Easy Tarot Lessons!
Easy Tarot Lessons!
Dusty White
Come join us for free tarot lessons taught by real professionals who get paid to do this every day. Every week we have real-life private lessons you can sit in on. Additionally, we mix up these lessons with detailed help on solving problems with the tarot that MOST readers face, fun games and exercises, quizzes, and advice on hot to read like a pro. Nothing is held back here. Whatever we can squeeze in to half an hour is covered, and if you want more, you will just have to sign up for our free lessons at EasyTarotLessons.com. We and even occasional interviews with tarot experts (when they show up :-) This podcast is led by Dusty White, the author of the perennial #1 bestselling tarot book on Amazon The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, a world-class tarot teacher, reader, and researcher. Listen, take notes, and sign up for our free lessons. Stop guessing the future and start writing it. This free podcast is created to support the students of Dusty White's "The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!" tarot workbook, but it is free for anyone who wants to learn more about the tarot. Please join us!
Interview with a professional tarot reader
Toda's session is not about card meanings or how to do spreads. Today I sat down with Nicole, a professional tarot reader in the tri-state aarea of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and we talked about things YOU should know if you are reading for a living—or if you WANT to get paid to read cards. This is a loose form interview, with some casual humor, and I hope you enjoy this session. The point of sessions like these is to help yo bring thetarot into your daily life rather than restrict it to some "sacred space" where it gets used as often as yoru massage table or archery set. I want you to get answers from your cards. I want you to help other people with your cards. And if you want to earn a living, we are doing it and we want to meet you! My job is literally to help you succeed. So please give this a listen, and if you need any help at all, we have a school at easytarotlessons.com where you can learn and also study with other students. We have an extremely friendly tight-knit community, and we would love to welcome you to the family. Also, I have free workshops, but you know where those are. Questions? Just ask! Thanks for being here!  Dusty
Apr 4
1 hr 6 min
What actually happens during a tarot reading anyway?
Summary: How to give GREAT readings — and what you need to avoid. Hi again! Micki gave us a list of questions to answer. If YOU have any questions, just send me a note at writeme@dustywhite.net and let me know you want us to answer them on the show. Today we stepped back to examine what happens during a reading and some of the essential parts of being a *great* tarot reader. There is far more to this than memorizing card meanings or  formulas (like the Christianized Kabbalah or forcing numerology into the tarot). Some things work better than others, and some things just don't work. This is why we do this series. This is why we give these lessons away for free. If the world is going to have better tarot readers, we need to train people the fine art of divination. It is work. It takes practice, and a skilled tarot reader is worth the $60 to $150 an hour that the "average professional" charges. The best readers in the world charge more than that—and are worth it—but they are hard to find as they already have exclusive clienteles and don't need to prove themselves to the rest of us. In any case, today's session was filled with personal anecdotes on how to avoid many of the problems we see tarot readers committing over and over AND ALSO some things you should be doing that will make your readings better.  We try to keep these sessions casual and fun, because mastering the tarot is a LOT of work. Lessons can be found at , so we want to be a bit more entertaining here. Thanks for being here!   Dusty
Mar 7
38 min
Hey! Why should YOU learn the tarot anyway?
With computers and AI and soooooo much on TV, seriously—why should you bother learning the tarot?  Isn't that old-fashioned superstition anyway? It sounds hard. Watching TV is easy. Watching TikTok is even easier (and more fun!). What good does it do to spend months (or years) developing your intuition, or learning what she old pictures mean? Well, today one of my favorite students (Nicole) and I sat down and talked. I did this interview style, where I really grilled her (since she is a wildly successful NY/NJ tarot reader). We consider many of the ways you can use your cards "irl" to help you make LOTS of money (if you are into that sort of thing), help and heal others, and solve any number of problems. This is two successful tarot readers. I hope you enjoy it! Write me at any time if you have questions, or just post a comment! Dusty
Mar 3
1 hr 3 min
What happens when you read at a SHOP, PARTY, FAIRE (etc.)
Hey! What's it like reading professionally? Do you want to read for the public? Today, Nicole and I sat down and explained EXACTLY what you should expect when you get a job reading tarot at a shop, or when you work a booth at a faire, or when you are reading cards at a (friend's) party.  We also covered what to expect when you read at a tarot party. The problem was there was so much to tell you we probably didn't get to all of it. This podcast was only supposed to be 20 minutes, but it went for an hour! There is so much excellent advice from real, working professionals here — and this is FREE! Of course this is brought to you by That book is the best textbook for beginners ever written (read the reviews, talk to any of my students—I made this for you to LEARN after all), and by  (the tarot bible for professional tarot readers). Seriously, that book has secrets you won't find anywhere. Go ahead and read parts of it for free on Amazon if you think I am lying. So, in my quest to (die poor and) give you as much free professional tarot education as possible, I am back at work making more free audio lessons. Today's session is all about what you should plan for when dealing with bosses, clients, and other readers. The good the bad, and the ugly. We hide from no witch (or evil boss). Listen to this lesson along with the one we just did on how to read professionally, and the episode on how to get LOTS of clients — oh, and the one on how to make $20 an hour right now, if you need money right away. And while you are here, consider helping out! to keep the lights on. We will get you tarot study buddies, make you a member of our exclusive community, give you FREE ACCESS to live personalized help from me every Saturday, and also give you an entire master course on tarot, from absolute beginner to professional.  All (+ $4 to PayPal fees - once a month). We are here to help you. If you are at all serious about learning the tarot, and reading like a professional (accurately, helping others, and getting paid), come join us. Head over to easytarotlessons.com and help us help you. In fact, . Your first month is on us. Just one dollar gets you in. Thanks for being here! (really) Dusty
Feb 26
52 min
Hey! Want to read cards at shops (and events)?
Here's how to do it Today I pestered two of my favorite students who are reading in shops, galleries, at parties, and doing LIVE  events every week! This is no joke, and there is no fluff! (We don't waste your time with fluff or thin content around here). So annnnyway, I like asking my students and other professionals HOW THEY DO IT and what it's like, so that you get someone else's real-life experience other than mine sometimes. After all, this is just social proof that this works, and why you NEED an (affordable) education. Simply put, if you want to read cards at a shop or read tarot at parties, or read at/host tarot parties, you need to hear these lessons. ALWAYS FREE because we are that f---ing good. Also, we do have an academy if you want a thorough education, and don't forget, you can study tarot with friends. We have tarot friends for you, but you have to make it to the study groups. Join us! We love new family members. Stay with us a while and be a member of our community. for ONE DOLLAR (for the first month -- and then if you stay it's only ten bucks a week to learn everything, and with friends!). Not a bad way to make $60-$150 an hour! Come find out! We make this tuff fun!
Nov 27, 2023
1 hr 4 min
How to make $20 an hour reading the tarot (RIGHT NOW)
Would you like a life of being paid to read tarot anywhere in the world? This is the lesson for you! $20 an hour (cash, paid "right now" versus at the end of the week—or month) may not sound like much, but how many people do you know who get paid $20 an hour to read cards? Most people never will. That's who this lesson is for. I was a bit ranty this episode, but please understand that I get people all the time whining that they can't afford $10 for tarot classes that will teach them to earn $60 to $150 an hour reading tarot. If you need money right now, you need to listen to this episode. I take you by the hand and show you how to start with a deck of cards—assuming you are flat broke. This is not one of those "get rich" motivational guru scams, where they don't tell you that you already have to have a $10k investment portfolio or you need to have an assortment of resources before you actually turn a profit. IF YOU HAVE A DECK OF CARDS, YOU CAN DO THIS — even if you are something of a crappy tarot reader. If you are already making $50 or $60 an hour consistently reading tarot, this lesson is not for you, and you should skip it. But for anyone who is not making at least $35 an hour working for some corporation, this is a GREAT WAY to add to your income, and even end up quitting your job in a few months, if you follow these steps carefully, consistently, and conscientiously. Look: I can't guarantee you will make money any more than I can guarantee that the sun will rise in the sky tomorrow. Those two things are out of my hands. NO ONE CAN guarantee things like that, and if they say otherwise, they are lying. All I can do is give you the tools and instructions, and say "go get 'em, tiger!" The rest is up to you. But in this lesson, I lay out a step-by-step plan for you to start right now at $20 an hour, and quickly work your way to $30 and hour, and then $40 and $60 an hour. This isn't rocket science, but it does take effort and commitment. I will ask you one more time: Would you like a life of being paid to read tarot anywhere in the world? If your answer is yes, this is a great place to start. Another great place to start is to get in school! LET ME HELP YOU by teaching you everything I know. Go to www.easytarotlessons.com and give me a dollar.  That pays for your first month of school. After that, classes are only ten dollars a week (+ a small fee that goes to PayPal). STOP dreaming about being psychic, and get in school!  Here are the podcast notes: Make $20/hour Reading Tarot RIGHT NOW! (Dusty Podcast 1):   How to make $20/hour reading tarot right now! (Also pick up numerous repeat clients.)   This session is for anyone who can't give me $10 weekly to teach you. If you just gave one full reading a month ($48), that will grant you a month's worth of education.   Here's how to start attracting clients. All you need is a deck of cards.   DO THIS.   Get yourself a tarot deck  Start by giving 1 card readings. Price is $1 per card. Offering $1 readings. 3 minute timers. Alway be shuffling. shuffle while talking to the client. Then pull out 1 card, and then 3 minutes answer their question. Make sure you have a timer. When the timer ends, so does your reading. If they want more, they can pay.   ———   2 card reading for $2. 2 minutes per card.  3 card reading for 9 minutes.   And so forth…   $1 readings may seem demeaning. But let's be clear, $20 is more than most people make. If you do a great reading, you'll get tips.   If you're giving a Celtic cross reading, and it's only $10 (which is a STEAL by the way!). You've got 30 minutes to sit and read.    You want your client's jaws to drop further and further. People with money will want more than a $1 reading.   Your first 100 readings may be worth $500, as every reading won't be $1, you might end up averaging out to $5 per reading...    After you've got some money, keep it up, but now its $1 for 2 minutes, etc. $3 for 6 minutes, $5 for 10 minutes.    When your dance card is full, and overwhelmed, raise your prices again. Now you've also got repeat clients.   Consider selling PACKAGES.   A block of 4 weekly readings, 1 reading for 4 weeks -- give them a little discount. At the end of every reading, give them a business card and say… I’d like to help you in the future.    When you do get paid to give weekly readings -- a very slight discount (not more than 10%). However, give them a little bit more time, give them an action plan, checklist.   Make the subtle transition, then they will put you on retainer with that client. They'll keep coming back. You've got 4 sessions to WOW them.   Right now, you are just using the common man as a personal psychic. When you've got too many people, you are raising your rates. Make them feel valuable, then they will pay you for the rest of your life.    If they agree to pay you monthly, give you an extra reading every other month. Don't cheapen yourself for affiliates, or mega discounts, etc. Just farm organic clients.    This is how to keep your clients coming back. Keep developing more skills that will bring them more value, year by year, the quality increases, you can always charge more.   Always give back to the community, and show the world you're a generous person with a generous soul!
May 4, 2023
32 min
Live tarot workshop series:  A New Look at Two's in the Tarot
Today we examined the four "Two's" in the tarot, with a special appearance by the High Priestess. In this new series, we are examining cards in comparison to each other to see deeper into the meanings of each card, but also see the actual themes we find in the tarot, instead of the new Age fluff, lies, and BS people put up on websites and in cheap books to make themselves famous. This is 100% mystery school lesson material but made for and presented to the general public, so it is easy to follow along. Thanks for being here. We appreciate you. Come to our free workshops, so that you can get YOUR questions answered by an expert: www.advancedtarotsecrets.com
Apr 18, 2023
32 min
Live tarot workshop series: How to do your own tarot events
Today Dusty sat down with one of his students, moderators, and entrepreneur, Nicole Colella—and grilled her mercilessly on how she makes money doing tarot events: reading in shops and hosting her own tarot events. This all fresh, live and in real-time. Nicole has an event coming up (spoiler alert: it went smashingly well, and everyone was happy and wants to do it again). Dusty gives her center stage and just lets her share her steps, methodology, and details on how she is doing this "right now." She is only one year into this, so you can do this too. This is not a story told by someone who has been doing this so long that the world has changed over the years. Nicole is ALSO the author of a brand new book called "Kickstart Your tarot Business." This is a shameless plug and NO, we are NOT getting paid for this. Nicole knows her stuff, and she shares it succinctly in this book, which is highly usable as a checklist of things to do so you can focus on reading cards, and let your business handle itself (for the most part). In any case, this is the first in a new series of interviews with people who are actually doing it in the real world. HOW DO THEY DO IT? And how can you? Ready to make money with your tarot cards? Read like a professional. Also, we have free live workshops (currently three times a week) where you can come get help—live—from the top tarot instructors in the world. And just in case you are thinking it is only free because it is worthless, we ALSO have a two-year professional course on how to read tarot—from absolute beginner to corporate-level psychic. Get in the free live workshops or COME TO SCHOOL and get a real education from real teachers at advancedtarotsecrets.com. Thanks for being here!
Apr 14, 2023
1 hr 39 min
Live tarot workshop series: Card meanings:  Aces — the secret to understanding the tarot
Today we looked at the four aces in tarot decks, using the line art from Pamela Colman Smith. The coloration of the art has been done by Gretchen Short. Each ace in the tarot represents a beginning, something new, or an abundance—even just the raw material. All card meanings change due to the nature of the question and the context in which they appear. Still, there are solid guidelines ALL cards must adhere to. This is a mystery school lecture provided free to the public in ways that anyone can understand, absorb, and verify for themselves. We do have a mystery school academy when you are ready for an affordable in-depth education in the ways of magic, astrology, and the tarot. We have the best textbooks on the subjects and even free live help from some of the best instructors in the world. Come to for all of this and more. Thanks for being here!
Apr 14, 2023
45 min
Live tarot workshop series: When to use a significator, what to do when cards fly out while shuffling and more!
Tarot Workshop series: Tarot Significators Q&A Summary: Today we examine WHAT a significator is (for professional tarot readers, it is rarely a card), how to use one (or more), when to use one, and we cover what to do when cards sly out of the deck. LOTS of extras revealed along the way. DETAILS: Q: How to tell if a card is upright or reversed when they fly out during shuffling?  A:- Some readers refer to these cards as "Jumpers".  - Usually happens when you're hyper-focused  Recommendations:  1. Discount statistics/law of probability. Just because something happens, doesn't mean it's divine providence, not everything is a "sign", if it is you will know it. If you miss it -- it's okay.  2. Do we flip it, do we turn it? Most people turn the card over regardless -- because subconsciously we need to make order so we end up flipping the card upright to see what it is. Mentions of the "no-spread" technique, for more advanced students. ** Additional notes:  To get the most confidence out of this, stop for a moment, really focus on what you were thinking of the moment or prior to the card flipping out.  How does that card relate to that thought?  Does it make more sense if it were reversed versus upright?  If you can't find instant, clarity, resounding voice or sensation in your head of "this card is telling me this.. therefore reversed or upright makes sense". Set the card off to the side and keep going.  Don't ignore the card, just set it aside. Continue to shuffle with that card on the back burner in your mind.  Allow input from the peanut gallery, as long as the card that flips out does not stop you in your tracks midway and/or distract you from the rest of the reading. How do we know if "jumper" card is meant to be reversed or upright? You don't, but context helps fill in the blanks. How relevant is the card (in both angles) to the question at hand? Until the card makes sense, don't stress out. Q: Can we go over multiple significators, and when to use them?  A: Okay so why do we use significators in the first place? A Significator can represent "this is who we're reading about". Remember, if we have to memorize anything, memorize card position meanings, not card meanings. It is one card that sits outside of the spread OR it is the first card of the spread specifically in the celtic cross.  We don't always need it, sometimes it is a lot simpler without it — but really it's whatever works for you and the reading at hand. *** When choosing a significator, preferably select one from the 2's to 10's, it provides more personality to the individual.  Ask yourself... Is this the circumstance the person is in, how does it relate back to the question? Does this card match what this person is going through now? Significators do not need to be tarot cards at all.  The greatest significator ever is a photograph. Ever heard of psychometry? Not to say that the tarot card itself is the actual person. Remember the Tarot is a tool to help your intuition. It's like Astrology, it's not about people's personality, it's a tool to help people answer questions. We just happen to be talking about people all the time. We don't just assign or pull a random card as a significator. The significator is a grasp of who this person is in relation to the person asking the question. If you don't have time.. just take a piece of paper, write KoS (King of Swords). Transmute, translate that KoS into a psychic image, your best guess to what "Bob" would appear like. Picturing Bob, or anthropomorphizing this description I'm given. I'm telescoping on Bob's energy. So that's a rundown of how or why we would use a significator. -- Example --  A mother wants to know if her daughter is interested in marrying loser bob. In mothers mind, this guy is unacceptable or unworthy of her daughter. She's interested in knowing how it's going to go? She wants to know what's going on. Simple answer is to do a "this or that" spread. This spread for Bob, that spread for the unnamed daughter. We're asking a central or overall question about how this relationship is going to be for each person. Because we're asking about people.  When do you need focal points? Ask yourself that when using multiple significators. When information gets too convoluted, if you can't just do spreads consecutively, if you need to have multiple points of references, that is where multiple significators work.  Q: Am I practicing the connection with the cards by using card per month and card per day? A: A 2 card spread — Card of the month, card of the day. There's only so much you can pull out from one card. Sometimes we are asking too much with too little tools. These and more questions were addressed her, live. If you have questions, show up and ask Dusty. To get in to our FREE live-help with Dusty White workshops on magic, tarot, astrology, and manifestation, go to  Its just that easy. Thanks for being here.
Apr 14, 2023
1 hr 5 min
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