Ed Berliner: The Fastest Show in Sports
Ed Berliner: The Fastest Show in Sports
Ed Berliner
Emmy Award winning sportscaster Ed Berliner delivers the show that set that standard for sports talk across America. No phone calls. No baby talk. 1 on 1 interviews with experts, insiders, great friends, legendary figures, and hard core talk about the issues. This is the show that for more than 25 years has been starting and ending sports arguments across America.
“Sports Pulse”: Super Bowl Hits & Misses. Mahomes knee jerk GOAT. Watson, Rodgers, Brees futures.
Super Bowl LV hasn't been played and already there's talk about this being a "game for the ages". Why? Because there's a QB who has obviously made a deal with the Devil against a youngster whom some have already tabbed the next GOAT? There's more to the game than all that, and it's right here on "The Man in the Arena: Sports Pulse".
Feb 3, 2021
1 hr 6 min
“Sports Pulse”: Hank Aaron’s social legacy. Bieniemy truth. Dolphins snitches. Busting Bonds & Clemens.
Hank Aaron leaves behind much more than lines in the MLB record books, and it's up to this generation to carry that legacy. On a related note, real questions have to be asked yet AGAIN why Eric Bieniemy, a worthy black coach, is not HC in the NFL. It's all about society and how people of every color fail to look past their own nose.
Jan 22, 2021
1 hr 32 min
High school athletes smack in the middle of COVID19 danger by arrogant parents
We dig into the absolute nightmare parents and guardians are creating for their high school age kids here in the year of the COVID19 pandemic. A recent showcase event for more than a thousand young football players, held on the west coast of Florida, put everyone at risk for no other reason than sheer greed.
Jul 15, 2020
57 min
Kobe Bryant: Superstar. Cocky. Troubled. Almost threw it all away, instead became a generational hero.
Kobe Bryant was more than just an exceptional basketball player. He was a teenager thrust into the world of men, the kid who conquered a league, the young man who seemed to try his best in throwing it all away, and who in the end realized what he had been given and turned his life into an inspirational cavalcade. Roland Lazenby is an accomplished American author of numerous sports books, 2 of those about Kobe Bryant. He joins Ed Berliner to remember Kobe, with stories many will hear for the first time. Another special edition of the sports program that speaks to the intelligent mind, "The Fastest Show in Sports".
Jan 27, 2020
41 min
Joe Casale on the MLB Cheating Scandal: Far from over due to their own ignorance
The MLB cheating scandal has only just begun, with more questions being raised every day about how many other players, managers, coaches and front office types will be busted before it's over.
Jan 15, 2020
40 min
“25”: The Tony Conigliaro only friends & family knew
Richie Conigliaro celebrates the life of his brother Tony, as family and friends gather to produce a new and intimate documentary on the life of the Boston Red Sox and baseball legend.
Jan 9, 2020
33 min
Mark Farinella on the Pats: Brady’s arrogance & why YOU hate them
NE Patriots beat columnist Mark Farinella knows where Tom Brady will play in 2020 and why people really hate the Pats.
Jan 5, 2020
39 min
Larry Weisman on the NFL: The single greatest franchise train wreck of 2019
The biggest dumpster fire franchise in the 2019 NFL, and the next great dynasties to rise.
Jan 2, 2020
29 min
FROM THE VAULT: Legendary Sports PBP Voices w/Jiggs McDonald
As one who has called almost every sport, I still consider myself a student of the profession and am always seeking to learn from the great ones. When I was a kid, growing up in NYC, I was the ONLY kid on the block to be a fan of the NY Islanders, which did not [...]
Dec 6, 2019
20 min
FROM THE VAULT: Last words with the legendary Chet Coppock
Chet Coppock was, indeed, a true broadcasting legend. The man was larger the life, bombastic, smarter than a dozen coaches, and was a giant in Chicago sports. I had the honor of working with him for a short time at a cable sports network called "NewSport", that would still be on the air today if [...]
Dec 6, 2019
21 min