Empire Flippers Podcast
Empire Flippers Podcast
Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti
EFP 204: What Business Buyers Want In 2020
30 minutes Posted Aug 20, 2020 at 2:42 am.
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Show notes

2020 remains a seller's market, but there's NO guarantee you'll be able to sell your online business, especially at your perceived value or on your terms.With that said, we can't wait to give you some actionable tips to help you bridge this gap between buyers' expectations and your expected sales price.

In this episode, Joe and I talk about how you can step into a buyer's shoes to understand their wants and needs to give you a better chance to sell your asset.

We'll cover what types of factors are attractive to buyers like how you've established a unique brand, how you've managed to lower risk through diversification, or different ways a buyer can expand your business.

If you're looking for an asset to replace your main income, keep an ear out for when we talk about a SaaS business in the business niche that makes over $16k each month in net profit and has a large team to support with daily tasks.