A look into the life of a pissed off esthetician
Nope, You Can't Blame This On Me...
In this week's episode we're going to talk about so much shit! Product application, cruelty free...that's right I'm taking you to the slaughter house. And tons of fun, yet gross waxing stories to horrifying your loved ones who just happen to be in the car with you...
Jun 23
1 hr 12 min
Class Dismissed...
In this week's episode we talk about the mass exodus of big salons, try to figure out why we want to be slugs and I share a horribly awful but funny wax story from my young esthetician days. 
Apr 7
47 min
Fix It So I Don't Have To Mix It...
In this week's episode you get an unwanted history of cupping, talk about waxing and why I still hate it and last but not least see if we can help a potential esthy figure out her next step.https://my.clevelandclinic.orghttps://www.sciencedirect.comhttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Mar 23
39 min
Can We Just Not Say That Anymore...
In this week's episode, we talk raising prices, why it's okay to be tired, and why you should quit talking shit about dermatologists...again because ya'll didn't listen the first, second or third time.
Mar 2
50 min
Why Yes, That Is a Violet Wand I'm Using...
In this week's episode, I'm going to do a theory class on using High Frequency in your treatments and talk and somehow manage to bring eggs into our discussion on social media...yep...tantalizing stuff! PS...violet wand has such a different connotation outside the world of esthetics #smutty romance!
Feb 16
42 min
Chemicals Are A Girl's Best Friend...
In this week's episode, well...I talk too damn long...about chemical peels and enzymes and respond to a not so happy follower about the realities of the world of esthetics.
Feb 2
43 min
The Little Lies Labels Tell...
In this week's episode we're deciphering some label lies, talking about a lovely antioxidant, getting organized in our treatment rooms and per usual, I continue  to alienate as many people as possible by saying shit that’s gonna make you salty. 
Jan 19
38 min
Is It Really A Glow Though....
In this week's episode we talk about microneedling at home, walk the beauty aisles of TJ Maxx,  try to figure out if anti-aging is on it's way out and I make so many food comparisions you'll probably wonder if you're listening to a cooking show or a esthy podcast.
Jan 5
42 min
The Deep Dive You Didn't Expect Or Want...
                                                        *****************Disclaimer*****************         LOTS OF STRONG LANGUAGE AND DISCUSSION OF BODILY FUNCTIONSIn this week's episode I talk about what's normal and not in the treatment room, we do a deep dive you probably could have lived without, we talk about the importance of waxing consults and I share listeners stories about the joy of the holiday season in the beauty industry. 
Dec 22, 2020
49 min
Anybody Got A Quarter For The Swear Jar....
In this week's episode I'm talking about the ever horrifying BB Glow, the infamous sperm brow, how to  retail without sounding like you have a brochure shoved up your ass and real talk about how some esthies are hurting their own industry. 
Dec 1, 2020
32 min
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