Expert Insights – Black Dog Institute Podcasts
Expert Insights – Black Dog Institute Podcasts
Black Dog Institute
Understanding youth wellbeing during COVID-19
59 minutes Posted May 12, 2020 at 5:32 pm.
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Show notes

This Expert Insights session will focuses on understanding and supporting youths throughout the COVID-19 era.  We discuss some of the advantages and drawbacks of staying home for youths, and the differences in impact for adolescents and children. Finally, we explore some practical ways to support and maintain the wellbeing of youths and parents.

On the Panel:

Helen Dodd, Professor of Child Psychology, University of Reading

Stephanie Healy, Diverse Learning Co-ordinator, Villa Maria Primary School and St Patrick Primary School

 Sophie Li, Senior Clinical Research Manager, The Black Dog Institute

Facilitated by: Dr Carol Newall, Black Dog Institute GP Consultant
Recording and sound production: Nathan Bell
Voiceover: Cameron Banks, Black Dog Institute