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Great for new esti's too
I just graduated from esti school and love to hear her podcasts just to give me some insight on what I have waiting for me 😬
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My favorite podcast
I have been listening to this podcast from the beginning and I am still obsessed. Everything she speaks out esthetician’s actually go through. One thing I will say though, WE WANT MORE EPISODES MA’AM! 🙃 Please drop an episode once a week.🙏🏻🥺 Seriously a must listen to! She gives me life and makes this industry worth being in.🤍
In love with this podcast
Addicted to your podcast, you are amazing, I have been an esthetician for 20 years and you are right ON!!!
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I can relate !
Girl ! I just listened to your podcast on Tuesday about how you adapt your personality per client because that’s how you relate with them and that’s how they become comfortable with you and that’s how they continue to come back. I was talking to my husband about this the other day how I feel like I’m an actress for every single person because it’s important to have this connection in order to continue the relationship. I really thought this was only me😂 i’ve seen other professionals stick to their personal opinions and have turned many clients away because of that. Love your show!
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Hilarious AND smart!
This woman is hilarious. As a fellow esthetician I can totally relate to the “Pam” clients. Also, the host really knows her stuff. I’ve learned so much. Her little chuckle cracks me up. If you don’t find this funny, your sense of humor is broken.
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Ok I LOVE this chick
Just discovered this podcast and legit binge listened to the entire thing in two days... super helpful AND honest info.
Amazing podcast!!
I discovered this podcast as an Esti student and I LOVE it. The information is so helpful and educational with some entertaining humor thrown in. I listen to this podcast every day on my way to school as part of my daily routine. I feel like I’m getting a realistic glimpse into my future profession. Highly recommend!!
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New esti
I’m a newly licensed esthetician and I love this podcast so much! So relatable and informative. 20/10 ❤️
Best Esti Podcast
Love Love Love this podcast. It’s informative, relevant and funny!!! Hands down my favorite podcast. Thank you for being so real!
Love her voice!
She has that little twang (cute) and a very calming, intelligent sounding voice. It’s hard to listen to other podcasts after listening to her for a bit... hilarious and fun!
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The best esti podcast out there
This podcast slays so hard. So hilarious, so informative. “Sensitive, dramatic, or acne prone” Omg so brilliant. Amazing tricks and tips for the aesthetic world.
I’ve been catching up with the entire podcast and I die every time! Also very informal and interesting to see her honest opinions!
So good!!
I just caught up with all the episodes, and this podcast had such good information and made me laugh a ton! Definitely a great listen for any esthetician out there.
For real Good!
Discovered this podcast as a student and I LOVE it. I’ve now graduated and I feel more prepared to step into the real world. She is honest and HILARIOUS. I love that she interacts with other professionals through her Instagram and brings in other real world experiences to the show. Also- I love the theory, especially when it comes to ingredients. SERIOUSLY SO GOOD!
Most relatable podcast ever!
Ever wonder what its like to be an esthetician? You’ll get the real uncensored skinny from this hilarious gal. Her stories are often outrageous and too, too true. She makes me bark-laugh on the way to work. Thank you for spilling the secrets! Love, Rosie Rosie’s Beauty Lounge @rosiesbeautyloungeaustin
She speaks to my esty soul
Hilarious sassy honesty! So relatable. I swear she knows the depths of my soul with some of the "we've all been there" stories. Very easy to listen to, if F bombs don't bother you😂
Hidden Gem ⭐️
This podcast is so good. I love how laid back and informative this podcast is. The part where she mentioned how she questions herself was soooooo relatable. I hate those days but then you have a really good day and it makes those thoughts go away. Thanks so much for making this! I listen while I lash away and it makes my day SO much smoother.
Esthetician On The Edge Is Great
Thanks for the podcasts and thanks for your Instagram page. They are really comforting! I am @new_face_new_body on Instagram. 🥰❤️
You need to listen!
Seriously so funny and educational! I was sad when I finally caught up the most recent episode because that means I have to wait every week for the next one! I love her, and her southern sassy charm😂
Love this podcast
Love it!
No BS about all the BS we deal with!
So glad I found this. Hilarious & honest. Great for estheticians, or maybe forward to your *favorite* Pam.
If I could give her infinite stars, I would. I’ve listened to every episode at least 4 times. Not even exaggerating. This woman is not only HILARIOUS but insanely informative and extremely relatable for all of us esties out there. A MUST LISTEN.
Love how real and honest this show is
So happy to have found this podcast (especially during quarantine) I love how open and honest the conversation is and the topics are so relatable to anyone working in the beauty industry esthetician on the edge is super knowledgeable when it comes to products and ingredients and she’s super informative ..highly recommend 💕
We needed this!
I think we all can agree we have one of the coolest jobs ever! But sometimes we have to deal with a ridiculous amount of BS and it’s so nice to hear other esties are dealing with it to! 😂 also the bits of education are so nice and remind me of things I’ve forgotten about since school!
This girl speaks to my soul..
I love this podcast! It’s absolutely hilarious and very informative in a non-boring way. I look forward to every episode. Ready for the merch!!! ❤️
Fan freakin tastic
So I started esthetician school recently but have been listening for a while before. Holy hell! Her stories are so funny she peppers in some learning too I wish she was my teacher! Ive told all my classmates to listen!
Great Esthi Podcast!
One of my favorite esthi podcasts! Thank you for keeping it real and honest.
Finally an Esti to Say What We All WANT TO SAY!! 🤣
So funny! Informative and honest. Thanks girl!!! So glad to be able to listen. Especially at a time like this with so much happening in the world ❤️
So satisfying ;-)
I learn. I laugh. I love!
A must for estys!
If you’re an esty you need to listen to this podcast! Smart and funny!
I feel ya!
I can relate. I am also an estiology instructor. However, I’m mostly in the spa where we service guests. With covid-19 I’m doing a lot of Virtual education. I will share your podcast. Thank you !
Funny & Educational
I love this podcast! I love hearing other esthies crazy stories. I love learning about ingredients. She is a no nonsense kinda gal and love it. Keep doing you with you southern twang.
You’re not alone!
The stories on here are so relatable, and help keep me sane and remind me that I’m not alone in this crazy industry! It doesn’t hurt that she is funny as heck and has me laughing through the vast majority of each episode. Give it a listen - you will be glad you did!
Best Esthetician Podcast
This woman is as real as they get! Love it!!
So funny!
Hilarious!! Fully enjoy these podcasts!
Wittiest esti in all the land
I binged this podcast. It was the perfect balance of humor and knowledge of skin care! As an esthetician student myself it has benefited the way I’ve been learning about the whole skin care community. Excuse me while I throw tantrums until the next episode comes out
EstheticianOnTheEdge is my spirit animal.
My only complaint is that there isn’t a new episode every day for me to listen to on my way to work.
This podcast is everything!!!
Hilarious and informative. I feel like EstheticianOnTheEdge is my spirit animal.
A must for any seasoned or new Esti
I’ve been in the treatment room since 2004, and this podcast is a dream! All the things we can’t say but need to! Thank you for creating this outlet and platform for us to bond and come together. You are a goddess. 😊👍🏻❤️
I graduate this week from Esthetics school & I was recommended to this podcast from a Facebook group ! I don’t know what I expected, but she exceeded them all! I’m constantly laughing & getting even more excited about the profession I’ve chosen to go with . I started 2 days ago and have listened to them all... 😅 I’m in love & can not wait till more are posted !
I love everything about this podcast! I’m a fairly new esthetician < 2 years in the industry and I currently work for EWC and Massage Envy and I can not tell you how many times I’ve cracked up laughing all whilst learning so much from start to finish of each episode. Please continue making me laugh. I love everything about this cast. I’ve told so many people to listen and subscribe. Thank you!! #nottodaypam
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after listening, i’m a little less edgy
first off, i never write reviews, but if you are in the industry, this podcast is MUST LISTEN. The host is absolutely hilarious and keeps it very real. Just hearing her voice puts me in a good mood. I also really appreciate the recent more serious segments on ingredients & products. it’s always nice to hear another professional’s perspective, even after 8 years of being licensed. I would love to be able to go back in time & be a student in the host’s class! Also kudos to her for having the initiative to not only start a meme account that we all relate to and LOVE, but then taking the steps to turn that meme account into a podcast! I can’t even get out of bed on my Pam-free days. You go girl, your ambition is admirable!!!! You truly are a bright spot in my week!
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Humor and Intelligence
Great podcast for esthetician students and estheticians alike. I appreciate the host down-to-earth approach to esthetics, her knowledge of products and the ability to season the podcast with humor. I hope this becomes a weekly podcast, as I can’t get enough!!
I’m not even an Esti
I don’t even work in the skincare world, just someone who enjoys a good skincare routine and I stumbled across your podcast. I was hooked after hearing you talk, I found myself laughing out loud (literally LOL). Your attitude in general is refreshing and although we’re from different careers (I’m a nurse) I find myself relating in some way to lots of content. Overall just a good easy listen, light hearted and funny. Love you, love your outlook and your personality! Keep keeping it real.
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Love it
I’m an esthetician and I love it. Hilarious!
Estis get ready to lol and be horrified. A must listen for stress relief in the Industry
Listen. Laugh. Judge the Pams
I’ve been trying to think of a review that will give this podcast a little bit of justice. Basically speechless on the account that this podcast gives me LIFE!! Do yourself a favor, listen, laugh, and judge all the Pam’s you want. Ps. Make sure your bladder is empty upon listening.
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Highlight of my week!
I. am. addicted! I wait every week with great anticipation for each new installment! Esthy on the Edge you are my spirit animal!
This podcast is so funny and refreshing I love her personality and the knowledge!!!
The best
Love, this podcast! Wish it was longer!
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