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Featuring interviews with Etsy shop owners. Get to hear the personal Etsy stories behind your favorite Etsy shops as well as those you haven't yet discovered. it all began when a Turkish classical musician, a graphic designer, and an iPhone newbie/crafting geek all happily collided in the summer of 2013 in a happy conspiracy that birthed the new host and the revival of the Etsy Conversations Podcast. As an iPhone newbie trying to figure out what the funny-looking purple icon on her phone was, Ijeoma discovered a podcast that was in desperate need of life support. A few conversations, emails and two to five petite cups of Turkish apple tea later, the podcast went from the brink of obsolescence to becoming the watercooler hub for all things Etsy, handmade, and arts & crafts-related. The Etsy Conversations Podcast is the home of inspiring interviews with and for veteran and newbie Etsy sellers where you get tips, techniques, and tools to make you a better more successful Etsy seller by learning from other Etsy sellers. If you’re looking for ways to get more sales and more traffic to your Etsy shop, be a guest on the Etsy Conversations Podcast and promote your Etsy shop to thousands of listeners across the globe while inspiring other Etsy sellers to take their Etsy business to the next level. Connect virtually on Twitter with @ConvoMePodcast ( as well as on Facebook (, Pinterest ( and Google+ ( with Etsy Conversations Podcast - Follow us, Like us, Pin us, and join our Circle to become a part of the Etsy Convo community.
280 ~ Finding Etsy Success & Sharing Through Mentoring w/Katie Jo Artsy
Katie Jo found quick success on Etsy soon after setting up shop, but she still found herself learning a lot as her business took off. Now she makes it a point to give back to the maker community through mentoring even as she continues to aim for higher goals in her own shop and business. Visit for links to resources mentioned. Connect with me on Instagram:
Sep 9
1 hr 27 min
279 ~ Growing a Brand on Etsy & Beyond w/Laura Knopp
If you dream of expanding your brand beyond Etsy but still using Etsy as the great jumping off point that it can be, you'll enjoy my chat with Laura Knopp. She has successfully grown a stable brand on Etsy and then transitioned it to her own freestanding site where she now has a unique product line she offers... And more. Visit for more information and links to resources mentioned. Connect with me on Instagram:
Sep 2
46 min
278 ~ Learning to Pivot on Etsy in Changing Times w/Brian of Florip Workshop
Everything was going smoothly until COVID-19 hit and Brian's Etsy shop got directly hit in an indirect way. Fortunately, he figured out how to pivot, expand his product line and benefit from Etsy's offsite ads program in order to still come out on top. Visit for all links and resources mentioned in this episode. Connect with me on Instagram:
Aug 26
59 min
277 ~ Paving a Unique Path on Etsy w/Leigh Barry Watercolor & Leigh Barry Irish
After hearing from numerous co-workers that they'd quit their jobs if they could create the type of art she did, Leigh Nodar decided to make a go for it. Within a year she was able to match her salary as a nurse and actually quit nursing to pursue creating and selling her art full time. Hear the full story and much in our convo this week. Visit for more information and links to resources mentioned in this episode. Connect with me on Instagram
Aug 19
1 hr 10 min
276 ~ Shopify for Etsy Sellers w/Elle McCann of Curious Themes
Deciding to expand your Etsy-based business to an ecommerce site is a big one. Shopify is an alternative that lots of sellers consider. Tune in to hear the pros and cons of adding on a Shopify store with Shopify Expert Elle McCann of Curious Themes. More information available at Connect with me on IG:
Aug 12
39 min
275 ~ Etsy Shop Success With Nancy Badillo
Nancy Badillo learned the hard way what not to do online. Now she's sharing her Etsy shop success tips and more with other sellers. Visit for links to resources mentioned. Connect with me on Instagram:
Aug 5
1 hr 3 min
274 ~ Traveling the World While Selling on Etsy w/Joey LaMeche of Days of Being Wild
Joey LaMeche travels the world and runs his Etsy shop at the same time. In our convo, he shares his Etsy story about the joys of experiencing other cultures but also the very real ups and downs of running an Etsy shop without having a true home base. Resources and links mentioned are available at Connect with me on Instagram:
Jul 22
1 hr
273 ~ Thriving on Etsy While Helping During COVID Pandemic w/Rocky Loves Lulu's Susan Kistler
In the midst of the COVD-19 pandemic of 2020, Etsy put out a call sellers to help alleviate the shortage of face masks because they forecasted that the supply wouldn't meet the demand. Susan Kistler runs the Etsy shop Rocky Loves Lulu and she responded to that call. What happened is both amazing and inspiring. She shares her Etsy story in our convo. Resources and links mentioned are available at Connect with on Instagram
Jul 8
1 hr 2 min
CMAB-006 ~ Etsy Ads & Offsite Ads Live Training July 2020
My next webinar is coming in July! Join me for a live online training session on Etsy Ads (formerly known as Promoted Listings) and Offsite Ads. Learn how to use these advertising options to drive more sales to your Etsy shop. Come with your questions, we'll have a Q&A session after the training. Register at  Visit for more information
Jul 3
6 min
272 ~ From Etsy Side Hustle To Life-Sustaining Business with Kate of Bolt And Rally
Kate started her Etsy shop Bolt and Rally as a side hustle while working as a flight attendant. Then the COVID pandemic hit, she was furloughed, and then... Her Etsy shop sales really took flight. Hear her heartwarming story of something positive in this midst of a crisis. Links and resources mentioned available at Connect with me on Instagram:
Jun 24
1 hr 4 min
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