Expanding Mind
Expanding Mind
Erik Davis
Progressiveradionetwork.com presents Expanding Mind with Erik Davis. He explores the culture of consciousness: magic, spirituality, psychology, technology.
Expanding Mind – Summer Pause
Erik reflects on a decade of podcasting, the learning curves of the show, the work of conversation, the uncanniness of our moment.
Jun 20, 2019
58 min
Expanding Mind – Liminal Mind
A conversation with my wife Jennifer Dumpert about collaborative dreaming, iPad skrying, meditation, play, the problem with interpretation, and her new bookLiminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness at the Edges of Sleep (North Atlantic).
Jun 13, 2019
57 min
Expanding Mind – Deconstructing Yourself
A discussion with meditation teacher and author Michael Taft  about hardcore dharma, Buddhist modernism, shop talk, the soup of the sangha, and the problem of the achievement self and the blind leading the blind.
Jun 6, 2019
58 min
Expanding Mind – Queering Psychedelia
An informative chat with psychedelic researcher Dr. Alexander Belser about qualitative research, the Mystical Experience Questionnaire, queer spiritualities, and the idea of coming “out of the psychedelic closet.”
May 23, 2019
57 min
Expanding Mind – Sacred Matter
A conversation with philosopher of religion Mary-Jane Rubenstein about wonder, horror, animism, the multiverse, Heidegger, Einstein, Hawaiian telescopes, and her book Pantheologies: Gods, Worlds, Monsters (Columbia).
May 16, 2019
58 min
Expanding Mind – Patterns of Transformation
A talk with experience designer Ida Benedetto about transformative games, trespassing, rules for sex parties, active introversion, magic circles, funerals, and queer spirituality.
May 2, 2019
57 min
Expanding Mind – Decriminalize Nature
Entheogenic and community activists Larry Norris and Kufikiri talk about decriminalizing entheogenic plant medicines within Oakland: blind spots, changing the narrative, and resisting “the metronome of programming."
Apr 26, 2019
56 min
Expanding Mind – Feral Poetics
Poet Janaka Stucky talks about guerrilla poetry, burlesque horror, mystical language, shame, prophecy, and the strange DMT experiences that inspired his latest book, Ascend Ascend (Third Mind Books).
Apr 18, 2019
57 min
Expanding Mind – Meditation Apps
Science and technology researcher Rebecca Jablonsky talks about consciousness hacking, tech ethnography, information ecosystems, media fasts, and the ups and downs of outsourcing awareness.
Apr 11, 2019
55 min
Expanding Mind – Ouija Board Poetics
Poet and literary scholar Stephen Yenser talks about James Merrill's poetic epic The Changing Light at Sandover (1982).
Apr 4, 2019
57 min
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