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#90 – How To Win Over 80% Of Your Matches – feat. Marc Eric Vogt
This is an episode I've been looking forward to for a long time. Marc Eric Vogt is not only one of the very first people I got to know when I started playing Legacy ~15 years ago, I also feel overwhelmingly confident in saying that he is one of the best, if not the best Legacy player I ever met. Marc recently picked up MTGO again after an 8-year hiatus and immediately jumped to completely anihilating the competition. After two months of grinding and streaming, he is sitting at an absolutely mindblowing winrate of over 80%. He has won the AnziD Lotus Box Invitational and a Challenge, has Top8'ed another and just last weekend finished Top4 in the giant Mana Traders tournament. But what is Marc's success built on? Callum and I invited him for one of our deepest dives on how to be a winning Legacy player. This is not only (but especially) for those who want to learn the underappreciated art of Control-Fu, but also for those who want to understand game on a deeper level. Marc offers incredible advice (and some bad takes on Sauerkraut) that's gonna be invaluable to anyone looking to take their game to the next level. Show Notes Marc Eric Vogt's Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/pemmin Marc Eric Vogt's Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/I_came_to_game Marc's current Bant Miracles list: http://itsjulian.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BantMiracles.txt Marc Eric Vogt right after winning GP Bologna: https://twitter.com/ChannelFireball/status/1201230143227863042 Javier Dominguez' visionary Legacy article: https://article.hareruyamtg.com/article/41379/?lang=en Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Nov 25
2 hr 42 min
#89 – Commander Legends Review + Top5 Legacy Decks
Prelude: Callum hates the Monarch mechanic.  Today's show starts off with a therapy session for Callum & Julian, who have both been recently exposed to the power of MINOTAURS in Legacy. Recounting how they both got destroyed by Legacy's hottest new way to break Didggerido, they dissect the deck known as Thunderbluff 3.0.  After looking at a couple of recent tournament results, Julian proposes the Top 5 decks of Legacy, while Callum suggests a couple of decks that are also up there, rounding out the most likely decks you're gonna encounter in a competitive environment. Afterwards we move on to our review of Commander Rising, covering all the parts that will, might or probably won't see play. Did we mention that Callum hates the Monarch mechanic? Show Notes Stefan "MentalMisstep" Schütz' Thunderbluff 3.0 MTGO 5-0 list: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/legacy-league-2020-11-07 Dan Staub's Mono Red Minotaurs https://mtgdecks.net/Legacy/mono-red-prison-decklist-by-dan-staub-1059443 Anzi presents: Dice City Games' Fall Revised Open - Results https://mtgmelee.com/Tournament/View/3927 Legacy Showcase Challenge - Results https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/legacy-showcase-challenge-2020-11-09 Legacy Challenge, Nov 15th - Results https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/legacy-challenge-2020-11-15 Legacy Challenge, Nov 16th - Results https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/legacy-challenge-2020-11-16 Special 4 Seasons "UNLIMITED" Legacy Event Announcement (online) https://www.facebook.com/events/360524435048266/ Marc "Baby" Vogt's Twitch stream (next week's guest!) https://www.twitch.tv/pemmin MarcoMale's Twitch Stream https://www.twitch.tv/marcomale TrueHero's Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/isthattruehero Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Nov 18
1 hr 45 min
#88 – Vintage Vibes with Justin Gennari
Joining us for a special Vintage-themed episode is Justin "IamActuallyLvL1" Gennari. Justin has made a name for himself as the premier streamer of the format, and is responsible for a ton of new blood entering the format over the last couple of month. Together we explore one of the most booming formats on Magic Online right now, as well as the over 18,000 matches that were recently analyzed by Justin and his crew of dedicated data collectors! If you've always been curious about what Vintage actually how, what the gameplay is like and how to best get into the format on Magic Online, this episode is for you! We roughly outline the major archetypes of the format, recent developments and which decks are up and coming again. We also discuss Callum's and Julian's runs in Eternal Weekend Vintage, as well as Julian's victory in the Vintage Challenge, and do a deep dive on one of Vintage's most exciting decks, Paradoxical Outcome. Show Notes links on itsJulian.com : - Eternal Weekend 2020 - Vintage - Tolarian Academy Top16 Decklists - Eternal Weekend 2020 - Vintage - Library of Alexandira Top16 Decklists - Eternal Weekend 2020 - Vintage - Mishra's Workshop Top16 Decklists - Justin's Vintage Discord Invite Link (very much recommended!) - Justin's Twitter - Justin's Twitch channel - Justin's Esper PO decklist - Bryant Cook's 4c PO decklist - Julian's Ravager Shops from the Vintage Challenge Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Nov 5
1 hr 55 min
#87 – Review of All 8-2 or Better EW Legacy Lists!
Eternal Weekend 2020 is in the books, and with over 1,600 entrants between the three main events, this has been one of THE highlights in the 15+ year history of our beloved Legacy format. Following WotC's decision to pair entry into the format with access to (almost) ALL cards on Magic Online, one of the biggest breathes of fresh air hit the format as people rallied to enter the Karkas, Rishadan Port and Maze of Ith championships. On this episode Callum and Julian cover both the spirit and results of these three events, as they go about the Top16 of each event and some of the most interesting deckbuilding choices they can find. [mtg_card]Garruk, Primal Hunter[/mtg_card] and[mtg_card] Retrofitter Foundry[/mtg_card] in Snow, Ground Seal in Oops All Spells and many more things to shake up a format...that is yet still dominated by RUG Delver and 4/5c Snowko. Still, the glorious return of Death & Taxes into the limelight is one of the most positive takeaways from this weekend, and we're looking forward to how things are gonna develop. We also show you what you haven't seen on coverage yet. Following the communitiy's effort to map out all 8-2 and better lists from the vent, we bring you a much larger metagame overview than just the Top16 lists! Show Notes on itsJulian.com : Eternal Weekend - Karakas  - Top 16 Decklists Eternal Weekend - Rishadan Port - Top 16 Decklists Eternal Weekend - Maze of Ith - Top 16 Decklists Metagame of all 8-2 finishers combined History of Eternal Weekend Champions + Paintings Won Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Oct 21
2 hr 10 min
#86 – If You’re Blocking, You’re Losing
With Matt back from his secret mission, he joins Callum and Julian for a discussion of all things Legacy (and a tiny bit of Vintage!) that have happened recently: Legacy Showcase Challenge results (including Julian's Top4 with Elves), Marc Vogt's Bant Miracles and our recommendations for both Legacy and Vintage in the upcoming Eternal Weekend Online! Speaking of which, definitely don't miss this chance to get your "god account" with (almost) all the cards in Magic! We also cover our thoughts on the recently released Secret Lair: Walking Dead, both with regards to the playability of the those cards as well as the general concept of Secret Lairs. Bonus content: Matt asks you to anonymously submit your questions about everything you always wanted to know about dentistry, but never dared to ask ;-) Show Notes (links on itsJulian.com) - Legacy Showcase Challenge Top8 Decks - Julian guests on PleasentKenobi's EDH & Chill Series - All Eternal Weekend Online 2020 Infos - Marc Vogt's Challenge-winning Bant Miracles - The Walking Dead Product Page - IAmActuallyLvL1's 5-0 with Glenn, Voice of Calm in Vintage - EddieZamora's 5-0 with Rick, Steadfast Leader in Legacy - Greg Orange's 5-0 with Rick, Steadfast Leader in Legacy Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Oct 14
1 hr 23 min
#85 – EPIC Weekend Results & Zendikar Rising Review
There's these rare weekends where the MTGO metagame gets entirely anihialted by a single player. With JPA93 currently in an identity crisis, this task has been handed to Bryant "Bryant_Cook" Cook, who completely CRUSHED both the Legacy Super PTQ on Saturday, and the Legacy Challenge on Sunday. Callum and I go over these epic results, as well as how Hogaak might actually be the biggest threat to the currently metagame! In the second half of the show we scan the upcoming Zendikar Rising set for Legacy playables. We are pretty sure about one of the cards making a big splash in a tier1 deck, and then proceed to go over a ton of "maybes." Show Notes on itsJulian.com - MythicSpoiler for all Zendikar Rising Cards - Legacy Super PTQ Decklists - Legacy Challenge on Sunday Decklists - (Legacy Challenge on Saturday Decklists) - Achillies27 Twitch Stream - Silviawataru's Twitch Stream - Twin_MTG's UG Delver - TheEpicStorm.com's history of TES Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Sep 15
1 hr 50 min
#84 – Eternal at 4Seasons Bologna – with Tom De Decker
Joining us today is the Belgian Eternal LEGEND Tom De Decker. Tom is one of the stalwarts of the European Eternal community and a major force in promoting our beloved formats. Whether it's through providing Vintage decks for several people at an event, organizing their accommodation or providing guided tours through tournament cities, Tom is doing more for our communities than I can put into words here. Just the other week, the famous Italian tournament organizer 4Seasons hosted what we believe to be the first big Eternal event ever since Covid hit the world. In Bologna over 150 players gathered for Legacy (and a respetcable 19 for Vintage). Joining them was Tom, who's giving us a first-hand report of what it was like playing in the event - both with regards to the special Covid-precautions and how they influenced all kinds of things from shuffling to railbirding restrictions. Afterwards Callum and I take a look at the Top16 decks of the format and which kind of sweet tech made it to the top of the event! Show Notes on itsJulian.com : Tom De Decker's Vintage deck (Breach) Tom De Decker's Legacy deck (Ru Painter) 4 Seasons Twitch Stream (VOD Archive) 4 Seasons Legacy Top16 Decklists The EPIC Pit Decklist  Tom De Decker's Twitter Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Sep 12
1 hr 35 min
#83 – How to Win Games and Infect People – with Sam Dams
In keeping with 2020's global theme, we invited Belgian Infect aficionado Sam Dams to the show tonight. And by that we mean: there has been an overwhelming amount of requests for him through the entire year on both our Patreon Discord and Twitter. No surprise though, given how Sam has made a name for himself as arguably the most prolific Infect pilot since the heydays of Tom Ross!  Together we explore this somewhat "forgotten" Legacy archetype, which Sam still considers to be one of the best decks in the format. Yet he's also the first to admit that the deck is facing new challenges; in particular WotC's power creep on creatures is causing issues for Infect. In order to combat them, Sam has decided to add another colour to the deck - as well as everyone's favourite broken Planeswalker! Towards the end of the show we answer a TON of questions submitted via our Discord and Twitter; among them some of the best strategic and of course also meme questions (thanks Tom). If you wanna pick up one of the most wrongfuly underestimated decks in the format and either kill people on turn2 or grind them into oblivion, this deck & episode are for you! Shownotes on itsJulian.com
Aug 25
1 hr 42 min
#82 – Understanding Poke Pile
On today's show Callum and Julian discuss one of the hottest decks in the format: call it RUG Uro, Temur Denial or - like a cultured person - Poke Pile! Jeff "Pokemoki" White recently released this absolute beast of a deck onto the Legacy scene, and it's been putting up insanely good numbers in the hands of a lot of people. It's also one of the most controversial and misunderstood decks right now, primarily because of its strategically unorthodox use of Stifle. Callum and Julian explore what makes the deck's use of Stifle so special, and why thinking of this deck as "Deverless Delver" might be misleading. They're discussing a potential resurgence of Bant Miracles, as Legacy dreadnought StefanoGs has re-entered the format! Show note links on itsJulian.com Thanks a lot for tuning into today's show! Until next time, Julian
Aug 15
1 hr 21 min
#81 – Shark Control & Legacy Deckbuilding
On today's show, Callum dives deeper on his Shark Control list he just Top4'ed the Legacy Challenge with. Did Standstill get cut just to improve the name of the deck even further, or are there actual gameplay considerations behind this? In any case, Shark Control is really making its pressence felt in the format and might just be the kind of Control deck blue mages have been longing for ever since UW Miracles had fallen out of favour. In the second part of the cast, Callum and Julian discuss the primary deckbuilding constraints and principles in Legacy. What are the questions one has to ask themselves when trying to come up with something new in 2020, and what are the common blindspots and pitfalls in try to revolutionize the format...or just have some good old fun? Show note links on itsJulian.com
Jul 29
1 hr 34 min
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