Eating Consciously Podcast
Eating Consciously Podcast
Ed Coffin
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Fantastic show!
Love, love, love this podcast. Ed is so well spoken and compassionate, it's contagious!
Does not work!
I've tried listening to the podcasts with Colleen Patrick Goudreau through several avenues, including iTunes, other pod catchers and the blog. None of them work.
Podcast Sally
Love this podcast!
Ed is so funny, and he has great guests. Highly recommend!
Linda @ Lemons
A favorite podcast for me!
I am a BIG fan of Ed Coffin and Eating Consciously. I love that he is blunt, speaks his mind and tells it like it is. He is very humorous but at the same time mixes in really important and factual information. I quickly consumed his backlog of episodes and wish this podcast was more frequent because it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Keep it up Ed!
Don't waste your time
I started out open minded and interested in learning more about conscious eating. I was very wdisappointed. If you want to learn more, look somewhere else. The content was limited to how stupid (and worse) every meat eater is. He didn't make any case for his beliefs. This is an angry closed minded self-righteous man.
I came across the Podcasts a week ago. I am a vegetarian but am now as a result of what I learned going vegan. Great education. Thanks. Lrh
Linda R Henderson
One of the Best
Ed is a dynamo for compassion, a gift. I'm a brand new vegetarian, almost vegan. He tells the truth, that's the most important thing to spur me on to becoming vegan. I suggest listening to this podcast and also Vegetarian Food for Thought, in order to get a well-rounded perspective on the truth, not the media hype that is funded by big meat industries. Animals are slaves, admit it to your psyche so we can begin to heal.
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Great podcast!!! Can't wait for the next one!
mullica hill mom
The feared self-righteous vegan
Woah dude - you're giving vegans such a bad name. Berating non-vegans with insults is no way to spread the love & compassion of the vegan philosophy - which views ALL animals as equals (yes, even those humans). Im embarrassed for your intolerant approach. Show off the open-mindedness & positivity that this lifestyle brings and people might become more interested.
Nurse Carrie
The best podcasts
Awesome podcast- keep them coming!
fantastic podcast, it is not like any of the other vegan podcast out there. it is effective and thought provoking, def check it out if you are vegan, vegetarian, interested in nutrition, animal rights or veg- curious.
I love this guy!
He's funny and energetic and passionate about veganism. He get's really wound-up at times when he thinks about how stupid people can be, and that's when I like him most. He says, out loud, curse-words and all, what I'm thinking and it's good to know I'm not alone. I really, really love his down-to-earth manner.
Best podcast ever!
This is the best podcast ever!!! It's very funny and definitely worth a listen.