Eddie Martinez : Move:ment : Podcast Series
Eddie Martinez : Move:ment : Podcast Series
Eddie Martinez
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Consistently good dance energy
Enjoy his sets because it puts me back in the crowded club mood (long since retired IRL). Great groove and upbeat vibe.
Gilty Plezurs
Sweat Review
Awesome set. I can definitely party to this all day and night. Love every minute of it
Absolutely Fantastic
If it wasn't for Eddie's podcast I wouldn't be able to get through my cardio every night. I was introduced to Eddie's music by Jenna Marx a few years ago in Los Angeles and have loved it ever since. Keep producing and publishing Eddie, your work is amazing.
Rich Brown
DJ Eddie Martinez is on FIRE!!!
I love ALL his epidsodes. A hit after hit after hit!! AWESOME!!!
BronxNY Native
Killer beats!!
Wow Eddie PERFORMS!!!!
One of the better ones!
Just came across this podcast. It's great! The music keeps you going coupled with tight mixes. Hope Eddie stays around for a while. Definately a classic in the making.
Really good!
DJ Eddie Martinez
Eddie has a great dj style!! great house and dance!! he's as good as DJ Paulo & Abel!!! Love to hear him live
Stevie G. from big D
Love it!