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Erotic Awakening
Dan & dawn
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Incredible PE podcast
Dan and Dawn are the real deal. They speak from experience on many topics, and bring in great guests. I have had the pleasure of hearing them present at conferences, and appreciate their passion for education. This is what Leather is at its heart.
Thank you for helpful pointers
I come from the BDSM world and this podcast was recommended by a play partner of mine. Your podcast is and has been super helpful. I went all the way back to the beginning and started there. Boy am I grateful I did. I take literal notes of books and shows and podcasts from y’all. And every single time I think of skipping ahead, the episode I’m listening to is absolute gold. So I’ll hear about this review in a while ☺️ Also suuuuper helpful is your experience trying to meld the swinger lifestyle with BDSM. I’m a slave, and boy is there a difference in protocol and what’s acceptable between the two lifestyles. But without dawn’s perspective and translating her early experiences, I wouldn’t have had fun at a swing club. Because of this podcast, I am more able to actualize my authentic self safely and confidently. Thank Y/you Dan and dawn! Y’all rock.
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but thats all good
Thank you.
The way DnD explain things in a level and obviously non judgmental way is amazing. A lot of clarity can be gained by listening.
Found a new me!
Im 22 yrs old and this podcast has helped me navigate my open relationship!!! Being non-monogamous has always been a keen interest of mine and this podcast helped me come out to my partner, and after a while, we decided to be non-mong. It has been so liberating!!! i havent stopped listening to don and dan since aug of last year. Thank u!!!<3
A terrific kink podcast!
Rambling and Rambling...
Where to begin...first maybe with bad sound. How about getting two decent microphones? Your listeners will thank you! Hmm, can these two ever manage to tell a story without getting themselves completely distracted? It’s mind numbing to try to follow along at times as they don’t know if they want to be sexy, be comedians, or just laugh at their own jokes nervously.
Berryshirt 17
Sound quality
Sound quality is horrible. It sounds like they’re recording in a big metal box. You would think after 450+ podcast they would have invested in some good recording equipment
gloryhole lover
Sound quality
Interesting material, but super horrible sound quality. Their cast is so tiny, invest in quality recording equipment
Somewhat disappointed
I really like the premise of this podcast. The topics are fantastic and I really admire the hosts’ enthusiasm about the BSDM lifestyle! However, my issue with the podcast is that I feel like I’m just eavesdropping on a conversation, not being informed of whatever the chosen topic is. It seems to take a long time to get into the subject and the female host’s giggling (while adorable) is distracting. Perhaps get to the topic sooner in each episode and stay focused.
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Camera chic
Dan and Dawn put together a great podcast. I love their interviews, tips and adventures. They don't just talk about the lifestyle, they live it.
John C Luna
A real couple with real views
Very interesting and very real point of views. Never boring and love that they have opened themselves to teach all about sex and everything under that umbrella.
Educational and fun
I always learn something new from two very down to earth genuine people. One of the few Male led M/s podcasts I’ve found. Leaves me smiling every time
Great listening for experienced or beginner!
Making my days fly. So glad someone posted on FetLife about them!
Interesting to listen
I have started listening as far back as my app is able to go, so I am not up to modern times yet, but I love the podcasts. It is informative and respectful. Just the episode about gay kinksters who are also Jews was so well done. One of these days I will catch up but I am enjoying the ride so far with BSing, D&D and Lee.
Love it
I'm young and this has helped me receive valuable information into something I'm interested in
recommended absolutely/categorically
D & D have an excelleney podcast regarding kink. The topics are great. Their delivery is what a podcast should be, like sitting together, not being talked to, I feel as if I am there with them and the podcast is a venue. Love the length because its commute distance and they are always engaging & bring real life examples. I can not recommend erotic awakenings enough!
Worth a listen
Worth a listen and/or subscribe if you're into the lifestyle or are interested in it. Interesting topics and guests. Keep it up.
I like it!
This show is fun, kinky and informative! Dan and Dawn don’t have to try to be funny, it’s comes naturally to them. I think it’s because they are really into what they are talking about, and actually know what they are talking about! I’ve listen to podcasts all weekend and this was my last one. Thanks, guys!
Naughty Student
Thank you
Thank you so much for your entertaining and honest representation of this wonderful lifestyle.
Mistress queen
I adore Dan & dawn!
I love their energy! Very informative and entertaining at the same time and I cannot get enough.
Great podcast!
I love every episode. Dan and dawn have great chemistry and make the episodes fun!
ALL the sexy educational fun
I found this podcast just a couple of weeks ago and I cannot stop listening! There are so many topics and all covered with a nonjudgemental perspective meant to educate while keeping the fun. I have been sending links to folks as kink conversations remind me of friends. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together :-)
Just can't get enough
Love it! Love it! Love it! These folks are going to be the reason I go to Ohio for a long visit....
Thank you, thank you
Dan & Dawn. Thankyou for continuing to bring us such an awesomely inspiring podcast. PS Im glad you went back to your "old" music intro/outro. Its way better, and more Headphone friendly as well. YOU Favorite Stalker... in Rhode Island.... Steve
Obedient2you says
Nice range
Nice range of topics from d/s to s/m. Funny but also informative hosts.
Nance arty
Extremely informative, varied, and fun show. Very well done.
Love Them!
Great podcasts
Podcasts cover a variety of topics in a way that is fun and entertaining as well as informative.
My New Favorite Podcast
Great show! Great info. Love Dawns laugh. And your relationship is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
What I've been looking for
I greatly appreciate the quality information Dan and dawn have put together in their podcasts and so happy that I found them. As a new submissive just starting to explore the wonderful world of D/s it's so helpful to have a couple who lives it speak honest about the joys and challenges of this lifestyle. I sincerely thank Dan, dawn, and everyone who helps make this show a reality!!! Highly recommended!
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Love it
Love listening in and learning about the lifestyle...very informative and helpful for being a novice
The symbiotic relationship Dan & dawn share along with the amazing and mind-opening topics they cover on their show are just cause for a mindgasm.
Great podcast that's fun to listen to!
I LOVE listening to Dan and dawn! They are fun and educational and you can tell they have a passion for what they do.
Yvonne Hinshaw
Excellent presentation
Dan and dawn cover a wide range of interesting topics in a respectful and accessible style. They share their own experiences and draw in interesting people for more information. All that and dawn has a great laugh.
Trouvere le Fou
thank you Dan and dawn
I think i needed your podcast. I find myself finding myself in it. I never had the words before to relate what i am. I just knew i wanted to please Someone. I will be supporting you guys by purchasing your books. I highly recommend this podcast!!!!!!!!
Love, Love, Love These Two!!!
The hosts are great together. They have great guests including some of the big names in BDSM literature like Robert Rubel and Jay Wiseman. They tell interesting stories that keep you attention and tackle topics that people in the lifestyle really encounter and answer the tough questions that most M/s have but are afraid or don't have anyone to ask. They are active in the standards of the lifestyle like FetLife and The Slave Register and attend the functions that everyone else does. These 2 deserve to be "rock stars" in the BDSM community.
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Great job
Well done shows. A great place for all levels, from curious to full 24x7 lifestyle. Keep it up, Dawn's voice sure keeps me up.
Long time listener
I have been listening for quite some time. Love it!!!!!
Zombie bunny 47
Awaken the senses
I've never practiced anything in this lifestyle however listing to this podcast makes me want to find someone to put all my new found knowledge to use. Barak & sheba, Dan & dawn &, Lee Harrington are all very informative. This is a great podcast to help one truly awaken their senses to the world of erotic. Side note brought on by a passed episode. Dan needs to practice on talking dirty. Perhaps he should do it on the show more so that listeners can offer some suggestions to help him out. (Smile)
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Wow! Awesome!
Now that I've heard a few, I'm going to have to go back a couple years and catch up on the older episodes! This show blows me away! Love Dan and Dawn! No... Really. :-). Even if i wasn't part of the local community, i would still be a dedicated listener. Always a fun time and i always learn something new - usually lots of hot sexy new things!
Such a great podcast. There is always something that leaves me thinking. I'm still fairly new to the lyfestyle and my appetite for information is insatiable; I'm glad to add Erotic Awakening to my list of sexuality related podcasts. Also it makes a long day at work go by quicker. Thanks.
Harry CS
Great and informative show
I have been listening for a while and love the way Dan and dawn delight and inform as well as have guest presentors to show many different views about BDSM/Kink lifestyles. so far I haven't had a chance to meet them in person - would love to tickle dawn until she was helpless just for her laugh. I was very lucky and met Lee at a Kink event on the east coast had a blast listening to him talk.
Remarkably frank folks
If you are interested in what happens in our lifestyle, Dan and dawn are a wonderful resource and as honest as they come, good folks with a refreshing set of opinions, Thanks kids, Bill
What an awakening
Hands down the most universal podcast for kinksters. Presented from a loving and mutual respectful position. I wish there was a sixth star for this podcast.
Sir drek
Very educational and informative!
I have listened to many of their casts and wow! I must say...Dan and dawn really bring the best information to everyone and has fun doing so! They break down many subjects so that individuals at any level can understand and apply these aspects to their own lives! I believe beginners (such as myself) and experienced both can take from Dan and dawn! They are very open minded and do not try to persuade, merely educate and get as much information out there as possible! I consider myself fortunate to have found this podcast! I will share/suggest this podcast with those I know who are interested! I believe that if you have a thirst for knowledge as I do you will thoroughly enjoy this podcast! Thanks to those for reading my review and a special thanks to Dan and dawn for bringing knowledge to the hungry!!!
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Missile Guy
Can't get enough!
I've learned so much listening to Dan and dawn and the other hosts on Erotic Awakening! I've gained knowledge about topics "near and dear" to my own personal life and relationship, but I've also gained new insight into things I didn't even know were out there! I always love listening to this podcast and just can't get enough of it!
Great duo!
The two show co-hosts are in a live-in power exchange dynamic and also in a love-based relationship. The interaction between them is light-hearted, loving, funny, and always entertaining. I've been listening for just a short while, but I think the show's great. I like that they get distracted and ramble on a bit. But it's always INTERESTING rambling. It's nice to hear about a well-functioning (though not always perfect/easy) power exchange relationship. The show's great for Central Ohio Kinksters for even-announcements and AIS events. Even as a Cincy-based kinkster, I don't mind the segments about the Columbus area events. Thanks for the work you do for the community.
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Great podcast around
Awakening? I fell asleep.
I used to enjoy listening. Stopped subscribing for some time after I felt the two hosts began enjoying the sounds of their voices more than imparting helpful knowledge to their listeners. On a whim, I tried listening again to only find things had not improved but actually (and IMHO) worsened. A podcast that puts the listener to sleep…Not my idea of an "erotic awakening." The two hosts are very self-absorbed and nearly 20 minutes into the show: they at long-last got into the topic. I recommend trying other shows that are available. If you live in the Ohio area this might be worth a shot… but for those who life outside: I find their experiences limiting unless they bring in a guest. And even then…the "pats" on the "backsides" are all too frequent.
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Indigo Daydreamer
Helpful, cheerful, and awesome
Dan & Dawn offer insight gained from experience and community (this ain't theory, this is practice) in a smart, cheerful manner. They genuinely sound friendly with each other, respectful of their guests, and deeply passionate about their lifestyle and community. Thank you guys for an amazing show!
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