Examining Ethics
Examining Ethics
The Prindle Institute for Ethics
An ethics podcast hosted by The Prindle Institute for Ethics
42: Is It Possible to Be Too Good?
Is it possible to be too good? Is it possible that thinking about morality could cause clinical levels of emotional and mental distress? On today’s show (hi, it’s been a while!), Christiane talks to two...
Jan 29
36 min
I Owe You an Explanation…
Examining Ethics normally comes out on the last Wednesday of every month…except for the last few months. Christiane explains why, and also gives you an exclusive sneak peek of what we’ve been working on here...
Sep 30, 2019
5 min
41: Ethics Education with Thomas Wartenberg and Chris Robichaud
We often take for granted the active process of learning about ethics and morality, so today’s show focuses on the source of ethics education: the educators themselves. We hear from two superstar teachers: Chris Robichaud...
Jun 25, 2019
20 min
40: Morality Scaled Up with Joshua Greene
We often discuss individual morality and ethics on the show–how people should or should not behave on an interpersonal level. But what about groups of people? How should they make sense of their competing value...
May 28, 2019
27 min
39: The Authentic Encounter with Beth Benedix
Beth Benedix is a professor of religious studies, world literature and community engagement and in her book Ghost Writer (A Story about Telling a Story), she explores the ethics of narrative. We covered some of the...
Apr 23, 2019
28 min
38: A Story about Telling a Story (about Telling a Story) with Beth Benedix
Humans are captivated by stories. Stories draw people in–they take raw facts and infuse them with meaning and significance. But is it acceptable to take the facts of someone’s life and turn them into an entertaining...
Mar 26, 2019
29 min
37: Pushing Back on Epistemic Pushback with Alison Bailey
If a professor told you about pushback from their students, you might assume that their students are complaining about having too much homework, or that the assigned reading is boring. The philosopher Alison Bailey says that...
Feb 26, 2019
27 min
36: Facing the Synthetic Age with Christopher Preston
We’re in an age known as the Anthropocene, an era in which humans have been the dominant force on earth. We’ve impacted the climate, we’ve shaped the land and in recent years, we’ve made changes...
Jan 29, 2019
28 min
35: Finite Responsibility and Infinite Hope with Joel Reynolds
Caring for other people can be difficult. Whether it’s your own children, your parent, or a friend, care work is emotionally complicated and can be physically messy and uncomfortable. Today’s guest, the philosopher Joel Reynolds,...
Dec 25, 2018
25 min
34: Roles and Responsibilities with Robin Zheng
We’re facing some pretty big problems these days. And whether they’re things like climate change, racism or poverty, these problems are all bigger than we are as individuals. So big, in fact, it can be...
Nov 27, 2018
26 min
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