East Meets West Hunt
East Meets West Hunt
Beau Martonik
Ep. 332: When You Get Knocked Down, You Get Up Again with Chris Weist
1 hour 21 minutes Posted Nov 14, 2023 at 1:30 am.
How has the season been going?
Traditional bows
Struggles this season
Hunting low deer density areas
Beau having a tough time getting out of the woods one night
Challenges of getting in and out quietly
Figuring out wind and thermals in a new area
At what point does wind trump thermals?
Deer showing up when you aren’t there and deciding what deer to go after
Chris’ thought about shooting a different buck than the one he was hunting
Field judging, and trail cam pic judging bucks
Ups and downs and things changing fast
Having buddies to keep you thinking positive
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Show notes
Beau Martonik is joined by Chris Weist. Chris is a Pennsylvania hunter and powerlifter that works his butt off to find success in multiple states every year. They discuss the struggles this season, hunting low deer density areas, access difficulties, wind/thermals in particular areas, floating goals, bouncing back from low points, and much more!Topics:
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