East to West Hunting Podcast
East to West Hunting Podcast
Todd Waldron
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Very enjoyable
As someone who is new to hunting and also lives in the ADK this show is great for so many reasons. Very informative episode topics and guests. A great outdoors podcast
Episode 112
A MUST LISTEN!!!! All hunters need to listen to this episode. Tanah’s explanation of why we hunt finally illuminates the true reason. The hunters’ code should be part if our breath as we venture into the woods this fall!!!
Todd Waldron, Forester
Great Podcast Todd. Brings back lots of memories of a great career, I was proud to be called Forester. At Paul Smiths we had a saying, “ six months ago I couldn’t spell Foruster, now I are one”. Hope you and your family are well. Blessings my friend. Garry Nelson
5 Stars!
Todd does a great job teasing out the subjects and guests, and this is one of the few podcasts that makes my “must listen” show on a weekly basis.
Hunting on a budget
Fantastic episode. We need more content like this episode. Keep it up Todd.
Diver pigpen
John B
Really enjoy the content. Keep them coming Todd!
Great Podcast with Great Host
Really enjoy the podcast, the guest and topics are fantastic and the best is the host Todd, he does an excellent job of really listening to the guests and asking great questions which is a pretty unique and a very rare talent. Really appreciate it from an northeast big woods hunter
Great Podcast
Two cool down to earth hombres who love to hunt and fish and share their hunting tips for flatlanders who want to head out west. Finally, I found some guys who speak my language as an easterner interested in pursuing western hunting.
Rob from Indiana
Awesome podcast! Highly recommended.
This podcast is right up there with MeatEater and WiredToHunt in my book. Especially as a New Yorker with broad interests in hunting, fishing, wildlife, conservation, and all around outdoor activity. Todd asks all the right questions and his guests have been crushing it every episode so far. Can’t wait for more each week!!
nate kennedy
Entertaining and informative
Great podcast. It has lot’s of information while still being entertaining. Makes you feel like you’re sitting in on a conversation at camp
Easy Listening...in a Good Way
No awkward “new podcast” host on this one. Informative, practical and one of the few that makes the cut to subscribe to. BHA got a good one here. Looking forward to more. Thanks very much!
Bull Sitter
Long time waiting!
It’s great to have a community now for us east coat guys to share tips and build a network for future hunts. Great job guys. Looking forward to future podcasts!
Cant wait for more!thanks
Fantastic and educational
Sounds great Todd and Jeff. Excited for future episodes