Etsy Conversations
Etsy Conversations
Ijeoma Eleazu
Featuring interviews with Etsy shop owners. Get to hear the personal Etsy stories behind your favorite Etsy shops as well as those you haven't yet discovered. it all began when a Turkish classical musician, a graphic designer, and an iPhone newbie/crafting geek all happily collided in the summer of 2013 in a happy conspiracy that birthed the new host and the revival of the Etsy Conversations Podcast. As an iPhone newbie trying to figure out what the funny-looking purple icon on her phone was, Ijeoma discovered a podcast that was in desperate need of life support. A few conversations, emails and two to five petite cups of Turkish apple tea later, the podcast went from the brink of obsolescence to becoming the watercooler hub for all things Etsy, handmade, and arts & crafts-related. The Etsy Conversations Podcast is the home of inspiring interviews with and for veteran and newbie Etsy sellers where you get tips, techniques, and tools to make you a better more successful Etsy seller by learning from other Etsy sellers. If you’re looking for ways to get more sales and more traffic to your Etsy shop, be a guest on the Etsy Conversations Podcast and promote your Etsy shop to thousands of listeners across the globe while inspiring other Etsy sellers to take their Etsy business to the next level. Connect virtually on Twitter with @ConvoMePodcast ( as well as on Facebook (, Pinterest ( and Google+ ( with Etsy Conversations Podcast - Follow us, Like us, Pin us, and join our Circle to become a part of the Etsy Convo community.
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Interesting and Informative Podcast
Love this podcast. Engaging, interesting conversation, insightful questions with tons of very useful information for both Etsy newbies and veterans. It’s the full package!
Unique Regal Studio
Very helpful content
I am just getting my feet wet in the big Etsy world and find this podcast being very helpful.
Favorite podcast
I always share this podcast with fellow artists and Etsy sellers. I’ve listed for 5 years and am thankful for valuable content.
Amazing podcast. Really helped me make the jump and open my own Etsy shop. Thank you so much for all the insights and inspiration. Looking forward to more episodes.
A 5 Star + + + Podcast
Etsy Conversations is HANDS DOWN my favorite podcast for creative entrepreneurs. As I focus on launching my fine art photography business, I find Ijeoma’s own and collected wisdom incredibly helpful and motivating. It is the generous spirit of this (podcast) resource that I treasure, and which echoes “There’s plenty of sunshine in the world for everyone”. Thank you so much, Ijeoma!
SO helpful on a range of Etsy topics
So grateful to have found this podcast! Host Ijeoma does the best job interviewing Etsy shop owners on their business practices. I have picked up so many tips! THANK YOU, Ijeoma, for a fabulous, valuable resource!
Making Happy
One of my favorites!!!!
Whenever the Etsy Conversations podcast shows up in my feed I pretty much always listen to it right away. I love that Ijeoma talks to “real” sellers that I can relate to. These people aren’t all making 6 figure incomes but a lot of them are making their living from selling on Etsy. I love how Ijeoma is calm and peaceful and it truly seems like she cares about her listeners and wants to help them!!
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Informative and articulate
I’ve been listening to a bunch of Etsy and business podcast for the last few weeks and Etsy conversations is one of my favorites. I like the length and the content that I get out of it every time. Ijeoma is very clear and articulate and comes up with questions that advance each interview with ease.
Wonderful Resource for ETSY owners
I came across this podcast when I was looking on how to make my ETSY shop more efficient and so far, I have LOVED it. I have updated my policies and about section (didn’t even know that was a thing until Ijeoma taught me how!) Thank you for all the great advice!
The best Etsy podcast out there!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 2 years now. Ijeoma is just such a wonderful host! She is genuinely interested in putting out honest content about selling on Etsy with the clear intent to help the Etsy seller community (nope, she isn’t using her podcast as a way to try and sell you something — amazing? I’d say!). She is also genuinely interested in her guests’ journey and perspective. I love that her guests are very eclectic — from social media experts, to seasoned Etsy shop owners, to Etsy sellers just starting their shop — no matter where you are in your e-commerce journey, Ijeoma has most likely had a conversation with someone you can relate with. Last but not least, Ijeoma is such a kind person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Listening to her podcast weekly is like checking in with a good friend. Pure delight!
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Love This Podcast!
This is a great podcast for Etsy & handmade sellers who are looking to leverage Etsy and grow their business. I like hearing all the stories from other Etsy sellers and how they have achieved successes and get insights into how they run their businesses. I'm also so thankful that I was a guest on Episode #209! I've been meaning to leave a review for a long time! -Rebecca
Interesting interviews
I like the host’s peaceful demeanor and thorough interview style. I’m a new seller on Etsy and hearing other seller’s experiences has been both encouraging and educational. The only thing I’m not crazy about are the summertime rebroadcasts of past interviews. Some of the people interviewed no longer have Etsy shops, so I’m not sure what to make of the interviewee’s experiences as it relates to the success or failure of their Etsy shop. It would be nice to have had some follow-up that explained why a seller had moved away from Etsy—personal reasons, change in business direction, etc. Looking forward to new interviews, after the summer break.
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This is useful and encouraging!
I can not reduce my excitement enough about finding this podcast! It’s a perfect mix of resources and encouragement. The lovely host asks thoughtful questions to those she interviews and provides a wide variety of relevant topics for handmade shop owners. I can always learn something from her show no matter if I’m “making” or catching up on necessary to-do’s. Thanks for your hard work!
new entrepreneur
thank you for your podcast o learn something new everyday. Ep 141 was super helpful!
Have Patience, There Are Nuggets
Overall, I really like this podcast. I frequently here actionable tips and smart strategies for selling more on Etsy. The only reason I did not give it a five star rating is that sometimes the pace of the conversation is a little too slow. I find myself waving my hand in the air like, get going! I don’t mind the occasional ramble, but too many rambles turned me off. But like I said, there is a lot to learn here. The host is great to listen to because she has a fantastic voice.
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Excellent resource.
Ijeoma, you’re amazing! I love this podcast. Ijeoma is so thorough and asks all the right questions and is genuine. Thank you, I have learned SO much:) <3
Spot on help with my Etsy Biz
An invalualbe resource for this Etsy wannabe - lots of great help to get me started!
Listen you will learn something new
Great show and you will learn something new after each interview.
The Frugal Exerciser
I like it
This is one of my regular podcasts. Definitely give it a listen if you are seeking advice and inspiration from Etsy shop owners and makers/artists in general.
The ONLY Etsy Podcast I love
Been around for the longest and it shows. Sooooo pro.
New Funny Stuff Fan
Wonderful Podcast!
Ijeoma does a great job interviewing Etsy shop owners and always asks the burning questions that I would have. That makes it such a perfect listen. She also has the most soothing voice! The information in this podcast is so valuable and needed. Thank you so much, Ijeoma for brightening my day with interesting and very useful podcasts packed with info!
Red Pony Leather Goods
If Only I Could Leave More Than 5 Stars!
This podcast has been such an incredible resource for me as I continue to grow my small business- I come away from every episode with at least a handful of useful tips for me to implement in my own Etsy shop. Ijeoma has a very relaxed, easy-to-listen-to interview style that makes you feel more like you’re listening to a friend than learning valuable business skills. Because of this, I’m able to learn and have fun doing it. I feel inspired by the stories of other entrepreneurs and it is encouraging to hear of their successes and failures. I come away feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world. This podcast covers a wide range of topics as well - from apps and resources outside of Etsy for small business owners, to new Etsy improvements and changes, to learning about artisans and their creative processes. It is a must-have for any business owner or artisan who is ready to take their craft to the next level.
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Ijeoma is SO dedicated to helping Etsy sellers through this podcast. I had the priviledge of being interviewed by her and she was so attentive and thoughtful. She goes above and beyond to provide the latest info in successful Etsy selling!
Pleading Teacher
Great Insight for Someone Seriously Thinking About Starting an Etsy shop!
I am considering turning a serious hobby into an etsy venture and am currently using your podcast to research best practices and to learn from experienced Etsy community members in order to start on the best foot as possible. Thanks so much for this!
Very helpful
I've been listening to this podcast for about a year. Very helpful and well done
Loved Episode 189!
Episode 189 was very informative! I hope that you will consider interviewing more digital product creators.
Must-Listen for Etsy business explorers
Such a helpful podcast. I have found resources, inspiration, and courage from this podcast. If you are exploring a small business through the Etsy platform, you WILL find this podcast invaluable.
Daily Etsy Fix
Ijeoma did such a wonderful job of introducing us to all the great Etsy sellers over the years, I truly believe her podcast is essential to many of us.
Very Helpful
This podcast is very helpful. I have learned a lot and have improved traffic flow to my etsy shop because of the tips and insight that are given in this podcast.
I like to eat food and pray
Great Podcast!
Loved being apart of this podcast. Relevant questions asked and great length.
Excellent resource
This is an amazing podcast if you're interested in selling on Etsy, and probably for any small business. Real Etsy sellers come on to share their experiences and advice and I have learned so much. Thank you for this awesome resource, Ijeoma!
Love this podcast! It's so helpful to hear the stories of other shop owners.
Tokyo Blossom
So Helpful
I recently started listening to Etsy Conversations Podcast. Ijeoma offers so much information and is always thorough when she covers a topic. As a new Etsy shop owner, I appreciate her resources podcasts because they help me learn more quickly. I definitely reommend Etsy Conversations.
5 Stars!
A wonderful podcast by a wonderful host! Great information for Etsy sellers and small business owners.
Excellent Podcast
I was lucky enough to be a guest on this podcast and I was so impressed with it, that ever since I listen regularly. I have learned so much and Ijeoma always keeps it inetersting and fun!
Been listening about 6 months now
This podcast has some great content and I have learned a lot. I have had my Etsy shop 2 years and am ramping up to hopefully take it full time. I especially love the episodes interviewing full time sellers or those who aim to go full time. Occasionally there are sound quality issues, with one or two episodes that were so hard to hear I couldn't finish them. Ijeoma, if you did a kickstarter campaign I would contribute to help you get professional podcasting equipment because I love your show that much!
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Thank you for this wonderful Podcast.
I've been overwhelmed by getting my shop started. There's so much good information to use in your podcast. This time, I believe, I have what it takes. Thank you again, Great Job!
Great Info
I've only just discovered this podcast, but it's great background listening when I'm working on editing photos and the like. I've picked up a lot of tips from other sellers so far, and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone's stories
Kilted Suds
Rich with helpful tips and advice!
This is a wonderful podcast! I highly recommend it for any type of Etsy shop owner, because you'll get incredibly valuable advice from successful Etsy shop owners!
Best Podcast
Love love love this podcast! Thank you for posting great content. I look forward to each podcast. Thanks again!
Great information
Only complaint I have is that some episodes are so hard to listen to due to mic. The interview with beer cap country, you sound like you are so close to the mic I wasn't able to stand listening to the whole episode. Other than the production; which I completely understand, great great podcast!
Ijeoma is Great!
This show is super helpful. I love it! It has helped me create and continue to nurture my Etsy shop! Thanks Ijeoma!
Mama wren
Wonderful Content for Etsy Sellers
My #1 favorite podcast for handmade sellers. Ijeoma does wonderful work of bringing amazing content to handmade sellers. Content that helps sellers grow and think of new ways to market and promote themselves in a positive way. 5 stars from me!
So helpful and inspiring!
I've learned so many great little tidbits and nuggets of information on this podcast! Love it!
Educational and Fun
Ijeoma's podcast is one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of selling and marketing your craft on Etsy. Her easygoing style, non-pretentious demeanor and fun, free spirit with guests makes this show mandatory listening to anyone who wants to grow their craft business on Etsy. Highly recommended!
Love it!
I love this podcast! I have an Etsy shop, and this podcast helped inspire me to open a shop, and continues to inspire me as I grow. I love the variety of people who get interviewed, from all different backgrounds, all different types of shops, and all different stages of their business. The well established shops are great, but I find it just as inspiring to hear from newer shops too! Sometimes the most helpful advice comes from the people who are just ahead of you, not the ones who are miles ahead.
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Madeline Stage
My favorite podcast!
Ijeoma does an excellent job interviewing her guests to get the most valuable information for listeners. I like that she has interviews a full spectrum of sellers from beginners to veterans. I have learned so much from this podcast even after being on Etsy for over 5 years! Thanks Ijeoma!
Linda Blume
In the past two weeks I have listened to nearly all of the podcasts as I recently just stumbled upon it. I love the diversity in all of the interviews. You have go getters, and people that really don't care about their shop. So this podcast teaches you how to be, and what not to be. When I get half way through some episodes I sometimes skip to the next when I am not getting anything or when the person being interviewed does not care. But man, if you listen to the COMPLETE package, you can really gain a lot from it. Thanks for this podcast!!!
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Kenley Jones
So full of GOOD info!
I have been binge listening to this podcast since I discovered it a week ago. Since then I have made several important and much needed changes to my business and it is already paying off. I am so grateful to Ijeoma for inviting such worthwhile guests on her podcast and always asking the right questions. Not only is it helpful and informative, but it’s fun to listen to, as well. (Which I do while I work on my product…) Thank you a million times over for this awesome resource!!
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I am so happy I found this podcast! I heard about it through an Etsy Blog a few months ago, and now I’m hooked! I’ve been listening to it almost everyday, going all the way back to some of the first episodes. I’ve learned so much through this podcast, and have picked up some great tips from other Etsy Sellers. I wish there were more new podcasts each week though because I’ve almost listened to all of them! Thanks so muck Ijeoma for being a great host. I’ve really enjoyed listening to it, and it keeps my spark going for hopefully being a full-time entrepreneur some day soon!
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