EC Comics Presents... THE VAULT OF HORROR!
EC Comics Presents... THE VAULT OF HORROR!
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Just what the pandemic asked for!
Looking for campy, crappy horror based jokes? Check! Looking for chilling, disturbing, and flat out b-movie style writing and acting? Check! This podcast brings back the Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow horror feel. Just what the plague doctor ordered!
Crazy guy at the corner store
EC Lives!!!
Voice acting, sound design and effects, and classic EC stories make for one excellent show! So much fun! Vault Keeper is spectacular. Thanks for the great show Pocket Universe. :)
Less likely to use eBay now.
Just what I was looking for
Takes me back to the 90’s staying up late watching tales from the crypt...Ahh the good old days! Thanks so much for such an excellent show!
ninetys kid
I need Season 2 in my life
So the fact this EXISTS, already garners five stars. The voices here are perfect, and the atmosphere is superb. Please make a season 2, this is incredible.
Awesome horror podcast
Love EC’s horror comics all my life. This podcast is fun, edited wonderfully, and the narrator is superb.
Horror fan
Love it, need to do Tales from the crypt next...
Darth monk
Need to pay more attention to the audio
Stories are great, and so is the acting. But, episode 5’s audio is substandard, vault keeper is good, but I had to crank the volume up to max to hear the story, and even then segments were still too low to hear.
A wonderful revamp and reminder of the good ol’ days of horror comics. I wonder if there’s an old witch cameo in our future (:
Now THIS is great audio drama
And the actor playing the voice of the Vault Keeper... holy crap!
Nostalgic and Fresh!
A wonderful addition to the growing resurgence of audio dramas. Looking forward to more. EC Comics lives!
C.M. Dotson
Spooky times in the vault
Love the sound effects and dialogue in the stories. Looking forward to hearing more from the vault of horror.