Ed Berliner: The Fastest Show in Sports
Ed Berliner: The Fastest Show in Sports
Ed Berliner
“Sports Pulse”: Hank Aaron’s social legacy. Bieniemy truth. Dolphins snitches. Busting Bonds & Clemens.
1 hour 32 minutes Posted Jan 22, 2021 at 5:15 pm.
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Show notes

Hank Aaron leaves behind much more than lines in the MLB record books, and it’s up to this generation to carry that legacy. On a related note, real questions have to be asked yet AGAIN why Eric Bieniemy, a worthy black coach, is not HC in the NFL. It’s all about society and how people of every color fail to look past their own nose. The Miami Dolphins are a franchise in trouble again as anonymous players are destroying the locker room. Back to baseball and the cases for and against Bonds, Clemens and Schilling in the Hall of Fame. Let’s end this argument once and for all with rules for ALL of them to get into the Hall. Joined by veteran PBP announcer Dave LaMont and David Neal from the “Miami Herald”, let’s turn it loose for another rousing edition of “The Fastest 60 Minutes in Sports”.