Zack Gilbert
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Zack Gilbert has the best podcast on the planet. He is funny in all of his podcasts, makes learning more than fun, and is the best teacher in the world. Yes, I am one of his students. But it is true. Mr. Gilbert (aka Khan) is the funniest teacher I have ever had and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Please SUBSCRIBE to him because he deserves them. If you do not believe that he is one of the nicest people on the Earth, you are going to have to go through his students who care about him more than anything first. Because all of his students care about him. In one way or another. He helps make learning more entertaining. He is the best teacher in the world and knows everything about all of his students. He cares about them more than they think he does and takes much too time away from his family to teach. And if that doesn't show how much he cares about us, then I don't know what does. Because Mr. Zack Gilbert is far from perfect. He tells us that often. But he does sure seem pretty close to me.
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Courtney Clauss
great podcast on education
Great ideas on how to change education and how to use games in the classroom. making learning fun!!!
The Best Media On Games 4 Learning
A must listen to resource for any 21st Century Teacher.
PJ Vermont
I would love to hear from all those gaming teachers out there! Do you want to learn about Educational Gaming (also known as Games and Learning) then you need to check out some of the shows? I have learned a lot and so can you. Thanks for all the listener support.
Normal Zack