Essential Tennis Podcast - Instruction, Lessons, Tips
Essential Tennis Podcast - Instruction, Lessons, Tips
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Improve your tennis with the Essential Tennis Podcast, the very first podcast dedicated to tennis lessons and instruction! Tennis professional Ian Westermann answers listener questions about technique, strategy, mental toughness, and much more.
My First Tennis Lesson In 20 Years - Essential Tennis Podcast #366
Recently I took off my coach’s hat and put on my student hat as I took my first tennis lesson in two decades from a local high performance coach. It was an amazing experience and in this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast I’ll share how I dealt with him asking me to focus on different technical elements than what I was trying to do in my own training. Having the right mindset about development and training approaches is key to your success!
Sep 10
19 min
76 Year Old Serve Breakthrough - Essential Tennis Podcast #365
If you think old dogs can’t learn new tricks this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is for you! You’ll hear the story of a 76 year old coaching student that transformed his first and second serves within just a few hours of training. He even used his new technique in a match the very next day with amazing results. We can all learn from the attitude and mindset of this experienced player!
Sep 4
17 min
How To Coach Yourself - Essential Tennis Podcast #364
Have you invested in lots of online coaching only to feel overwhelmed and stuck? If so this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is exactly what you need to listen to! Ian uncovers his 7 step process for identifying what to work on, how to make steady, positive progress in the right direction, and knowing when to move on to something new. You’ll finish the episode knowing exactly how to guide yourself to the next level and beyond!
Aug 25
23 min
Changing A Decades Old Bad Habit - Essential Tennis Podcast #363
Do you have a bad tennis habit that’s been stuck for 10 years or more? So did John, but recently he made a huge breakthrough! Find out how he was able to do it and what steps he took that you can copy yourself. Hint: it did NOT involve hitting more balls, taking more lessons, or playing more matches. This episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast contains the key to finally dropping your old, frustrating habits.
Aug 19
14 min
2 Things Needed For Improvement - Essential Tennis Podcast #362
Guess what you DON’T need to improve your tennis game: a coach, ball machine, hitting partner or even a tennis court! Sure, those things could all be helpful but often we’re restricted in our ability to access them which is why this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is so important. You’ll learn what other two things you need to advance your skills and exactly how to use them so you can improve no matter where you are or what means you have.
Jun 30
16 min
Placing Your Energy - Essential Tennis Podcast #361
Millions of tennis players dedicate mental and emotional energy to the WRONG things every single time they play a match. The result is no bandwidth left over to focus on what really matters when it comes to playing great tennis! In this special episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast you’ll learn what your mind should be focused on, what it shouldn’t, and how you can improve this critical skill and become a better competitor.
Jun 23
13 min
What Are Your Risking? - Essential Tennis Podcast #360
What do skateboarding tricks and tennis improvement have in common? You’ll find out in this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast! Any time you venture out and try new techniques, swings, or upgrades you’re making a risk. Time, energy, and money is on the line but so is one other BIG factor. Find out what that is so you can keep improving your tennis game.
Jun 19
13 min
Tennis Action or Tennis Reaction? - Essential Tennis Podcast #359
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing your whole life or picked up a racquet for the first time yesterday: tennis is chock full of challenges, obstacles and disappointments. What really matters is your response when you encounter them, which can have a tremendous effect on your success as a player and your enjoyment of the game. In this episode we’ll discuss the difference between action and reaction, and how choosing the right one can turn your game, match, or whole tennis career around.
Jun 2
19 min
Why I Won’t Quit And You Shouldn’t Either - Essential Tennis Podcast #358
In life we’re frequently put in situations that feel hopeless. Where it doesn’t seem like there’s anything we can control and everything is working against us. I was recently put in an uncomfortable position exactly like that and some people around me wondered if I was going to throw in the towel. Thankfully tennis has taught me valuable lessons and in this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast I’ll share which have pulled me through tough times!
May 27
11 min
Easing Back Onto The Tennis Court - Essential Tennis Podcast #357
Have you had a long break away from the court and you’re wondering how to transition back in an effective way? If so this episode of the Essential Tennis Podcast is critical listening! You’ll learn how to mentally, physically, and technically ease back into high quality tennis without overdoing it, injuring yourself, or setting unrealistic expectations that leave you frustrated and dejected. This is your roadmap back to the tennis court!
May 19
18 min
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