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EOS 10
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I Am Impressed
As a podcast producer myself, I am constantly on the lookout for an audio drama that captures the imagination, and Eos 10 does exactly that. With wit, SFX, music and more, I am impressed by the production value. Way to go, guys. Way to go.
Surprisingly Emotional
when i first started this podcast, it really felt like it was dragging along. really the only thing that had me going to the first two seasons were the characters and how they interacted, but as soon as i hit season three i was hooked. season three was an absolute blast to listen to, it made me stop what i was doing and gasp multiple times, and it made me realize how important the first seasons are. when i hit season four it sort of drifted off for me, though. i trudged through it, and when I listened to the finale it felt like a bittersweet punch to the gut. i spent a good few minutes crying over it. overall, its a good podcast with memorable characters and a very good villain.
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I Just found this program and I blew through the 4 seasons in 2 days. Wonderful characters and storylines. Writing and production make the stories engaging. Actors at very believable and make the characters endearing in their special ways. I cannot wait for the next season. Please, please, please drop it soon!!
Rit Bit 1
Totally entertaining & Funny!
I was addicted right away. This is some well written funny stuff, I loved it!
Love it!
My new favorite! I love the characters, the humor, and the storyline. Can’t wait for next season!
Kiki Zapata
Thoroughly enjoyed
Can’t wait for the next season to drop - I wouldn’t mind being part of this dysfunctional family. ♥️. I miss them.
Raven, Heather + Scatter
More please!!!
This is awesome. Please release more. The best!!!!!
Very funny. The reference to LSO Horrors was great. Starting season 2 and looking forward to more. Keep going! Thank you!
Listening to this for the second time, still love it
One of the best shows out there
Great cast, wonderful chemistry, delightful acting, engaging story, silly pop culture references left and right - you really can’t go wrong with this show. I had this saved in my feed for so long and I wish I’d started it sooner. One of my top three favorite podcasts!
Perfect Banter
Absolutely amazing in terms of writing, performance, and sound effects! The story is enthralling and the characters are a joy to listen to!
Highly recommend
Hilarious, engaging, and ridiculous story.
Just so great!
Funny dialogue, great acting, and engaging story!! I love everything about this!
My happy place
I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this podcast. I’ve listened to it at least ten times and can practically quote every single episode and it still makes me laugh every. Single. Time. Brilliantly written, I can’t wait for the next season
Fun and well acted
The Doctor Who reference makes me very happy.
What a gem!
Not sure where this podcast was hiding but I’m so glad I discovered it. The characters are really fun (especially Levi!) and there are great plot twists that keep the story fresh. Keep up the great work!
New to this...Love this. So glad I discovered this.
Geeky Black Girl
So Funny
really love this show. always makes me laugh. exactly what I wanted from a scrubs-esque story in space
So funny
Love this show; it’s DS9 with more humor AND a fair share of romance and drama. I can’t bear stupid comedy and this is masterfully done.
I love it
A fantastic comedy that addresses serious issues. I am in recovery, and I am in the medical field as well. The problems and adventures these characters go thru are touching, hilarious and relatable. THANK YOU
Too few nicknames left
Such a great gem I found here!!!
Amazing Podcast
It’s very well written and I really love the characters.
It is ok to be gay.
This well put together story constantly pushes the message “It is OK to be gay.”
Overall, pretty fun
Season 1’s much better than the subsequent ones, as the story meanders a bit. But I’ll take it! The other aspects - unique story, terrific voice acting and genuinely well managed audio production - balance out a meandering plot. A few tropes bug me (most females in traditional, subservient roles, for example), but the characterizations are completely charming - I came to care about the characters. Looking forward to hearing more...?
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Love this podcast and the actors. It is hilarious and enthralling. Can’t wait until the next season!
This podcast is hilarious. I laugh so hard every single episode. The characters are all flawed in the most wonderfully realistic way, and it makes them interesting and relatable. The story is full of great twists and turns as well. It could do to chill on the scene transition music though.
L💗VE this podcast!
This is an excellent podcast-the truly exceptional cast, the brilliant writing, the composition, and the sound quality is superior-though maybe ease up on the scene transition music. Thank you for this amazing endeavor! P.S.-please do something to fix the ending
10/10 recommend!!
just stopped by to give this podcast a glowing 5 star review. great characters, setting, and funny script. overall good time. you can’t not enjoy yourself
Good... but
Please get rid of non voice actors. The series has such talented voice actors, it’s a disservice to allow non voice actors “writers”, read their lines. Also please tighten up the story, this is a comedy not a drama scifi. Series is being lost being pulled in different directions. I would like a return to series 1, comedy of misfits with hints of seriousness.
This is a wonderful podcast. The voice actors are amazing, the story is fun and interesting, and the sound effects are very immersive.
Finished it so fast!
I loved this podcast I caught up through season 4 in one week because I couldn't stop listening!
Annie Ziggle
This was one of the best podcasts EVER!!!!!!!!! Levi is my favorite!!!! Then the most fascinating NURSE!!!!!
The Nick Name Crew
very silly and fun!! I love the voice actors and the jokes are hilarious
Fun and funny
Great show - witty and well made. One of the most interesting podcasts and most enjoyable I have listened to. Well done
It’s fun times in space
It’s space adventures. It feels predictable and tropes and a bit meh sometimes but it’s cute enough and fun times and good easy listening.
Now what!!! I went through the entire series in about 2 weeks. Loved the subtle jokes peppered throughout. The BEST gags sneak up on you and force you to hit the <<15 button. Cant wait to hear more!
Stellar Podcast!!!
Excellent layered storylines!! Beautiful Characters!!! THE ACTORS, WRITERS, SOUND EFFECTS TEAM, COMPOSERS ETC. ARE OUTSTANDING!! This is an incredible ride!!! Incredibly hysterical and addictive!!! 1000⭐️ 👁❤️EOS10
Can’t get enough!
I truly enjoy this podcast, I only wish episodes were a touch longer for my half hour commute. Great acting, enjoyable voices, they spark my imagination to try to visualize their world.
Great Podcast
I love the story, the acting, the way the characters interact with one another...this is an excellent storytelling experience. It’s rare to find a story that combines everything in a way that endears you to the characters and the story from the very beginning. This podcast does this and much more.
Probably my fave audio drama
I’ve relistened to it I think 3 times? And named my car after Ryan cause I love him. Jane is fantastic and I want to see her run the world.
Just keeps getting better
Love it. Loved it. Loving it.
The best fictional podcast ever!
This podcast is hilarious and has a storyline that’s interesting. The acting is excellent, I’m going to listen to it again and I’ve never done that with a podcast before.
Thank you!
I love this quirky space-opera-medical-comedy! The characters are so well done. Thank you for putting all the seasons back on Apple podcasts. Especially season one because now new fans can find it and love it as much as I do! Please keep up the good work.
Love this show!
So funny, yet the characters have depth and the stories are suspenseful. I enjoyed it so much I'm starting over and listening with my husband.
Smart, funny
A great story, great writing, great! Voice actors!!! Great!!! Your back!!!
Mark. Galassini
Too awesome for words
So happy for more episodes. The characters are hilarious! Love it. Original, funny, good story. Don’t stop producing.
Just stumbled upon this one. Sci fi is normally not really my thing but the Antivaxx episode made me a full fledged fan. Anytime fun can be poked at a group of harmful conspiracy nuts I’m in. 😁 This show totally makes me wanna take off my pants.
Season One is back!
To celebrate, I am relistening to the entire show. It’s even better the second time around. Everyone needs to listen to this show. It’s honestly one of my very favorite shows.
Listen to this now
If you want like laughter, plot twists, and some sci-fi goodness. I’m not normally into space stuff, but I think setting really adds to the whole story. I absolutely love this story and can’t wait for more and more!
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