Everything is Awesome
Everything is Awesome
Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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Everything on Everything is Awesome is Awesome
There’s something completely contagious about hearing Kevin’s enthusiasm sharing his awesome guests and their awesome content with his awesome listeners. Seriously this show turns me on to all kinds of new people and topics and it’s so fun to listen to these great conversations. If you like awesome things and having fun this podcast is for you.
Benjamin Gildas
Love it
Love this show. Kev is a great dude and a great podcast host. Listen!
Michael Antonelli
Everything about this show is AWESOME!
I love this show so much! Kevin is one of the best hosts I've met and his shows are a reflection of true talent. It has been my honor to be a guest on a few episodes and it is a joy every single time! I love the positive energy of the show and Kevin makes it easy to talk about the "tough stuff" because it is always comes from a place of openness mixed with humor. Definitely subscribe, like, NOW.
Kacey Spivey
This podcast is awesome...
I love good conversation, and Everything Is Awesome gives me what I'm looking for every week. The diversity in guests is great, and the show is enjoyable to listen to. Check it out!
Roy Burton
Everything IS Awesome with Kevin
Kevin is super energetic and enthusiastic about podcasting. These are 2 two of the main engredients for a AWESOME podcast. Subscribe ASAP
The best
Nerdy Kev is lovable and brings on great guest and talks about everything you want to hear. Its such a fun show that always puts me in a good mood.
Everything is Awesome is Awesome
Great show, filled with great conversations. You really get to know Kev, and his awesome guests. Subscribe, and listen. This is what Oz looks like #b1
Bill Odoowod
Great show!
He has great taste in guests, and always brings interesting perspectives to the airwaves.
Totally worth it
Listen. Love it. It's totally worth it. Everything is awesome in this podcast.
Great show!
Love this style of interview! It's great to get to know the guest on a more intimate level than a quick guest spot!