Empire Flippers Podcast
Empire Flippers Podcast
Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti
EFP 210: Buyer Negotiation Tactics
35 minutes Posted Nov 18, 2020 at 11:49 pm.
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Show notes

It's been a good year for us at Empire Flippers, even in the midst of this pandemic. Our industry keeps growing and the proof is in the pudding—we have over $1 billion in verified proof of funds from buyers on our marketplace. 

That's why in this episode, Joe and I really wanted to shared some great negotiation tactics that all buyers can use when finding the right deal for them.

We'll talk about why and how you should consider a seller's emotional equity in a deal, managing expectations so you can agree on a sales price everyone's happy with, and how to set your buying strategy depending on the types of deals you're going after.

Our featured listing in this episode is for an Amazon FBA business that's had strong year-on-year growth and doesn't need much effort to maintain right now. It's ideal for a one-man band type of operation, and there's room for diversity outside of Amazon while having plenty of avenues to explore within Amazon too: a great option for someone who's looking for a hands-off business that pulls in a healthy amount of income while having lots of opportunity to grow.

There are tons of helpful and exclusive tips, so tune in and take notes!