Entrepreneurs and Coffee
Entrepreneurs and Coffee
Brendan Hufford
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Awesome show, highly recommend!
Brendan and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to become a better business leader and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Entrepreneurs and Coffee if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to become the very best version of yourself (and reach your overall goals as a result)!
J. Barshop
Brendan, you're truly a role model!
Thank you for these amazing podcasts! We've E-mailed each other several times and I appreciate your time in advising me. I’m super excited that you’re back on the show. 2018 is your year!
Mohammad ali Ridha
To the point & informative
Great show! Great host! Great topics! Great guests!
Caffeinated Conversations are fantastic!
From a coffee drinker, we love the podcast. We have received immeasureable and invaluable information. I enjoyed the guests and obtained tons of info. It's nice to know we don't all have it together and working towards success! Thanks for the great work! Keep the podcasts caffeinated!
I am truly thankful for this podcast. I listen to it every morning. Not only do I learn something from the podcast itself, but I have also created a great reading list from the books that the guests recommend. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.
Charles Buist
Very insightful and honest.
I appreciate the honesty and perspective that Brandon talks about. As a self-funded small business owner I find this to be very helpful.
Steve 314
Dr. Paul Health Geeks Radio
Brendan brings the real talk on the journey and ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. One the best "business" podcasts out there.
Real and authentic advice.
Brendan speaks from what he knows. He's honest, brings up real issues, and doesn't sugar coat the amount of workt that goes into entrepreneurship. I appreciate his passion for entrepreneurship as each episode inspires me to take my own leap into entrepreneurship!
More than Entrepreneurs & Coffee
It’s not just business and coffee here… and the interviews aren’t just interviews. It’s a conversation that you’re allowed to be a part of.
Extremely Powerful
Love the content this provides, you know it comes from a place of experience and passion and isn't just click bait. Great stuff.
Great listen, usefull and quick.
Very good, informative and diverse. Also quick, I appreciate the length of the podcasts, while still very genuine. A listener for about a year I believe, it is interesting to hear "Brendens" personal and professional growth, makes me feel connected and interested-- even when I don't agree. Keep it going, I'll be listening.
Great show
3 weeks into 2016. You made me think - great show Margo Lovett
Jazz on Citrine
Awesome to Listen n action! Love coffee
The Best Podcast ever!! Loved it Brendan.
Pete 5 stars
'F' Brendan Hufford!!!!
In this case the 'F' stands for Fund, or Further because his show, like it or love it, is as real as I suppose one could get knowing their efforts will be produced in free-form to the general public. He lays it on the line Lads & Ladies. Sometimes you may sense weakness but I assure you you've all sensed the same if not more in your own pursuits; he's just not afraid to air them. His weaknesses shouldn't be taken as merely that, but an indicator that he is human as well. If he can strongly attempt to make it, then you have no excuse! Good job Brendan. I personally plan on setting up some personal coaching with this guy, at full retail, because I think I can sense his heart in these matters and believe he's probably more capable than he even knows!
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Personable and Informative
I just discovered this podcast. I really likeBrendan Hufford's natural, conversational approach. But even more, I appreciate his valuable nuggets of information when it's just him and the insights he elicits from guests. I look forward to more episodes!
Kevin Bergen, MFT
Such a great way to spend my commute
Brendan is so much fun to listen to. I have only just found him and can't get enough. He is insightful but not afraid to be vulnerable and willing to learn. He inspires me every day.
Authentic & Real
Great advice… you can tell that Brendan is one of those guys who (1) spent all the time listening and learning and research and then (2) DID something about it. Great inspiration.
Shannon @ Second Platform Web
New Favorite
I’ve been bouncing around podcasts lately. Entrepreneur podcasts, frugality and money management podcasts. This and that. Entrepreneurs and Coffee struck from from the first time I listened. The conversations always draw me in and often inspire. I listen while working at my full time job and a lot of times I end up with all the gears turning on how I can better myself for my own business. It gets me pumped up. Very grateful for the time Brendan puts into making this quality show. Cheers!
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Taylor Greenwood
Favorite Gary Vaynerchuck Interview
What a great interview with gary vaynerchuck. I have to say it's one the best one's i've heard. I really like Brendan's interview style. It was a very natural conversation that got a lot of great stuff on the show. I
Keeps it REALLL!!
Brendan shines bright in a crowded niche by being authentic (listen to Ep. 43), having an eclectic background (multiple biz, assistance principle), and heavy due diligence about his guests. Thank you for keeping it REAL sir. - @VernonFoster, CPO at Pod Parrot
Vernon Foster II
Two my favorite things!
Fantastic interview style, great guests, and a real finger on the pulse of what people want to hear and learn to move forward in their endeavors.
Demi @ Comcastro.com
Thumbs up!
I don’t like coffee, but I love this podcast! :-) Great content and very actionable tips that will empower entrepreneurs to keep moving forward.
Mario B | Missionpreneur.net
I have a lot of catching up to do
Really bummed I only just discovered Brendan's podcast! He's an amazing interviewer, has great guests, and delivers inspiring content twice a week. I see a binge in my future...
Heather @ BeatInfertility.co
Where has then on been hiding
I just listed to episode 43 - Just because you failed, it doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Boy I needed this as I am unleveling my business once again and having tons of self-doubt. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME.
Rick @ The Coming Out Lounge
You take your business podcast...
I'll take Brendan Hufford and Entrepreneurs and Coffee. Passionate host, sharing personality, and jammed with takeaways and actionable items. Bingo!!
Insightful and Unique
In a world full of Entrepreneurship podcasts, Brandon’s style really helps this one stick out. Great content and format. Keep it up!
LOVE this podcast!
Brendan's fun personality and superb interviewing skills really shine through in this show. Definitely one of my favorites!
Kevin R Private Label Podcast
Great Way To Bring Out Interersting Info
Great job Brendan. I like the interviews, the style of the show and the information shared. Keep up the good work!
Family Matters First Podcast
Caffeinated Fun!
Great content and energy. I can't wait for more content. Brendan does an awesome job with this podcast. I learn a ton!
Scale to Success Podcast
Insane Quality
Love your work man, good stuff!
Bumpy Shaw
Nice easy listening that helps
Brendan is an incredible podcaster with natural talent and real experience. I find his podcast subjects to be excellent. I also love his talks about coffee. Funny, but it just adds another element that is unique and fun. Besides, you gotta love a dude who uses a giant cup for his coffee. Now that’s a real cup of joe.
Great guests, great host
Great guests, great host, and a great way to spend a few minutes every couple days getting inspired and fired up with successful entrepreneurs. ~ Kevin @Everyday_MBA
Brendan gives you some awesome 2 min and 1 hour long episodes to help you stay motivated, out of your head and in the game. This podcast is what you should drink your coffee to. Let it program for you for success.
Great guests and great insight
Great job Brendan. Awesome podcast to add to my rotation.
Brendan’s Energy is Contagious
I love listening to the E&C podcast. His podcast inspires action for my business every time I listen. There are not many podcasts out there that deliver the motivation and energy that Brendan delivers. I appreciate it so much. I leave every episode pumped. Motivation is a huge factor when slowly building a business over time. Thanks Brendan.
I Happily Listen to Hufford
Sorry for the alliteration in the title, I just couldn’t help myself. I have recently found the joys of listening to Brendan and have found it quite enlightening as I set out on my path of discovering my voice online and how to best use it. Great audio quality, great voice cadence and a REAL genuine guy, that last part most always comes through in every episode. #worthyourtime
Action Oriented
This podcast is about taking action. Brenden challenges you and I like that.
Brendan is Awesome!
I might be biased, because Brendan was an INCREDIBLE guest on my own podcast (Opichi DIY Marketing - check his interview out!), but Brendan is just as good a host as he is a guest. He has great guests, fantastic intros, and awesome wrap ups at the end. Keep up the amazing work Brendan!
Good Stuff!
Brendan asks the questions I want to ask. How cool is that. I especially liked the interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. Keep insiring those of us with entrepreneurial spirit!
Brandon is the best!
Love this podcast! Great energy, and no holding back! It’s in my “regular listens” category now!
Great conversations
I just listened to your interview with Joel Boggess. What an amazing and captivating story.
ADHD reWired
Incredible Entrepreneurial Insights
As a lover of being an entrepreneur & also of coffee, I can see why so many people have gravitated to this podcast. However, Brendan sets himself apart from all the other entrepreneurial podcasts out there. His insights, questions, and responses to his top notch guests show his preparation and commitment to bringing a quality product into the podcasting world. If you breathe entrepreneurship.. listen! Great work.
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Lives Up To Its Name
I love Brendan’s energy and interaction with his guests. It’s literally like a shot of caffeine for entrepreneur’s and aspiring entrepreneur’s. So glad I found it!
Funny host who offers great advice! I listen every day.
Great Podcast!
Loved the podcast with Chris Brogan! Great questions and how to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to achieve success. Keep up the great work!
Chris @ The Journey of Success
Keeping it Real
I love this show. Brendan does a great job at being realistic about business and how hard it is. It's ok to listen to motivational talk but people need to know that starting and running a business is not easy and that is what Brendan does. He also interviews amazing guests and his interview style makes me want to listen more. Great show.
No judgment here
I love how Brendan is all about greatness, all about action, but he's not here to judge you. This podcast is to inspire you and give you the realization that you can do whatever you set you're mind to. Wherever you are in your journey, you can move forward from here.
Jodi | Women Taking the Lead
Really good entrepreneur insight and motivation
Really good entrepreneur insight and motivation. Brendan's show is inspiring and his guests offer insight worthy of a listen by anyone in business for themselves already or those looking to make the leap. Nice show!
So glad I found this podcast. This is in constant rotation.. So much great information.
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