Matt Teichman
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My favorite podcast.
May it continue to flourish and enrich lives for many years to come.
Great podcast
This is a great podcast that really lives up to it's name re. doing an excellent job at clarifying some knotty and complex philosophical ideas. Matt does a great job re. pitching it at a level that most people, with a moderate ability for sustained attention, can get a pretty good grasp of the ideas being “elucidated” (which is often not the case, e.g. when picking up and trying to make it through the typical philosophy tome). And if one lacks the ability for sustained attention, given the typical length of the segments, listening is a pretty minimally painful way to help develop that ability.
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Elucidations is like ghee. It's clarified better.
Have listened to each and every episode at least twice, some several. My continued and growing appreciation of Elucidations has recently been enhanced by Nozick’s “Invariances.” Episode 109: Matt Teichman and Toby Buckle was thrilling.
Love it
A excellent mid level complexity Philosophy podcast. The topics are varied and, more often that not, fascinating to those with some previous background in philosophy.
Brilliant Podcast
Fascinating guests and really excellent questions/discussion. I have learned a lot from listening to this podcast.
Former student of Matt
It’s great to hear these discussions. I’m a new listener (only 2 episodes in) but I love the way the topics and theories are expressed and the insight each guest brings to the podcast.
One of my favorite podcasts!
Teichman is a cordial and excellent interviewer. His guests are lucid on a range of topics.
frustrated cook333
Rock solid.
A really excellent deep dive into an encyclopedic range of philosophical topics. Matt Teichman does a superb job of interviewing the guests, which are almost always the top folks in their areas of expertise.
Matt is awesome!
This podcast is a wonderfully edited 1-1 interview format about a philosopher’s particular view about a subject. Accessible, concise, and never boring, Matt does a wonderful job having philosophers break thing down in accessible chunks.
Elucidations review
I'm very grateful for the work that is put into these podcasts. As an undergraduate philosophy major at UofC, I find these especially useful for broadening my awareness of the field, since I am increasingly encouraged to specialize and narrow my interests in preparation for graduate school. Thank you for your work and please keep them coming!
Wonderful podcast
A great variety of philosophical discussions.
Succinct discussion of living philosophy
Great to hear voices from current philosophers discussing a wide range of topics. All wrapped up in a tight package.
Most Fungi
As a not classically trained philosopher I find these podcasts done on a level I can comprehend for the most part. They are not hours long and do proceed at a reasonable pace. I do consistently get inspired about what I hear and question at least something during each episode. What more could you ask for?
Creating a first rate podcast for laypeople and academics alike
great show
Great stuff
Nice work! Interesting conversations on important topics.
Great intro to various topics for non philosophers. They manage to make even seemingly obscure or confusing topics seem relevant through good choice of guests and probing questions. Longer format and slightly more technical tone than Philosophy Bites
Fantastic discussions of many st
Every episode of Elucidations has an exciting philosopher give an accessible discussion of whatever they’re working on. This is a really rare and wonderful podcast in that it’s serious and well, elucidating, and isn’t just highbrow infotainment like NPR.
Focused, precise, and accessible
Elucidations presents well structured dialogues with leading philosophers. It is wonderful.
Outstanding philosophy podcast
For several years now I’ve indulged in podcasts in philosophy, always while doing something else. Sometimes it’s cooking in the kitchen, oftentimes it's when I’m driving, or even on a walk. I’ve listened to Partially Examined Life, New Books in Philosophy, Philosophy Bites, History of Philosophy without any gaps, and Modern Day Philosophers. All these podcasts aim to achieve different things, but Elucidations is by far the best at achieving what it’s aiming for. It also happens to be the best philosophy podcast on the market, and with only 50 five star ratings (every single rating given, apparently) it is still by far the most underrated. Matt Teichman and Mark Hopwood offer us more than just a simple book review and interview - they actually practice philosophy when they engage, without frivolity, the arguments and positions of their guests, who are regularly some of the leading figures in analytic philosophy. Every single episode has left me wanting to read the book of the guest author. Each issue is made current and vibrant, and most importantly drives me to think and to philosophize. The only possible complaints that could be made are over the intro music and how infrequently new episodes are released. To this all I can say is, give me quality over quantity any day, and if the production value of this podcast is keeping you away this is perhaps not the kind of listening experience you were looking for in the first place.
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A great place to get overviews of technical philosophy in other fields
A great place to get overviews of technical philosophy in other fields. Matt and Mark do a great job of getting their guests to explain rigorous ideas clearly. Matt in particular does a great job of explaining things back to the guest after they have given their speil. Often this second overview is what cements it for me when I am trying to learn about a new subfield and, say, do the dishes at the same time.
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Rob Helpy-Chalk
Unquestionably the best
There are a lot of philosophy podcasts, and a handful of pretty good ones. There are two that are hands down amazing, Elucidations and Peter Adamson's History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. They cover completely different kinds of topics - Adamson's is a systematic history of philosophy from Thales to, so far, the medieval age, and this is an interview podcast with contemporary philosophers talking about their research. In short, this is the best podcast out there on philosophy as it's being done today. It's lively, always fascinating, features an incredible variety of interests and philosophical interests and arguments, and is hosted by a very gifted, very insightful interviewer whose acumen is matched only by his intellectual generosity. Strongly recommended.
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Good content
The interviewers prepare well for the shows, which makes for good technical content.
Dan Dan the Rib Man
Compares well to "Philosophy Bites"
I have been listening for several years to the "Philosophy Bites" podcast then by some chain of association found Elucidations, and have been appreciating it just as much. A plus for this one is the association with University of Chicago, where I have studied and now work.
The best philosophy podcast
Definitely worth listening to at any time
Stimulating, technical, yet oddly relaxing.
Philosophy in proper form
Elucidations is a reminder that philosophy is at its best in dialogue — and this is contemporary philosophy at its absolute best. An illustrative example: episode 55 (Fitelson on paradoxes of consistency) is the most approachable and interesting path into a formal topic I am aware of, anywhere. The scope of the podcast and quality of treatment is remarkable and deserving of a wide audience.
Elucidative indeed!
This podcast proves why philosophy matters in our everyday life. It reawakened my interest in philosophy.
Best philosophy podcast I’ve listened to. Brilliant guests who are excellent at describing their research & why it’s important.
best philopod
Dialogues with leading philosophical academics on philosophical concepts and their work with them. The hosts ask just enough clarifying questions to keep the conversation well understandable to an interested laymen.
A top class philosophy podcast
This podcast consists of interviews with professional philosophers on a range of topics - often philosophy of language, but it has ranged widely over historical subjects and various areas in contemporary philosophy. The discussions are very clear and also very detailed - the interviewers ask astute questions and often "recap" what the interview guests have been saying, which is helpful. The obvious comparison is to the podcast Philosophy Bites; the Elucidation interviews tend to be more in-depth and sophisticated, with a longer running time. Certainly recommended for anyone with a serious interest in philosophy.
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Always interesting guests.
Personal Favorite
Elucidations is a rare gem.
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