Euphonic Sessions with Kyau & Albert
Euphonic Sessions with Kyau & Albert
Kyau & Albert
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Smashing Good Times
Awesome mixes
Monthly podcast with high quality
Having it once in a month but in a great quality and actually being monthly makes it more exciting to listen
Tue great Sherv
The mixes are wonderfully marvelous wonderful.
Always The Best
Known these guys since they were playing in small cafes. Kyau & Albert remain among the best DJs in the world for pure Trance EDM. Cheers!
talking, talking, talking!
What’s up with Talk interrupting the flow of the music/energy?!? Make a statement in the beginning and then let the Music/Energy flow ..
Love it
Love it like it want more of it.
Great way to start the month
K&A are fantastic artists and put together some great mixes every month.
Beautiful Tracks
A brillant selection of fast melodic tracks. Great flow. Great energy. Their selection does not disappoint. Their mixing reflects the transitioning energy of each track to the next.
i dont see the old podcasts
i love there podcasts but it wont let me access the old ones
Tabia Jackson
one of my favorite ones
it goes like this listen to one episode .............and in a month you realize that you are still listenning to that same episode. Its so good !!! Danke Kyau & Albert
Euphonic Session
Euphonic session- the Dj Kyau and Albert, music are amazing. i enjoy your music very much , i go to the gym and pump up the music on my iphone and forget my problems and enjoy. i listen to your music every week. i am a itunes podcast subscribe member, so i get great new nice music every week, i recommend, if you like house, trance music, you should subscribe and enjoy the great music these dj's are providing. and for the Dj Kyau and Albert- you guys are doing an excellent mixing and producing great music. Thank you so much for making such great music. I hope you guys come to New york and play it at the new york Clubs. we would love to party with you. certainly 5 stars for Dj Kyau and Albert -every weeks hard work. We love you... keep up the new music innovation continue, we are now your new fans Dj Kyau and Albert.... Thank you so much from New york, Brooklyn. 2012.....
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Best Podcast.
This is THE best podcast of trance music, it has the latest songs, anyone can send a voice message and it actually appears!!! (y)
Barrel meister
Love, love, love you guys! Contrary to what others are saying, I really like the commentary from other listeners. Keep it up you two! Hope to see you guys in Chicago sometime! :)
TB Lover
We Are Here For Music
You guys rock, but your podcast has a big issue..Too much talking guys! One selected ID is enough..believe me, it kills it.
Great except for the listener remarks
Awesome show guys, I think it could actually rival Above & Beyond's podcast if it weren't for the listener comments that are interjected throughout the show. It's like being at a concert and listening to fantastic music when someone from the audience interrupts over the loudspeaker, causing everyone to sigh in frustration and wait impatiently for them to be quiet so the music can resume.
Kyau and Albert
This podcast is the bee's knees! It is trance with a hard beat that can make you dance for days! However, what happened to the january podcast!!
Best DJ EVER.......
Kyau & albert are the best perfromer and producers ever . They play the best sets all the time . Their music selection in the postcast is quite amaizing . I did not undestand these they not top ten in dj mag. Anyway, please come back soon to rock the bay again. We appreciated what guys did, do and going do in future.
Neil from San Francisco Calif.
Perfect Podcast!!!
Thanks for the great music. Kyau & Albert sessions never disappoint!
Another great podcast!!  Love the set u guys did at EDC 09!!!! Can’t wait 4 u guys to come back to LA!! PLUR
Love it!
Kyau & albert are one of the most underrated trance duos. From their productions to their DJ sets they never dissapoint and niether does this podcast. Can't wait for the next podcast! See yall in Houston when u finally make this way!
Great podcast, but...
the only problem is just one episode. When will the next one be out?
great mixes!
just discovered this and loving it!
Kyau & Albert are amazing!!
this is by far one of the best EDM podcasts you will find on itunes... a MUST download!
now the best podcast out there!!!
i was a big fan of kyau and alberts....their podcast does not dissaspoint.....the most melodic, groovy stuff you'll find... donwload it now!!!!!!
The best show ever! =)
Kyau and Albert never fail to produce great sound and they're amazing producers and djs. What better way to get a doze of K&A mix through the monthly podcast. Every month gets better and better. I'm addicted to this podcast!! You will love it!!