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Official triathlon podcasts from the coaches at Endurance Nation; includes training and racing insights, gear overviews, training instructions, EN updates, and some random fun stuff too.
Building Athletic Resilience Through Strategic Choices and Mind Mastery
Have you ever hit a wall in your training, where no amount of tough self-talk could push you through? That moment when your legs feel like lead, and your willpower tanks? Buckle up, because we're tearing down the notion that toughness is just about grueling discipline and relentless grit. Taking a page from Steve Magnus's "Do Hard Things," we're redefining toughness in the crucible of endurance sports, where strategic decisions and resilience are the name of the game. This isn't about being superhuman but about honing a skill set that lets you make the right calls under pressure, blending positivity with the hard-nosed practicality required to conquer those make-or-break moments. Imagine having a personal coach in your head, giving you that nudge when the stakes are high. Well, it turns out, you do – if you know how to harness it. In this conversation, we unlock the secret powers of positive self-talk, exploring how switching to the second person can trick your brain into thinking you've got an external cornerman cheering you on. This tactic is not just for athletes sprinting to the finish line but for anyone looking to up their game in life's marathon. From the track to the boardroom, get ready to arm yourself with mental strategies that will transform the way you face challenges, and maybe even lead you to your next personal best.
Jan 29
14 min
Maximizing Endurance Training: Strategies for Peak Performance in the 2024 Season
Unlock the secrets of peak performance as Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation reveals how to tailor your training for the 2024 season. This episode is a goldmine for age group athletes eager to optimize their endurance training with a strategy that's more than just logging miles. Patrick, leveraging the collective know-how of a 500-strong athlete community and years of expertise, debunks the myth of equal training time, steering you towards high-quality workouts that promise progress. He shares the blueprint for annual training plans that evolve with cutting-edge sports science, ensuring you're always at the forefront of athletic development.
Jan 17
15 min
Evolving Your Endurance Strategy for Year-Round Success
Ever set a New Year's resolution only to find it gathering dust by February? That's where Coach Patrick from Endurance Station steps in, steering us away from fleeting goals and towards the power of systems for enduring success. This episode isn't just about hitting your targets; it's about transforming your entire approach to growth, both as an endurance athlete and in your personal endeavors. With a focus on establishing daily, weekly, and monthly routines, I lay out a blueprint that intertwines core strength with life's practicalities, like prepping your workout gear and balancing recovery with family time. It's these foundational habits that set the stage for continuous improvement and long-term achievements.  As the conversation progresses, we pivot to reflect on past challenges and morph them into stepping stones for future triumphs. I'll walk you through tweaking your nutrition to fit the changing seasons, weaving in flexibility routines to your day, and adopting a mindset that bridges the gap between racing and running a business. And just before signing off, I touch on the "three, three, and three" plan, a strategy that not only gears you up for the upcoming year but invites you to share your journey with us through our vibrant social media community or our chatbot at endurancestation.us. It's all about crafting an active lifestyle that's as rewarding as it is resilient.
Jan 10
16 min
Building Athletic Resilience Through Strategic Choices and Mind Mastery
Have you ever hit a wall in your training, where no amount of tough self-talk could push you through? That moment when your legs feel like lead, and your willpower tanks? Buckle up, because we're tearing down the notion that toughness is just about grueling discipline and relentless grit. Listen in as we explore the nuanced concept of toughness in the realm of endurance sports, drawing inspiration from Steve Magnus's insightful book "Do Hard Things." Rather than the conventional view of toughness as sheer willpower and inflexible discipline, we consider it a skill to be honed—a blend of clear decision-making and strategic focus, especially when the going gets tough. Join us as we break down these misconceptions and offer a fresh perspective on what it means to be tough.
Jan 8
14 min
The Athlete's Guide to Smart Training Beyond the Competition Season
Ever felt like you're running in circles with your training, plateauing despite all your efforts? This heart-pumping episode with Coach Patrick from Injured Nation is your roadmap out of that rut. We kick off with a turbo-charged strategy for athletes eager to revamp their approach to training. Our 14-week "outseason" program isn't just about pushing limits; it's about smartly building strength and speed when it counts. Say goodbye to the base training blues and fears of peaking too early as we dissect a balanced regimen that incorporates intensity, volume, and rest - all while leveraging last year's gains to catapult you into a new season of success. Hold onto your hats as we smash through the traditional periodization model with our 'fast before far' philosophy. This isn't your average endurance game plan; it's about getting strategic with your schedule and syncing your training with real life. We'll walk you through how to fine-tune your sessions to not only boost your threshold and VO2 levels but also to keep your health and personal relationships from hitting the back burner. Whether you're juggling a career, family, or other commitments, this episode lays out how you can train efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your athletic journey scales new peaks this year. So, strap in and get ready to transform your performance with insights that'll make every minute of your training count.
Jan 4
19 min
The DudeGuy Year Unraveled Insights, Wins, and Hopes for the Future
Join us as we take a step back to reflect on our athletic year and share some personal experiences. We're not just focusing on race results, but on personal growth and internal knowledge gained throughout the year. We’ll be sharing four keys to reviewing a year through races and how to apply them, and touching on the concept that as we age, PRs may become more challenging. We'll also delve into how this can change our perspective on our athletic achievements. This is an episode for those who are ready to look back on their year in a more meaningful and insightful way. Tune in to hear us discuss the importance of self-awareness in athletic performance. We share our personal experiences with managing training and highlight how self-knowledge can lead to better results. We'll be chatting about the need to pay attention to one's body and make adjustments as our bodies and abilities change over time. Listen in as we emphasize the mindset of constantly striving to improve, rather than seeking external validation. For all athletes out there, this is a valuable discussion on achieving success in sports. Lastly, we'll explore the topic of gift giving and receiving. From the pressure of finding the perfect gift to sharing our worst gift-giving and receiving experiences, this is a light-hearted conversation to wrap up the year. We’ll also discuss our year-end wrap and plans for the new year, and encourage our audience to share their event plans for the new year. Join us for a hearty laugh and a heartwarming sign-off as we wish everyone a happy new year.
Dec 22, 2023
49 min
The Athlete's Guide to an Annual Reflection
Are you prepared to delve into your past year in endurance sports? Let's dive deep together. We'll use the four keys methodology, usually for race day, to analyze your past performances. Expect eye-opening moments. We'll assess not just your fitness but also your decision-making and execution. Time to take charge of our actions, celebrate our wins, learn from our losses, and pinpoint the training choices that propelled us forward or set us back. In our journey of self-improvement, we'll thoroughly review the past season. This will help you grasp the impact of your early decisions. We'll draw lessons from top athletes, adopting their drive and consistency into our routines. I'll introduce the concept of a 'box' - our realm of control. Inside this box, we'll focus on what we can achieve and ignore distractions. We'll identify what we missed and what we learned last season to make smarter choices for the upcoming one. We'll cover everything from nutrition to training, discussing how to fill our 'boxes' with success-driving elements. 
Dec 13, 2023
18 min
Elevating Your Race Performance with a Yearly Review
Hey everyone, I'm Coach Patrick and in this episode, we're going on a reflective journey. We'll dissect last season's race performance. It's all about balancing highs and lows. This means managing what's in and out of your control. Eager to master your race? It's more than just pushing limits. It's making smart, strategic moves. I've lived it and I'll share my experiences. You can apply these tactics in your races too. Also, check out our free online course. It's filled with keys to success. Now, let's revisit my Leadville race experience. It was a real challenge! Weather, altitude, and so much more were beyond my control. How did I navigate through it? I'll dive into handling descents and maintaining focus. Understanding nutrition, power targets, and the importance of knowing other riders is crucial. I'll discuss how focusing on 'one thing' can keep you aligned and motivated. Let's look at how to apply these lessons to your races. Together, we can shape your race day and elevate your performance!
Dec 6, 2023
20 min
Willpower, Workouts, and Winter Holidays: A Fitness Journey
Listen in as Coach Patrick, with 25 years of experience in endurance sports, discusses the common challenges athletes face during the holiday season. The struggle of balancing calorie intake with training demands and the importance of environment and mental perception in maintaining this balance is highlighted. Coach Patrick provides a refreshing perspective on the temporary nature of the holiday season, reminding us that it's just a small portion of the year. He also offers valuable advice on managing nutrition during this festive time, and emphasizes that there's ample time to get back on track once the festivities are over. Moving forward, we explore practical ways to stay on top of fitness and nutrition during the holidays. Learn three effective tips for maintaining a healthy balance - starting your day right with a good breakfast and morning workout, finishing strong by resisting temptation at the end of the day, and packing necessary equipment for early morning training. We underscore the importance of not pressurizing oneself too much, and how to enjoy the holiday season in moderation. Join us as we tackle the challenges of resisting temptations, using willpower effectively, and staying active and smart during the holiday season. Be sure to tune in to gain some great insights and practical tips for staying healthy and fit during the holiday season.
Nov 29, 2023
16 min
Earn Your SAU Points While Staying Fit During the Holidays
Prepare to navigate the festive season without losing your fitness stride as Coach Patrick brings to the table effective strategies that will help you maintain a consistent training mindset. Stand on the promise of emerging from the holiday season with a strong mental state, regardless of any changes in fitness levels; you're about to unlock the secret of the endurance matrix, a tool designed to guide you through your fitness journey during the holiday season.  As the conversation evolves, we reveal the importance of balance and consistency in holiday training, drawing attention to the role of motivation and equipment in maintaining your fitness routine. It's not all about you, though; we explore the significance of being mindful of others during this time and share tips on earning points in your SAU (spousal approval unit) time. As the fall season approaches, remember to prioritize your health and family and prepare wisely to avoid overtraining injuries. So hit that play button: it's time to get ahead of the game and be ready for the next season!
Nov 25, 2023
17 min
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