Engine Noise Podcast Podcast
Engine Noise Podcast
Jeremy Nutt and Matt: Automotive car & truck expert and the other auto DIY
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OBD 2 episode
What I love about this podcast is the basic, understandable way the hosts discuss complicated issues. It's more of a synopsis than a deep dive, but helps the listener understand a lot more stuff about a lot of new topics.
Great Conversation on Great Topics
This is one of my favorite podcasts! The guys are witty, fun , informative, interesting and clean. Much love from Louisiana / Washington State!!
Great Show.
Very entertaining. Love the topics.
I just discovered this podcast a few days ago and have already listened to like 45 episodes and I absolutely love it❤️❤️ great work guys.
Matthew Melson
Amazing Podcast!
I would recommend this podcast to all vehicle enthusiasts. They always talk about interesting topics. Love it!
Nifty podcast
Nifty podcast. I like it
Awesome Podcast!
Thanks so much for the informative and entertaining podcast. Always learn something new every time I tune in!
One of the top automotive podcasts out there
This is one of the best automotive podcasts available. I love the broad range of auto related topics and the casual banter between Jeremy and Matt.
Amazing for the car people
Been listening to all the episodes the last few days and absolutely love it. Really makes work fly by!
You wanted a review, here you go. :)
The sweetest podcast
This podcast is great with all the dad jokes and the cool car info that I’ve brought up at parties, give me a shoutout!
Cj's ranger
My Favorite Podcast
I love this podcast. It’s currently my favorite, and I don’t see that changing. It’s the perfect mix of automotive info and entertainment. The automotive content presented always remains the focus of the show and can only come from a true car enthusiast who has spent years wrenching and has acquired way too many cars (just kidding, no such thing as “too many cars” exists). However, it’s also accessible. I know I’ll be listening to episodes multiple times so I can take notes. I love how they encourage listeners to just do it, pop open the hood and get your hands dirty. Plus, Jeremy’s last name is Nutt. How cool is that??? Matt offers the perfect counterbalance and clearly demonstrates it’s never too late to get into cars. 😂 Plus, he’s into video games. If you love cars you have to give it a listen!
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Awesome podcast
Great info and cool history. Entertaining on long drives! 👍🏻👍🏻
Upside down trees
Great for beginners and pros
I was a dealer technician and left the automotive world a few years ago. It took a while but the itch to work on a project of my own came back. I bought a DSM as a project car to build my high school dream car. When I heard Jeremy say he was a Mitsubishi guy, I was hooked on engine noise!
Louisiana Dad
Just getting in to building things
Hi my name is Winston I hope you can share some stuff which me about engines for smaller builds thanks!
I love the podcast! They are great, sent me cool swag I has inspired me to do more wrenching again. Rebuilding a Jeep 4.0 and did the head on my 22 RE I wish they had time to do more shows. Hey they have lives too.
Darin 505
Weekend warriors Dreamcast podcast
Yo yo yo what can I say! This show is amazing offers just the right amount of information for the weekend garage warrior. Not to mention they have helped me with diagnosis and treatment of my Jeep zj .
Juke man
Great podcast!
Can’t go wrong with an automotive podcast that discusses ls swaps with Muncie 4-speed transmissions.
Five Star
The Dopest dopest dopest car podcast
rater rater rater rater
A Bridge To Close The Gap
Your show is informative and entertaining for the amateur to pros. Keep it up dude👍🏻
KyeZ I Zee
Dopest dope hands down dopest dope
Car guy newbie? Semi decent car guy? Car guy actual!!? Anywho this podcast is awesome. Learn little gems about a multitude of different car related subjects. And can even get into the weeds about some of the big ones. Interesting and some good laughs as well.
Entertaining and Informative
Just found these guys. Great information and fun to listen to.
Love the podcast
This podcast is great! Not only do you learn a whole bunch of car stuff but these guys are also very fun to listen too. I have heard every episode now and I will know start to listen from the beginning again so that I can catch anything I might have missed. Thanks guys for this podcast I hope you have many more episodes ahead off you.
Emissions talk
I really enjoy your podcast, you dumb things down for the novice shade tree mechanic very well. Thank you for what you do.
Very entertaining
Usually don't give reviews but this podcast has made the time at work go by so fast. Keep up the great work!
B Drizzle69
Awesome Podcast for Wanna Be’s and True Be’s
I recently found this podcast and to my knowledge there is nothing quite like it out there right now. Matt and Jeremy have great personalities and really bring a lot to the podcast in terms of knowledge and fun. They have a broad range of subject matter ranging from past car history all the way to present Do It Yo-Self car tips and tricks. If you want to be a car gal or guy or just enjoy cars in general this is definitely a podcast you’ll want to make time to listen to. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work Jeremy and Matt! I will definitely be sharing this podcast with as many as I can.
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Love it!
I love these guys, being a fellow New Englander that now lives in North Carolina, it’s nice to have a podcast that combines my love of cars and my nostalgia for N.E.! Keep it up!
Thanks for making my day better
Listening to your show not only teaches me about cars, but it entertains me on my way to work. Your positive energy goes great with my morning coffee.
You guys are awesome rock on 🤘🏻
Mechanic 944
Really great show
I’m a few episodes in and I’m enjoying it. The hosts have great rapport and seem knowledgeable. I’m learning new things and having fun doing it. Thanks guy for putting out quality content that is entertaining and educational. If you’re interested in the subject matter there is no reason not to give this podcast a try.
Love it!
Car knowledge and tips, expert advice, cool facts, and funny stories. A podcast that offers something for all--novice or expert--from DIY tips to what's happening right now in the automotive world.
Good fun for entertaining non serious car talk🚕
Try it u may like it.
sandy kane
You guys are great, these videos always brighten my day!
Good podcast
Just started listening to this podcast. Decided to subscribe after listening to the first 2 episodes. It’s a keeper.
Interesting podcast
Just started listening to this podcast and I find it awesome! The topics covered are interesting and don’t get boring, whilst still providing a good amount of information.
Good Podcast
Funny knowledgeable can’t wait for more
Great podcast just the right length. Geared to a wide range of audience. Definitely recommend.
Wankel Episode
wankel episode is my favorite, but they’re all really good.
Car Tips Great Listen
Never go to buy a car in the rain... great advice!
Well done!
love the LS & Wankel episode! Good stuff!
jade loves justin bieber!
Learning a lot
Glad I found this podcast. Learning a lot!
Great Listen
Give this podcast a try, they know their stuff!
Great Listen
These guys are fun to listen to and cover lots of topics. I am looking forward to new episodes!
Nice change of pace
I’ve always wanted to learn more about cars but some podcasts get too deep into the weeds. It’s nice that there’s a co-host that’s like me and knows nothing! Ha Ha. You should get Marisa Tomei as a guest host.
Great podcast for car buffs!
Good Podcast
You can learn a lot about cars on this podcast. I really enjoy it!
fantastic audio quality
High end production and very entertaining. Looking forward to the next episode.
Love these guys!
Makes traffic enjoyable! LS episode is awesome. Well done!
This is awesome!!
Jeremy’s down to earth personality and enthusiastic voice makes me hungry for more!!
Joe jack 12245
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