Englishman In San Diego
Englishman In San Diego
Englishman In San Diego
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Great inside look at SDCC
Leonard has clearly been around SDCC for awhile and is well connected with the community and he uses those facts to present great tips and input from convention organizers and professionals. Really entertaining and informative.
Tim - Under the Capes
Best Con Man East of the Atlantic
Leonard is my number one source for convention news and information. Along with Alyssa, he creates amazing episodes shedding light on the people responsible for bringing these conventions to us and the content creators that keep us coming back for more. I look forward to this podcast every week. -Corgi
SDCC Superstar
LOVE the Cup o' Tea hangouts! Great people, great fun & great information delivered in a conversation. Keeps me in the SDCC-zone all year long. Keep up the great work!!
UK ftw
For a positive but real look at SDCC. Leonard is awesome.