introduction to myself and my pod cast
New, mostly PG-13 rated movie review podcast. Me introducing myself and explaining what lies ahead on this adventure that I hope you'll join me on. I will constantly be attempting to improve the quality of the show from its content to the audio...
Jun 5
5 min
Dumb and Dumber - Review/Rating (Nostalgia Overload)
Join me as we take a look at an all time classic film, Dumb and Dumber. Is it slapstick or slap-schtick? Ultimately, that's for you to decide. I will give you some brief recommendations and my personal attachment(s) to this movie followed by taking an...
Jun 5
31 min