Endurance Hour
Endurance Hour
Dave Erickson
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Question and Answer Format
I like the newer format. Educational for both beginner and experienced athletes. You both genuinely care.
Calling all multi-sport athletes! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Tune in to Endurance Hour podcast for expert insights on training, nutrition, and more. Get your questions answered and take your performance to the next level. 🎧💪 Wendy Mader is engaging and insightful. I look forward to each episode #EnduranceHour #MultiSportAthlete"
Best Triathlon/Swim-Bike-Run Podcast!
Highly recommend this podcast. Wendy is an amazing coach that always has great advice with a unique perspective as a previous Kona winner, ultra/trail runner, previous D1 swimmer and has been in the sport for over twenty-five years. Dave does a great job of breaking things down, summarizing the advice and topic insight and providing his perspective as a competitive age grouper. Even though I've been doing triathlon as a hobby for quite a few years, I always learn something new and the podcast is just the right length to listen while working out. Nutrition, workout plans, tech/tools, form advice and tips and even discounts for listeners! Thanks Wendy and Dave! Kristi
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Total drivel. Don’t waste your time.
Dave is a joke. He is the thinnest skinned person in social media. ALL of his content is mediocre at best. He also can’t take criticism without blocking his critics. His car review channel is a complete joke. SNL worthy parody stuff only lazier. No wonder his broadcast career ended in a puff of smoke. Worthless content. Don’t waste your time.
Great and informative
It's a good podcast which incorporates rave reviews, good training advice, and coaching. Very triathlon focused with a local flair to it.
Great Show
You guys continue to put out quality content show after show. It is so very much appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work.
Great stuff
Endurance hour is great! Keep it up! Thanks for the time and material.
Good Conversation For My Commute
Great Podcast! I commute 25-30 miles on my bike to work, pretty much everyday. I always look forward to the days that Dave and Roger commute with me. The content is a great mixture of solid endurance advice/knowledge and good and fun banter between the two hosts. Certainly recommend as a companion for anyone’s workout. Keep up the great work guys!
Entertaining and Informative
Invaluable resource for triathletes. Great insight on training, racing and equipment. Wonderful and entertaining dynamic between Dave and Roger. Well done!
Best podcast online!
Dave & Roger in 2016!
Keep up the good work!
I enjoy your perspectives on Ironman racing particularly at the elite level.
Excellent Podcast!
Lots of quality info from Dave and Roger's own experience. Their association with the Timex Multisport Team, as well as Dave’s work with Ironman/WTC leads to some good inside information, interviews with professional athletes and coaches. The show length is perfect for long winter workouts. Keep up the good work!
Awesome Podcast
Roger and Dave provide accurate information and unbiassed feelings. Great show to turn into if you're a first timer or a season vet. Thanks boys for helping me become a better triathlete! Keep up the great work.
Sir Bentley
Enjoy the Podcast
Appreciate the props to Xterra athletes, along with the great coverage on the whole triathlon scene. Keep up the good work!
Great info and reporting
Really enjoy the podcast. Keep up the great work. Especially enjoy your interviews with professional triathletes
Evanston Mitch
Excellent podcast, guys. Very professionally produced. The shows throughout the year have struck a great balance (in my opinion) between commentary/discussion with the hosts and things like interviews and pro press conferences. I enjoy Dave and Roger's discussions. They always have insightful comments and are well-spoken. I like the length of the podcasts, as well (prefer the longer ones actually!). I especially like when they mix in their own personal race reports/training issues. Keep up the good work! I'll keep listening.
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Very Good!
Love it! Great motivation while training. Love the topics and interviews. Keep up the good work.
Ultra Ragnar Man
Great triathlon information.
Great information and reporting on what is going on in the triathlon world.
Excellent Podcast!
Good source of information of what is going on in the triathlon world.
Andre Triathlete
Always insightful
I love training or traveling while listening to the great information and insights that Dave and Roger bring to my eager ears. Thank you for accompanying me on many dark and lonely winter runs! Keep up the great work, love the show! Matt - Burley, Idaho
Podcast review
excellent podcast!!! Podcasts released frequently and has lots of updates and good information. thanks chris
Chris' Review
Very informative
Great interviews but really love all the filler information and conversation too. Well done!
Good stuff
Good job, nice balance, professionally produced, both hosts seem like theyve been doing this awhile. Keep up the great interviews.
looking like this will be a good podcast
this has been a good quality podcast thus far. They have great guests and insight in the sport. I hope they keep putting out the podcasts.
Endurance Hour #5
Quality stuff Dave
Endurance Hour Episode # 1
Great Work Roger and Dave!
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