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Ed Talks About Podcast
Food And Cosplay
Podcast #190 ...My Favourite Cosplay Photo Vol.4
1 hour 27 minutes Posted Feb 21, 2024 at 6:00 pm.
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Show notes

Hello Everyone

This week, Ed talks about "My Favourite Cosplay Photos". My guests and I, look over photos taken recently both at Comic-Con and Location shoots and discuss why it's our favourite photo and the process it took to create that image. 

Bethan's 1st Photo

Photo by Hello I'm Fran

Oily's 1st Photo

Photo by Hello I'm Fran

Cosplay by Purple Muffinz

Eddie's 1st Photo

Cosplay by Synthetic Spider

Bethen's 2nd Photo

Oily's 2nd Photo

Photo by shroud.exe

Eddie's 2nd Photo

Cosplay by Strelizia Cosplay

If you are unable to see the photos discussed in the podcast in the description below, please visit https://foodandcosplay.org/podcast190 to view these photos. 

Feat : Whatsername’s Cosplay Instagram // Twitter & Vaughan of the dead Instagram 

Music credit – Hotshot, produced by Scott Holmes

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