Dynamic Nonprofits w/ Dan
Dynamic Nonprofits w/ Dan
Dan Sonners
A different kind of nonprofit podcast! Dynamic Nonprofits' mission is to help the nonprofit community increase it's impact by advocating for a 360 degree approach to fundraising. With his unique perspective, and over a decade of industry experience, host Dan Sonners goes beyond generic tips and buzzwords to deconstruct fundraising trends both new and old. Each episode will include step-by-step analysis and actionable examples to help improve your ROI with an unsiloed fundraising strategy. Have a listen and help start some groundbreaking industry discussions!
Episode 8 - 5 Fundraising X Tests To Get Ahead of the Trends
Dan walks you through 5 experimental fundraising tests (Fundraising X) to help your non-profit get ahead of coming trends and gain first-to-market advantages.  The mission of the Dynamic Non-Profits Podcast is to provide value to the non-profit community and advocate for innovation in fundraising. Help support our cause by subscribing and rating the show!  Show Notes: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/13/prices-continue-to-riseheres-whats-getting-the-most-expensive.html https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/inflation/current-inflation-rates/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Development https://www.statista.com/statistics/320655/qr-codes-usage/ https://www.qrcode-tiger.com/qr-code-statistics#America https://www.multichannelnonprofit.com/data/ https://www.nextafter.com/blog/3-reasons-why-recurring-giving-is-crucial-to-fundraising/ https://www.amazon.com/Monthly-Giving-Made-Erica-Waasdorp/dp/098596832X https://afpglobal.org/news/erica-waasdorp-monthly-giving-buzzing-first-three-stages-monthly-donors-life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9Em4ckh878 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X4UhSPA5d4
Nov 23
1 hr 29 min
DNP Groundbreakers: Louis Diez, Donor Participation Project
One of the things which makes the fundraising world special and unique are the grassroots fundraising movements which are striving to improve donor communication, retention, and non-profit best practices from the ground up. It's this grassroots mentality which provides the sector with a lot of it's energy and helps push the innovation envelope.  Recently, the Donor Participation Project caught my attention as one of the more successful and influential grassroots movements out there which is why I was thrilled to welcome their host, Louis Diez, to the show. The Donor Participation Project's mission is to improve donor retention through education and the sharing of information with the goal of closing the gap with the 20 million U.S. households who have abandoned giving since 2000.  In addition to facilitating discussion and research with DPP's over 1,000 members, Louis is also Executive Director @ Muhlenberg College giving him a unique perspective into the strategies and techniques which are getting donors to give and continuing giving.  We covered a lot in this discussion including: - The backstory behind DPP's founding and mission  - Why optimization alone isn't enough to grow giving and why building community is the key to bringing in new donors and retaining them  - 5 critical steps to build "Deep Community" with your donors - Why non-profits should trust and empower their donors to be community ambassadors  - How to scale community building  Louis also talks about how his background in music has helped him become a better fundraiser and shares his thoughts on the industry's most pressing issues.  Community has become a big buzzword in the non-profit world (we talk about the problems with buzzwords too!) which is what makes this discussion so unique and valuable for fundraisers. Louis doesn't just talk about the importance of building community with your donors, he provides tangible steps and measures to actually do it.  This interview with Louis Diez is an invaluable listen for any fundraiser who wants to get ahead of the case studies and white papers and find a hidden edge to help improve relations and retention with their donors.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Louis. If the interview brings you value, please pay it forward by rating, reviewing, and sharing the show with your friends and colleagues. It really does help other fundraisers discover Dynamic Non-Profits content and helps advance our mission to advocate for innovation in the non-profit sector.  Thanks as always for listening! Show Notes: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louisdiez/ https://marktlab.com/
Sep 27
48 min
DNP Groundbreakers: Shannon McCracken, CEO @ The Nonprofit Alliance
In their short history, The Nonprofit Alliance has had an outsized impact advocating on behalf of the fundraising industry, shaping key legislation, and fighting on our behalf in the courts. As CEO of TNPA, Shannon McCracken helps lead the organization's mission to promote, protect, and strengthen the philanthropic sector in the best interests of donors and beneficiaries. Shannon joins the show to talk about the role that TNPA plays in the sector as well as their contribution to the landmark AFP v Bonta Supreme Court decision which protects donor privacy.  Dan and Shannon also dive deep into some of the key issues which TNPA members are concerned about including:  - The democratization of giving and negative impacts of excluding "low dollar" donors - Diversity and Inclusion - Employee recruitment, retention, and compensation   - Changing how the industry talks about "overhead" - The need for nonprofits to invest in staff and resources to maximize their impact  - Increasing outreach to find new and different types of donors  - The benefits of an "it's not you, it's me" approach to fundraising  - How fundraisers can better promote the benefits of working in our industry  - As well as much, much more Shannon also shares her passionate thoughts on why it is so important for the industry to focus on mental health, especially at this time.  Our chat with Shannon McCracken is a valuable listen for any fundraiser who is interested in a broad AND deep discussion with an industry leader who is uniquely connected to the concerns of fundraisers.   If you get value from our interview with Shannon McCracken, please subscribe to the Dynamic Non-Profits Podcast and take a few seconds to leave an honest review. Your subscriptions and feedback really do help more fundraisers discover the show and helps to advance our mission to advocate for innovation in the non-profit sector.  Show Notes: https://tnpa.org/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/smccracken/ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dnp-deep-dive-non-profit-marketers-guide-to-generation/id1458121528?i=1000529505664 https://www.thenonprofittimes.com/npt_articles/breaking-scotus-reverses-donor-disclosure-demands/
Aug 23
51 min
DNP Deep Dive: Non-Profit Marketer's Guide To Generation X w/ Justin McCord
DOWNLOAD THE STUDY AND WATCH ALONG! https://info.rkdgroup.com/en/the-nonprofit-marketers-guide-to-generation-x Most non-profits seem to be focused on one of two things. Either, maximizing value from "traditional" / longtime Baby Boomer and Silent Generation donors or "getting younger" by finding ways to connect with Millennial and Generation Z donors.  Both are important goals, but overlook the critical role that Generation X plays in the generosity landscape.  Born between 1965 and 1983, Generation X is the "Latchkey Generation" which is frequently forgotten by marketers and fundraisers alike.  However, the "Forgotten Generation" is forgotten no more thanks to a first-of-its-kind study produced by RKD Group The Non-Profit Marketer's Guide to Generation X. Their work reveals that non-profits are making a costly error by overlooking this educated, affluent, and generous generation which bridges the divide between digital and analog.  Justin McCord, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing @ RKD Group (and fellow Gen-Xer), joins Dan to discuss this groundbreaking study which will change the way you think about generational fundraising.  In this special watch-a-long episode (download RKD's study here), Dan and Justin go through the report's comprehensive findings and talk about what separates Generation X from their generational peers including: - The identity split which defines Generation X - Similarities and differences among the generations  - Charitable giving behavior among Generation X - The values and attitudes which drive those behaviors, and much, much more... Justin and Dan go beyond the study's surface findings and also talk, about actionable channel, copy, and data suggestions which can help you incorporate Generation X into your fundraising strategy.  It doesn't matter what generation you're from. Whether you grew up calling home on a payphone or an iPhone, this conversation will change the way you think about Generation X and how its donors can help grow your organization today and for decades to come.  Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't you forget...to download The Non-Profit Marketer's Guide to Generation X and watch along with this enlightening, fun, and informative interview with Justin McCord.  Show Notes: https://info.rkdgroup.com/en/the-nonprofit-marketers-guide-to-generation-x https://rkdgroup.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/mccordjustin/ jmccord@rkdgroup.com
Jul 20
1 hr 23 min
DNP Groundbreakers: Barbara O'Reilly, Founder & Principal @ Windmill Hill Consulting
Today’s Topic: The Value of Small Donors  Dan welcomes Barbara O'Reilly back to the show to talk about how the non-profit sector is treating "small" donors, what their value is to fundraising programs, and why that value isn't be realized by some non-profits. Barbara is a fearless advocate for the industry and she brings her experienced and honest perspective to this important discussion with an eye towards helping organizations get more out of their small dollar fundraising programs.  Issues covered include:  - The "hidden" value in small gifts - Why major donors start with low dollar gifts  - How small donor programs can generate valuable leads for major giving  - Low retention rates for small donors and how to improve them - The missed opportunity with thank you letters and acknowledgements - The value of cultivating "activists" for your nonprofit  - Why your organization needs a multi-channel touchpoint strategy  - Using technology to increase giving and reach donors in more places - Turnkey CRM solutions  - Much, much, more   This conversation is a great listen for passionate fundraisers which is chalk full of tips for development personal and vendors to optimize their low dollar programs.  Show Notes: https://www.givinginstitute.org/page/GivingUSA https://www.whillconsulting.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/boreillywhc/ https://twitter.com/BOReillyWHC
Jul 1
57 min
DNP Deep Dive: Donor Psychology w/ Clay Buck
Clay Buck is a consultant and Founder at TCB Fundraising where he helps nonprofits maximize their potential with a human approach towards fundraising guided by donor psychology which he has become an outspoken advocate for. In this unique and practical conversation, Clay discusses his passion for understanding why donors give and why having insight into the psychology of donors is critical for an optimized fundraising program. Clay and Dan also break down some tactical applications for philanthropic psychology which can help improve your ROI. Additional topics covered include: “consistent but not consecutive” donors and how to reactivate them, donor motivations and identities, authenticity in fundraising, donor gratitude, first party survey data, how nonprofits can help rebuild communal ties, and much more. Clay also explains how his background in theatre helped him become a better fundraiser and his thoughts on how the nonprofit industry can better tell the story of its impact in order to attract new talent. This chat is a fun and valuable listen for any fundraiser who enjoys geeking out over why donors give or is looking for ideas on how to inspire them to give more often. Show Notes: @tclaybuck https://tcbfundraising.com/
Jun 15
50 min
DNP Groundbreakers: Heather Thompson, Chief Development Officer @ Norwescap
Every year, Norwescap provides aid and assistance to 30,000 Northwest New Jersey families with a wide range of services customized to the unique needs of each beneficiary. Their areas of service include education, employment, financial capacity building, health & nutrition, house & energy services, and volunteerism & civic engagement.  Today, Dan welcomes Norwescap’s Chief Development Officer Heather Thompson to the show to discuss how Norwescap has helped empower families and individuals to thrive since 1965 as well as their remarkable and nimble pivot during the pandemic.  Topics discussed include:  - How Norwescap promotes an investment mindset with their donors  - Quantifying impact with societal ROI  - Including beneficiaries operationally within the organization and fundraising efforts - Challenges of raising money from individuals when your organization receives government support  - Norwescap's digital and programmatic transformation during the pandemic and lessons learned  - And much more, including Heather's inspiring origin story in non-profit sector and how the theatre prepared her for life as a fundraiser  Show Notes: https://norwescap.org/ https://norwescap.org/contact-us/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-thompson-she-her-70b5235/
May 20
57 min
DNP Groundbreakers: Jim Langley, President @ Langley Innovations
Jim Langley has helped revolutionize how major universities fundraise by building a program that prioritizes active listening, empathy, and responsiveness over brand and sales pitches. He has also become a thought leader on how non-profits can retain the effective aspects of donor centric fundraising while removing the problematic elements which have fueled the rise of the Community Centric Fundraising movement.  In this timely discussion, Jim details the differences between donor centric fundraising practices which build deep and positive relationships with supporters and "egocentric" tactics that create problematic power structures between non-profits and their donors.  The ongoing debate between the merits of donor centric and community centric fundraising is a healthy and robust one which at times has become contentious within the fundraising sector. This is a fascinating and enlightening conversation that attempts to forge a sensible middle ground which retains the best aspects of both practices and builds healthier non-profits.  Show Notes:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-langley-a629a214/ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jim-langley-a629a214_donor-centric-doesnt-mean-catering-to-the-activity-6789170747014172672-vGy8 https://langleyinnovations.com/
May 12
55 min
DNP Quick Take #20 - Social Media Comments Are Liquid Gold For Fundraising
Inspired by late night infomercials, Dan explains how non-profits can transform their social media comments into liquid gold for fundraising using the power of #UnsiloedFundraising  Show Notes:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb91-j861DI
Apr 30
3 min
DNP Groundbreakers: Sharon Kitroser & Amy Mauser, Co-Founders @ Team Kat & Mouse
Good fundraisers are difficult to find and they are even harder to keep, Sharon Kitroser and Amy Mauser are out to change that with their consultancy Team Kat and Mouse. Their innovative approach focuses on training fundraisers across channels with an emphasis on communication, shared goals, and storytelling. In this informative and lively chat with Dan, Sharon and Amy explain how better training will help improve the talent retention dilemma which plagues most of the industry. Topics also include: the importance of a diversified approach to fundraising, why an unsiloed communication structure builds stronger teams, and how to implement a culture which encourages a collaborative approach to fundraising. Sharon and Amy also talk about their unique backgrounds and how they came to find a passion for helping non-profits. This interview contains lots of value for any nonprofit professional who is interested in attracting and retaining talented fundraisers. Show Notes:  https://www.teamkatandmouse.com/about-us amy@teamkatandmouse.com sharon@teamkatandmouse.com
Apr 7
49 min
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