Edit Your Life
Edit Your Life
Christine Koh + Asha Dornfest
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This podcast keeps me focused on my goals for simplifying and streamlining this year. Every time I implement something, I feel so empowered!
Used to not miss an episode
Now I tend to skip completely. There is less actual advice but now it's just back and forth about how great they are at being moms and their work/home life. I'm glad they are proud of themselves but I don't really need to hear it all podcast long.
Not worth any of your time!
a good girlll
“Ya know”
I think the content could be really great, but I had to stop listening on my very first attempt after the host kept saying “ya know” every fourth word and it started driving me nuts.
Love the smart and thoughtful conversations!
During the pandemic, to relieve stress and take time for myself, I try to take walks around the neighborhood and listen to podcasts. Edit Your Life is one of my go to podcasts! I love all the thoughtful and honest conversations on a diverse array of topics. I truly love that Christine and Asha are vulnerable and open with their listeners. I always love when I see a new episode has dropped. Thank you for helping me get through this crazy time!!
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New year, new podcast
I discovered this podcast as I closed out 2020 and found myself longing for the company of other women (professionals and parents) wrestling with the same practical and existential questions I am wrestling with - ever more so during the pandemic. I have been binge-listening and appreciate Asha and Christine’s calming approach to so many of life’s challenges - all of which occupy so much headspace in the best of times, but especially almost a year into quarantine. I recommend this to anyone trying to find some grounding and good company; this feels like the best chats over coffee-warm, friendly, helpful and reassuring.
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Meaghan RP
I recently began listening to Edit Your Life, and I enjoy the down-to-earth tone and the exchanges between Christine and Asha. This podcast has been perhaps unexpectedly valuable to me, because I had not realized until I listened to the episode about the KonMari Method, is that I had been delayed from making progress on decluttering because Maria Kondo, in all her good intentions and expertise, had proclaimed in her books, Netflix shows, and articles, that unless I was willing to go all-in with her method, that I was doomed to fail at tidying up/decluttering my life. In come Christine and Asha, with a sincere commentary on the KonMari Method, and after listening to that episode plus the episode with the guest who is an editor at Real Simple who wrote Never Too Busy to Declutter, plus the episode on decluttering hacks, I realized that 5 minutes when I can grab it can get a lot done. Indeed it has. My house is less cluttered in many different places, and I feel an energy building toward decluttering that is much more positive and less dread-filled than how I felt about trying to find time to do the prescribed KonMari Method. Yes, I may try some version of the KonMari Method at some point, but right now I am making progress and chipping away, and it feels a lot more realistic and less burdensome. So thank you, Christine and Asha, for offering a bevy of tips and advice. Your podcast has been helpful and enjoyable, too.
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Thank you!
I found this podcast when Christine was interviewed on 10 Things to Tell You. Christine and Asha are a great duo. As a working mom I love their show. They talk about all the topics I need support on- feeding my kids, self care, taking care of my home and surviving pandemic as a working mom. Christine and Asha- thank you for your words and wisdom. You two have been a comfort during this time.
Judgmental - one sided
Be more self aware and less judgmental.
Reach R.
Has become one of my favorites!
During 2020 I found that I related to Christine and Asha even more than before. I love their honesty, friendship, and practical advice. They talk about real issues and offer real solutions. Love the show!!
Great show with diverse and smart guests
I recently discovered this very enjoyable show, which is full of actionable ideas for living a creative life and managing family at the same time. Humorous, helpful, and soothing.
sue in maryland
I recently discovered Edit Your Life and am in love!!! Timely, relevant and full of use tips, tools and practices for paring your life down to what matters most. Thank you!
Tracy Nolin Beerman
A podcast for the soul
Taking the time to rate and review my favorite podcasts is part of my 19 things for COVID-19. This is easily a favorite of mine, and I am thrilled every time a new one downloads in my feed! Christine and Asha soothe my soul, and I often relisten to episodes when I am having trouble sleeping as I find their voices so comforting. Practical tips to improve your life, presented by two wonderful people-this podcast is wonderful!
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Louisa Sizemore
Love the chats, volume is low
I just started listening recently and I agree with the reviews that pointed out that the sound is too soft. Even at top volume, I can’t hear the conversation clearly on headphones if I try to listen while running outdoors. I don’t have this issue with any other podcast. It’s my only criticism—love the content!
Good Content, Poor Sound Quality
I appreciate much of the content that these ladies put out, however, it is shocking how poor the sound quality is considering how long they’ve been doing this. By far sounds the softest of any podcast I regularly listen to.
Smart and fun
The hosts are wonderful- smart, thoughtful, civic-minded. Their friendship is so genuine. I love hearing their take on different topics, especially parenting related.
Wonderful Podcast!
I love this podcast. Fantastic suggestions backed by science!
Timely, practical, insightful!
Perfectly timed episodes (like tips on packing kids lunches and meal prep as the school year started), practical tips we can apply right away, and insights that shift our perspectives! Highly recommended!!
爸爸 (Baba)
Great podcast with practical, meaningful ideas
I discovered this podcast a few months ago and have binged on it and love it, but today’s show is the first show that moved me to write a comment (first time on ANY podcast!) As a mom of a 13-year-old only child, I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear Asha and Christine’s positive and nonjudgmental thoughts on only children. Their takes, as always, were fair, open-minded and made me feel understood. In general, listening to this podcast. I have come away with so many great, practical insights into myself and my life and my parenting and relationships! I highly recommend it!
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There are a lot to of how to podcasts, however this is my favorite. Christine and Asha’s voices are so soothing and they make you feel that you can do it.
auntie - k
Practical, concrete advice
I love everything about this podcast, especially the “Your Next Edit” segment. Simple, short, easy to follow, wraps up the idea of the show into a little take home gift. These ladies are the best. Thank you Christine and Asha!
Love this podcast
EDL is one of my top 3 podcasts. I listen to it weekly and eagerly anticipate each episode. I have put many, many tips and suggestions into my daily life. Thank you Asha and Christine! ❤️
Loves Dogs!!
Serene and Actionable
I’m not a mom, but I still find this podcast to be relevant with real life advice that I can use in my own life. Not to mention, both these women have the most calm, soothing voices it makes me just happy to hear them! Finally, I really appreciate having a podcast like this from two minority women that know what they’re talking about, and have an angle that is relatable and not privileged like a lot of other comparable podcasts.
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Awesome Podcast!!
Christine & Asha, host of the Edit Your Life podcast, highlights changing your life for the better and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Motivating Mamas!
Asha & Christine are moms at their core (which I love), but they're also motivating, funny, and authentic women changing the way other women see themselves and live their lives. Thanks for all the tips ladies - keep up the great work!
Katie Joy B.
I adore this podcast! I am not a mother (yet) but their are so many useful tips and insights and the narrators are so nice to listen to. They are so supportive of each other and any listeners and are always positive and funny. There is a wide variety of subjects and I love going back and listening to ones that particularly interest me.
Recalibration social media use
Thanks for the information . I’m definitely trying some of your tips on limiting social media use . I’m on my phone trying to read my book from the Kindle app and then i find myself 1 hour later scrolling down Instagram and Facebook 😭. Time wasted again. I have to change too 😂. Thanks for the tips .
For moms only
I really like the idea of this, but felt alienated since everything they talk about revolves around motherhood.
Weight Lifter Dani
Free therapy and friends!
Listening to an episode of Edit Your Life is like free therapy for me! I so appreciate Christine and Asha's thoughts on navigating this crazy life that we lead and on putting things in perspective. I especially love that they call their tips at the end of shows "edits" because it helps to reinforce the idea that there's no quick fix to making life easier/happier and that it's all about taking things as they come. An edit doesn't have to be game-changing, it's not going to fix everything, but it's one small thing that you can do to feel like you're making progress. Thank you Christine and Asha!!
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Awesome show, highly recommend!
Christine and Asha are phenomenal at expertly extracting those bits of gold listeners are looking for. Their interviews provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best tactics on how to effectively grow your business and improve your life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Edit Your Life Show if you want the knowledge and mindset to level up in all areas of life (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
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N. Paulsen
Earnest hosts, not always relatable
I like the premise of this podcast and love the title. The hosts seem a bit earnest, and while I appreciate some of the content, the fact that one host has kids either in college or nearing college, and the other has two well-behaved girls shows me that their insights don't always hit home for me, a mother of a kid with classic ADHD and the resulting behavioral challenges. For example, one host has spoken against lots of afterschool and summer scheduling in favor of downtime, but without such heavy scheduling, my kid with behavioral challenge just defaults to a screen and wouldn't get the scope of sports, arts, learning and fun camp activites he enjoys and benefits from (and I wouldn't be able to work close to full time without ongoing, paid childcare activities and sitters). I find the issues discussed in the parenting podcast Best of Both Worlds far more relevant and relatable.
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no catchy name
My favorite so far!
Of all the family-centric minimalist podcasts, this is my favorite so far! I really value the co-hosts’ insights & perspectives. Their dynamic is great & I find them incredibly relatable! Keep it up ladies!!!
Mars kiddo
I just love your podcast! I am originally from Boston and moved out to Portland, OR about 4 years ago. It is wonderful when you reference your areas because I can totally relate. I found your podcast after reading Minimalist Parenting and Parent Hacks both which were/are very helpful. I am fairly new mom (20-month-old) and now expecting my second in October. You have both helped to put: life, motherhood, being an entrepreneur, while balancing it all into a positive yet realistic perspective. Please keep the episodes coming they are very helpful. Thank you for all that you do. Nicole L.
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To have two women like you: woke, mindful and real is what everyone deserves I. Those quiet moments when you need a boost! Thank you for your inspiring conversation that helps me truly curate my life in my own flavor, all while learning along with you!
Compassionate minimalism for Moms
Asha and Christine authentically share a kind of compassionate minimalism that is both empathetic and productive, that encourages and coaches with little steps. It's modeled for me the kind of connection I had been seeking to cultivate in adult friendships and has helped me to really enjoy working/parent/creative mother life with radical acceptance. I've enjoyed seeing how making more confident choices has played out in revealing the best not only in myself but also in those around me.
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Yay for Edit Your Life!
I love listening to your conversations. The topics are timely and interesting, and it’s wonderful to observe your friendship too. I’ve recommended your podcast to fellow teachers including our diversity and inclusion coordinator (I work at an independent school) and to my mom friends alike. Thanks so much for your honesty, embodied kindness and wit!
LOVE this podcast
I love the Edit Your Life podcast because there are real conversations about life, motherhood, etc. The conversations are deep, thoughtful, interesting- I get excited each time there’s a new episode released & I often go back to episodes I’ve already listened to. Keep up the good work please!!!!
LittleG in the OC
Fabulous Podcast with Helpful Tips
It’s always a joy listening to Christine and Asha! They have a wonderful rapport and share lots of practical ideas for making family life more enjoyable. I love the variety of topics they talk about and have also really appreciated the interviews they occasionally include.
Actionable each episode
I love that each week there are new edits. Super actionable and helpful. I have also been introduced to so many new authors through this show. Gets better and better!
Tried and true
What I love about this podcast is that these two amazing ladies have a lot of experience in life, careers, parenting, relationships etc. They also don’t jump on the trendy bandwagons that go around and seem to stick to the tried and true and time tested. They also have a lovely chemistry and are a true joy to listen to. I really look forward to new episodes.
All heart
Sometimes, oftentimes, you need a dose of heart and authenticity. Christine and Asha bring that to each and every episode. I finish listening feeling encouraged, empowered and hopeful about issues that I care about. Highly recommend!
Jessica TK
Calm and soothing
I love Asha and Christine’s calm tone and positive outlook, even when diving into deep, hard topics. I feel like they must be the most supportive, accepting people. I enjoy hearing their perspective and discussion!
Thank you Ladies!!!
I look forward to your podcasts and love your stories. I dont feel alone, there are others who think and feel some of the same things I do. I appreticate your perspectives and candiness. Life is hard enough already, why complicate it? This parenthood thing is rough, fun, and painful at times yet making it that more rewarding. Thank you.
N.M. Clark
Like chatting with friends
Listening to Asha and Christine is like sitting down with a couple of friends. One of my favorite podcasts for sure!
Liz Cyard
Love it
I have no clue how I stumbled onto this podcast but I’m so glad I did ! I feel like I’m sitting with the presenters having a chat , I can relate to a lot of what they are talking about , I have had many “ aha “ Moments. The topics are so close to Home and I have shared this podcast with a few friends. Right now I’m binge listening to them , I really like How they aren’t very long talks , yet full Of info and advice. Great job!
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Good content. Sound quality needs improvement.
I enjoy the content of this podcast. Sometimes the sound quality is not so great so it’s hard to hear or has an echo.
So Much Great Content!
I really appreciate the topics that Asha and Christine tackle and the wisdom, humor, and humility with wich they tackle those sometimes tough topics. I also like that they, as parents, are in different phases of their children's lives and provide insight into what the future brings for those of us with slightly younger children. These ladies take on some tough stuff, especially related to current events, and it's comforting to know that others have the same struggles.
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A fun show for mamas
Definitely worthwhile for busy mamas. I love listening while doing laundry and enjoying probably luke warm coffee.
Listen In
Christine and Asha are a powerful duo, and come across as a pair of longtime friends that are at ease with each other, yet unafraid to tackle the tougher topics. I found their rapport with each other, and guests, to be conversationally easy and able to deep-dive into an episode’s given topic. This is a great show for anyone, whether you’re managing a busy family or living solo – the take-aways are for everyone, and dispensed in an insightful way. Inspirational and provocative, and well worth your time!
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Love listening to these hosts. They are intelligent, honest and helpful! The topics are inspiring and practical. Well done! -stay at home mom of two young children
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