Eons: Mysteries of Deep Time
Eons: Mysteries of Deep Time
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More Episodes Please!!
I have listened to every episode several times. Will there be more? Such a great podcast.
I want more!
I love these so much, but I’ve ran out of episodes!
Starling <3
I need more. It’s so interesting. The evolution of bats would be a great episode.
Katt with a Hat
Y’all good??
What happens to the podcast? I love listening to them, and being able to learn and do my chores.
person who hot the game
Please come back!
I miss these little history podcasts!!
What happened?
Why are there no more episodes 😭
Come back! 🥺
The best thing to listen to on long trips and long days at work it soothes me and I often listen to this to help relax and ease anxiety! Please make more when you can!
Best best best
Easy and fun to listen to. On heavy rotation right now. More please!
Good but…..
The podcast is good, but it takes too long in the intro
big bro 4
Corbin Morales
So good!
Best podcast ever, please make more!
Great Podcast
Make more episodes!
I loved this!
Why did it stop?!
I definitely recommend this!
The episodes are very immersive and are so relaxing to listen to. This podcast is very educationaI, and I love learning new things from it. I loved these episodes and can’t wait to see more from you guys and the interesting topics that you cover. I love your YouTube channel as well!
We need more episodes
Why did they stop?!
I love Eons!
Eons is a great podcast to listen to when your bored or You can't sleep, I would say you should listen to eons. Also if you like Eons you should try out PBS Eons it’s in YouTube, A really great show.
Great Listen But…
They stopped producing the show!?? Why?
Really gets you interested into this type of science and this type of science is one of my greatest interests. I really recommend listening to this podcast and watching their videos on YouTube.
cant tgink of a nicknameee
Great podcast
I keep checking for a new episode!
Miss the show :(
Love this podcast! More episodes please!
More! More!
I miss listening! When will more episodes be made?
This podcast really inspired me to become more interested in paleontology & broadened my understanding of other hominids! So excited for new episodes!
Too long to develop
The “clever” intros seem intended to draw in the listener. They work about as well as middle school essays, with “clever” opening paragraphs. Just get to the issue at hand.
What’d you expect? Tiny Tim? 11/10 show
Outstanding!! Just wish episodes came out with more frequency, but that is a good problem to have no? Folks love it so much we want more! Love the different hosts, their different flavors and POV’s, and subject matter expertise. Even that episode talking about the challenge of getting grants and a peek behind the scenes, very insightful and interesting.
One of my faves!
I love the Eons youtube channel, so it’s no shock to me that I love this podcast!
I’ve always loved y’all
I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a long time, this is my favorite type of science, mostly because of the questions we still (and may always) have. I screamed when I heard that y’all had a podcast just for the mysteries! I love the one about the fake bones, awesome. Thank you!
ok i need a nicknamb
Loving this podcast!
I love being immersed in the imaginative world of the past at the beginning of each podcast and I love the info they share that helps me better understand the mysteries they’re discussing. I love what each host brings - all three rope me into the stories and make me want more! I’m writing this as their first season has wrapped - I’m hoping I won’t have to wait too long for the next!
A Delight
One of my favorite podcasts and filled with so much beautiful unapologetic nerdiness. Love everything about it!
Love podcast, one problem :(
Love podcast and information. Sadly have to delete the female host has lisp and extremely annoying voice 🙁
Haven’t Found Their “Thing”
I’m a big fan of these creators and their YouTube channel, but this podcast seems like lower-grade fare than anything you can find on the PBS Eons channel. I don’t want to sound impatient, but I wish they would cut to the chase with the intros. They are just too long and overly descriptive, without adding much substance. I often find myself skipping the first 3 minutes or so because the host will summarize again once the little music jingle plays. It seems redundant and takes away around 1/5 of a podcast, being 3 out of 15 minutes just to give a round number. In a bad way, this podcast reminds me of the YouTube channels where people basically read Wikipedia entries and slap a couple of pictures together to make a slide show. For example: in the recent Denisovan episode, the location of the cave is described multiple times, in a way that seems like they’re just drawing out the time. Could we instead talk more about the specific adaptations Denisovans passed down to modern peoples, and maybe add some speculation in there? Bottom line, I’m tired of hearing info I’ve already learned, sometimes from the PBS Eons YouTube channel itself, in less detail on this podcast. There’s few fresh ideas or information, and little fresh discussion.
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Fantastic Podcast!
I love everything about this show. The topics and content are great, its easy to listen to and doesn’t leave me with more questions than I had at the start of each episode. More, please!!
I don’t know how long you will take.
I am 7 and I love this podcast.
leif 200
Awesome show!
As an anthropology major this is an inviting and captivating tale on our distant past. Every episode seems to draw me in! It’s informative and you can tell that the hosts are dedicated to their work and are passionate about the topic. Great content!
Don’t be surprised that this podcast is amazing
The PBS Eons team are devoted scientists AND storytellers. You can tell that they have a passion for communicating not dry facts but fresh living knowledge. And after nearly a half decade on YouTube, the jump to Podcasting is off to an excellent start. Think of it like when a famous chef opens a new spin-off lunch restaurant. Are you surprised the food is amazing? No. But it’s still a delight to get to try it for the first time.
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But is Blake single?
So happy there’s a podcast version of the show!
Megafauna Rules!
Everything eons does is awesome!
Everything EONS does is amazing!!!
Wanted: more frequent episodes
Informative and interesting topics. Engaging narrators. Perfect lengths to keep listener’s focus while imparting most important, relevant information. Would love to have more frequent episodes than twice a month. Highly recommended for the science enthusiast.
5 Stars
Very interesting stories
Mr Penderson
PBS EONS doing their thing. Entertaining, educational, and intriguing.
Obi-Wan '15
I love this but why WAS the y2k, WHY????
Can’t wait for more!
This is exactly the type of podcast I love, something that gets you wondering and trying to solve this mystery as you listen to it while also being the best blend of entertainment & education. I only wish I had more to listen to!
Great work
So far, so great. Engaging presentation with compelling focus on both the details and the big picture. Science communication is vital today, and this podcast shares the info and why we should care very nicely.
The three episodes so far are really good. Thanks so much. Concise, informative, entertaining!
Loved the detail
I really enjoy this series on YouTube. I appreciate the times they get down to the details like telling us about the hole in hip & flexible ankle bones. It gets a bit fluffy & philosophically at the end.
Great production and educational value!
If you’re already a fan of Eons’ video content, you’ll love this podcast too! Short, sweet, bite-sized episodes with wonderful sound design and script!
From YouTube
I first stumbled upon this content from the YouTube short version. Period and I love the podcast and I just wanna leave a suggestion that maybe you could do a video form of the podcast on your YouTube. Anyways I love the Contant keep it up I’m a big fan!!!
Fun for the whole family
I loved finding a smart podcast that my kid also enjoys with me she’s nine. And we are looooovving Eons!
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