Exponential Wisdom
Exponential Wisdom
Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach & Peter Diamandis of XPRIZE / Singularity University
Dan Sullivan discusses how exponential technologies are creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world and the impact of hyperconnectivity on global innovation.
Episode 139: The Reindustrialization of The United States
Many people don’t know this, but everything that affects the costs of money, energy, labor, or transport also affects the other three factors. It can be difficult to understand how it works and how it directly affects you. Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis explain the importance of quality transportation routes, explain why the United States […]
Feb 25
21 min
Episode 138: Capabilities That Keep You Young
Throughout human history, you were as old as your chronological age. Now, it’s becoming possible to be decades younger physically than the number of years you’ve been alive. Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis explain the simple actions you can take right now to extend your life, why you shouldn’t even be thinking about retiring, and […]
Jan 25
29 min
Episode 137: The Great MELTdown
Peter and Dan discuss the Future of Money, Energy, Labor, And Transportation (MELT). Peter uses his “6D’s of Exponentials” framework to look at each category. In this episode:
Dec 18, 2023
44 min
Episode 136: Turn Your Passion Into Purpose
Peter and Dan discuss the topic of finding your passion. As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” They distinguish between passion and purpose, and how to identify what you should probably be working on today. In this […]
Nov 17, 2023
38 min
Episode 135: Navigating Business Beyond Your Comfort Zone
Once you’ve achieved your goals and have a successful business, what’s next? You might have to look around, talk to people, and consider things you’ve never thought of before. Peter and Dan discuss why someone would make the move into an adjacent business, and how to actually pull it off. In This Episode:
Oct 20, 2023
25 min
Episode 134: Living Longer, Living Stronger
Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan dive into the latest in longevity, health, exercise and lifestyle optimization. With a wealth of scientific insights and personal habits, they share expert advice on living your best life. You’ll hear their daily routines with practical tips to help achieve real-world results for you and your family. In This Episode:
Sep 25, 2023
25 min
Episode 133: How To Turn Your Creativity Into Assets
Entrepreneurs understand the importance of innovation, but do you know everything you should know about intellectual property? In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis explain the basics of intellectual property law that entrepreneurs should be aware of to maximize the value of their creations and how the AI revolution will impact patents. In this […]
Aug 8, 2023
26 min
Episode 132: The Right and Wrong Ways to Think About AI
Dan and Peter discuss the potential impacts of AI on society, including job creation and loss, the risk of malevolent use, and the possibility of a “post-truth” world. They express optimism about AI’s potential to increase productivity and create a world of abundance, but also stress the importance of proper management and regulation. In this […]
Jul 12, 2023
36 min
Episode 131: If You Want To Be Optimistic, Bet On Yourself
What is it that helped the most successful leaders in the world reach that level? Mindset. Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis discuss the mindsets that helped carry them to where they are today, and the secret ingredients needed to be successful and happy. In this episode:
Jun 11, 2023
29 min
Episode 130: Staying Cool and Calm
Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Not only can it be difficult to keep up with what’s going on, the coming changes have a lot of people feeling scared and even angry. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis explain what you should be doing right now to be in the best position […]
May 15, 2023
37 min
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