Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast
Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast
Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley
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Recommended by Hito MLB Taiwanese podcast
Recommended by Jacky Lee, the host of Hito MLB, a podcast from Taiwan. I love this show. I even spend time to read Ben Linburgh’s books, which are awesome as well
Brandon Li Fong
New listener and love the constant updates
Great work team, love the chatter!
Great but rambling
I love Ben and Meg's insights, two great baseball brains. However I find my self turning off the episodes once they begin to talk themselves in long repetitive circles about one topic without making much progress. I'm all for a free flowing natural conversation but sometimes they make a point and continue to make the same point four or five times before moving on. These circling conversations and sometimes oddly defensive tip-toeing language just turn me off from the show. Not sure if its the pacing, editing, or just my personal preference. They aren't as funny as they think they are.
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Bad rambling reduces value
Cut the show in half and focus on baseball and it would be one of the best. They spend a great deal of time talking about things they know little about while making effectively wild assumptions. For example, they don’t know anything about a specific county’s zoning regulations and I really don’t care to find out but they spend a half hour discussing it. Have production cut that part.
Phil Duroc
Lost listener. Please mature a bit and I will re-subscribe
I love baseball and avidly listen to many baseball podcasts. I listen to a broad variety of pods, from the more “professional” ones to the more “playful” ones including this one. But, come on Meg and Ben! Often your podcast is plain immature in not a good, playful sense. Just immature! From the minutes long comments on new uniforms…, while saying you don’t want to make that “a big fuss” about them, to sometimes just going down really unproductive and honestly non-sensical rabbit holes. Make no mistake, there are episodes here that are very good, playful, creative and refreshing! But, more often than not, those get overshadowed by really immature, children-like comments, topics, and tone throughout whole episodes. And we are talking about 1hour+ long episodes. Please improve on this area and I will happily re-subscribe and start listening again.
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R. A. Parr. Pod listener
The monarch of baseball podcasts
Or at least the enlightened despot…maybe the elected benevolent ombuds-person. The only flaw, it needs more Longenhagen, Bauman , and Clemens. Love Meg and Ben; just want to hear more from the others two. Spin-off podcast anyone?
Politics podcast
Hope you like em
Best baseball podcast
Best baseball podcast and it’s not even close. Great analysis, hosting, humor etc. can’t recommend enough if you’re a diehard fan of this great game
Annoying and Pointless
I tried this podcast because I had listened to all the episodes of Sleeper and the Bust. There was a whole segment about women in the sport and why there aren’t any female umpires in MLB. Undoubtedly it has nothing to do with the fact that there are no women MLB players and everything to do with rampant sexism in the sport. Other topics were equally uninteresting.These are interesting topics for some, undoubtedly, but just not my cup of tea. The hosts are good and quick-witted and seem like nice people.
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jukeboy Jim
Peerless Baseball Podcast
Perhaps the best distillation I can give of why I adore this podcast: Seeing the title of Episode 2101 (“Eating Crow”) and wondering how Ben and Meg could dedicate so much time to breaking down the big Tyrone Taylor/Adrian Houser for Coleman Crow trade, and being delighted to realize that it was instead a discussion of grammar school pottery.
the greatest baseball podcast ever
there is no peer
Robinson Cano was framed
Ponderous to the max
This show has its appeal, and I understand why people like it. But just be ready for them to spend 15 minutes doing something like trying to find a proper definition of “drought.” If you enjoy insanely lengthy discussions that feel like diving into a black hole about something semi irrelevant to why you came to the podcast, then go for it
Not what it used to be
It didn't happen immediately, but the new host — as is acknowledged on the pod — has definitively changed EW. It is now much more self-satisfied and juvenile than I enjoy listening to; additionally, one of the hosts being an active, unabashed fan of a team is not a welcome change for me. While I don't think she herself is less smart than former hosts by any means — and indeed, her predecessor shared some of the above traits to a degree — the conversations she encourages and engages in certainly feel that way.
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The joy of recognition
So Glad I Found It
It took me a few episodes to get used to Ben and Meg’s delivery, but now I’ve come to very much appreciate the clarity with which they explain things. This combined with their pedantry (meant with love) has helped me improve my understanding of baseball. Ben and Meg have quickly become two of my favorite voices to have in my ears. Came for the baseball knowledge and staying for the hosts.
Great info
Great info Like the content. Just some constructive criticism…probably a nervous tick but can Ben (i think) seems like he is slightly laughing the entire time he’s talking.
Very good!
My favorite Grant Brisbee podcast (and there are a few), the other two guest hosts are pretty good too.
Favorite Podcast
Almost ten years of listening and I still look forward to listening to Ben’s and Meg’s insightful musings about my favorite pastime.
John A in PA
Great pod
I like Ben but love Meg! Sue me! You’re both very knowledgeable but she has an awkward charm. Pedro Feliz was underrated.
Julio Franco's dong
Edit: I apparently reviewed this when it first started. While it did get a lot better technically, recently it has become two hours of variable listenability. Some good baseball content, interrupted by interminable stretches of discussion of players crapping. This show badly needs an editor who will overrule the hosts saying “leave it in.” Good information, smart hosts, but the quality is very low. It's hard to pull off two guys chatting off the cuff, and too often they come off as simply unprepared. Not too long ago, they mentioned that they don't prepare for the show, which is by no means a good thing. A rule of thumb I learned in broadcasting is that a good hour on-air results from 3 hours of preparation, and this show would really benefit from the hosts taking an hour a day preparing, getting their facts and relevant points in order, before talking into the mic. The technical problems, including today not actually speaking into a microphone, add to the amateurish feel.
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Better with Ben/Sam and Ben/Jeff
I didn’t mind Meg at first but dear lord, she just drowns on and on about nonsense. Talks herself in circles and makes sure to defend anything she says when it doesn’t need defending. And the constant squeals and noises, come on now. She knows baseball very well but it’s become almost unlistenable lately with all of her other stuff added in.
Smartest talk on the subject of baseball
Intelligent and insight abound here and it will make you roll your eyes a lot at other podcasts’ vapid “hot takes.” The problem for me is that the focus on contracts, collective bargaining, draft rights, etc. gets pretty dry and never lets you forget baseball’s all about business, business, business. But listen enough and you’ll eventually hear some old-school baseball love.
Dice All Day
Meg we worry.
I hope you’re ok. You are very appreciated.
lll Chez lll
One of my favorite podcasts.
Love the several times a week discussion of various baseball topics. Still listening nearly 10 years after posting (most of) this review.
5 Stars!
The analysis is second to none, even if it involves spilt popcorn on a plane!
Matt B B Matt
Great stuff
Truly one of the best, smartest, and funniest podcasts out there.
New heights of lousiness
I dipped a toe back into this feed to see how things are going. Not well. They sound like two people who’ve been ruined by spending too much time on Twitter. When you have little or nothing worthwhile to say, no need to bounce your identical lame takes back and forth ad nauseum.
Always worth the time
This is one of the few podcasts out there that I know will always be worth a listen. I never miss an episode. Content, discussion, analysis and interviews that you will not find anywhere else. Do it.
Jake Lampert
Amazing podcast
As a huge baseball fan, living in Singapore for the past seventeen years, this amazing podcast is, to me, like an oasis to a thirsty camel. Insightful! Witty! Meg and Ben are amazing. If you like shallow and irate, go someplace else. Meg and Ben are deep and insightful-and yet listening to them is like hanging out in the dorm, talking baseball. They seem so nice and discerning that I can’t believe that Ben was a Yankees fan.
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Woke and below average
Generally a below average podcast but my opinion is that Ben’s voice just isn’t good for radio. Too monotone, careful and bland. Also the show is just too deep and long for my tastes. Also very left and woke when politics are brought up. 😬
Good grief
Can you just get on with baseball? Sick to f’ing death of the “who gives a crap” chitchat.
childish drivel
The best current baseball podcast
In depth, thoughtful, and insightful conversations about current baseball. Often some historical tidbits or references thrown in, but this is my go to for the modern game. The only modern baseball podcast I listen to and recommend to people. Great guests and running bits! Keep up the good work.
Great show.
It’s hornier now.
I used to like it
When it was Ben and Jeff I liked it a lot but Meg is just intolerable. I stopped listening a long time ago but wanted to hear the take on the Correa signing/not signing story. I tried. But the emotion and the amazement and the sighs…. I got 10 minutes in and they hadn’t said a damned thing but she just keeps sighing and squealing…. I never reached a point in the Correa podcast where they actually said a substantive thing before I just couldn’t tolerate another moment of it. Jesus.
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Crowell iTunes
Disappointing to say the least.
Spent more time talking about 2017 than the actual WS, mentioned a QAnon theory, and avoided talking players like Giolito or Votto have mentioned that many teams were cheating.
Kike kiks
Stick to baseball and cut out the wokeness
Seemingly even baseball stats are not immune from woke narratives these days. We get bombarded with this from everywhere else - please quit with the politics/diversity wokeness and stick with the sports.
This is my favorite podcast
This podcast is simply the best. They keep everything in perspective. Lots of fun and great info. Intelligent conversations about baseball and sometimes it’s role in society. Ben and Meg are delightful. Easily my favorite podcast.
Dog Money
Baseball and points slightly adjacent
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts over the years, and Ben Lindbergh is the best podcast host I’ve ever found. I would gladly spend my time listening to him talk about Brussels Sprouts and toilet flappers. On baseball, even more fascinating! Love the format of the show too.
It is great definitely recommend to baseball fans
Good content marred by blather
Sometimes it is sufficient to say something once, instead of repeating it four or five times.
We want Michael Bauman and Bobby Wagner already
Great podcast hosts in need of an editor (be ready for 30-40 minutes of banter before they get into actual baseball). And come on, how can there be a Fangraphs podcast without Michael Bauman?
Best in class
As the thousands of 5-star ratings demonstrate, Effectively Wild is easily the best long-form Twitter advertisement out there. My Twitter usage has increased roughly 600% since I started listening. My feed is graced with back and forth banter between baseball writers from the Athletic or Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman. I even once had a comment liked by "Baseball Craig" Goldstein and Emma Baccellieri. Needless to say, my life has been ever so slightly enriched.
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Best baseball podcast out there
It can’t be beat, it’s just the best baseball podcast there is!
Best baseball podcast out there
You won’t find a better, more insightful podcast. It’s become a must listen for me and has been for some time. Great banter, thoughtful discussion and an incredibly informative show.
All around great podcast
Mostly informative, often silly, but always a great and fun listen. The hosts do a fantastic job of providing onsite into the game while also keeping things light hearted and entertaining. They are well informed and prepared and bring on enjoyable guests from all facets of the game. Love the show, keep the episodes coming! PS, loved hearing the mid-90’s Royals being drafted in episode 1878! (although they did neglect to mention Jonny Gomes’ World Series speech as part of why anyone would draft them)
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Love it
But someone tell Jordan from CFB that if he says “right” one more time he’s never invited back
Simply the best!
This is the only podcast I’ve found that doesn’t waste time regurgitating all the same old junk stats (W-L, ERA, Avg, and RBI just to name a few) that are still given way too much credence, and is not boring. They find truly valuable information to talk about. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now. I’m chipping away at the old episodes little by little whenever I catch up on the current episodes. Ben and Meg give thoughtful, and insightful takes on a number of baseball and non-baseball topics. I especially enjoy the fact that they don’t shy away from commenting on the hot-button sometimes political issues of the day. Meg is very enjoyable, and she is funny. Don’t listen to the curmudgeons in the bad reviews. She’s great, and I always look forward to hearing what she has to say. She has a moral compass that compels her to comment on issues that plague the game like racism, sexism, sexual assault, bigotry in general, the seemingly anti-lgbtq+ attitude of teams (beyond 1 pride night that some teams make optional. Looking at you Rays). I’m grateful to her for using the platform for more meaningful discourse beyond just the stats. I miss Sam too, but it’s nothing to do with Meg. It’s because Sam is worth missing, and these people should know that he doesn’t want to be in baseball anymore unless they all stopped listening before he came back as a guest. Ben is easy going, curious, thought provoking, and has become a consistent fixture, albeit only audibly, in my home. His voice is like buttah. Both are kind, thoughtful, intelligent people who are easily better humans than most I’ve encountered. You will not like this podcast if you’re an “alpha” *barf* or if you’re a Trevor Bauer fan *more barf* You will most likely enjoy it if you like stats, intelligent baseball talk, and inclusivity.
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The Best Baseball Podcast
I’ve listened to this podcast since the mid-Jeff Sullivan era (so maybe 5ish years as of writing this?) and I don’t think a better baseball pod could exist. I particularly love how reasonable and wholesome this podcast is. Thank you Ben and Meg for all the hard work you do!
It’s so good!
It’s light, funny and interesting. Meg and Ben are delightful and a legit pleasure to listen to. One of the few podcasts I really look forward to.
Used to be better
Can Ben go one episode without talking about Ohtani? Find something else already.
5 stars, yet again
It’s hysterical to me that anyone would rate this show less than 5 stars. Sounds like a cry for help. Effectively Wild’s combination of abundance and quality is flabbergasting. Literally an episode for every imaginable version of appreciating baseball. Keep talking about labor issues! It’s hugely important, and created an easy in to a tough conversation about labor rights more broadly. I donate a small amount monthly and am proud to say it because if you like the pod and listen and can afford it, I think you should too.
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