Dungeons & Randomness: A D&D Podcast
Dungeons & Randomness: A D&D Podcast
Dungeons and Randomness
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Best Podcast DM
Jason is one of the best DM’s for a DND podcast that I’ve heard in a long time. That and the cast is just amazing at what they do and our so much into their roles and characters! Love these guys!
A masterclass in narrative
There are funnier live play podcasts. There are better voice acted live play podcasts. There are (only one or two) more emotionally riveting live play podcasts. I’m not entirely certain that there’s a better written live play podcast. But none pull off all of these categories as consistently as the cast of D&R. I never write podcast reviews, but I’m writing one for D&R because the world deserves to know about these guys. The puppetry the DM Jason pulls in order to give this world inhabited by SO MANY different adventuring groups the sense of complete cohesion and realism that Theria provides is staggering. If you haven’t listened to this yet, do yourself a favor, and do so now. You won’t regret it.
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Awesome show and cast!
Dungeons and Randomness is not just another D
David Sheeks
Day 1 Fan now disappointed
I’ve listened since day one it’s been great the story is intense the characters are diverse and intriguing and the DM he is a evil genius, the world he has created is amazing and unlike the other D&D podcasts you listen to he doesn’t go easy on his PC’s I enjoy that however my prob now is pretty simple the Ad’s come on guys why? Ad’s I get it gotta pay the bills I can respect that but it just seem like your taking any and every ad you can even if it doesn’t remotely relate to your audience I’m half expecting some cheesy raid shadow legends ad next.... please just fix this and really does just ruin the whole immersive feeling Your amazing story and gives.
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Lovin it
Listened through different parts of the show multiple times over the years, always keeps me coming back for more
D and R honors role playing
I love how you guys stay true to role playing. And the commitment to staying true to the story is magic. Love you guys
Absolutely awesome never a bad show always something happening in the world an the party
Fun stuff
Never played any d&d before, but saw the documentary on YouTube and decided to give it a shot with arc 2. All caught up now and a donor on patreon and looking forward to the mutants and masterminds stuff.
So they might get a little loose with the rules and they might always be in the worst situations ever. Even when trying to take a nap. But the lore and storytelling, and all the player interactions far and away outweigh it. Jason can paint a picture line no other. It’s seriously like listening to a book on tape that is being created on the fly. Amazing.
amazing podcast
I absolutely love D&R! The cast is wonderful and the story is amazing!
Just recently started....
Jumped into Arc 2 a couple months ago (after the Arc 1 recap), and I'm currently only at the Arc 2 final three episodes. These people are all amazing. DM is on point (though can seem harsh, it's for the story), the players are all amazing, and the plot is interesting. I do data entry for a living, which is super boring, but this podcast helps me get by. I've caught myself laughing a couple times at my desk, whoops! Can't wait to catch up; I've put all my other podcasts on hold until I power through, lol.
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Beginner and expert D&D players alike can gain a lot from this show! Jason The Dungeonmaster displays a masterclass of DM’ing as he easily balances three separate groups adventuring through the realm of Theria. A must listen for all D&D fans.
Start from the top
I know you say in your later episodes to start at the beginning of arc 3 but really start from the beginning I love love love all of you
Arc 1 is great
Working my way through Arc 1 right now. Thought I’d start from the beginning as I listen to this at work and have hours on hours of time to fill. I first started episode one and it was a little grindy as the cast is just feeling the characters out and some are new to the format. However by the third or fourth episode, role playing ensues and character interactions are really picking up. Jason does an exceptional job DMing. His story telling is great and keeps me interested. The story has woven itself over by the 17th episode and is engrossing. Group 2 starts awkwardly but is nonetheless interesting and easy to invest in. Looking forward to seeing how the whole arc unfolds.
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Patrick Star 2013
Very enjoyable
One of the first podcasts I listened to when I first started listening to podcasts in general and I went back to the earliest show and started from there. I’m going back through for the third time from arc 1. Group 1 from arc 1 is definitely my favorite and still makes me laugh by their shenanigans even when I know what’s coming.
The Best!
Amazing! Just finished group B, month well spent. Can’t wait to hear A and C journey! On average, I drive a minimum of 2 hours a day for work and Jason and the crew make it fly by. Thanks for the good times!
Mature and compelling story line
Mature D&D podcast. Great show and story telling. Been listening since the start. Old podcast icon was better.
Very good pass time. You guys started my DnD addiction when you strayed Arc 2
Old guy listener.
I listened to this podcast years ago, all the way up to arc two, and a little after that. This show is very good, very compelling, and perfect for players if DND old and new. Keep up the wonderful work.
Amazing show
This show is so funny and a great time killer.
Have you ever sat at work listening to the same song you’ve heard a million times? Well stuff that! You could immerse yourself in a crazy vibrant world filled with dragons and heroes for countless hours, turning another day of slogging at the office to a full fledged adventure. You could start at episode one arc one and see the storytelling improve, or you could drop in on arc 2 and hear the exciting story at its peak, or, lastly you could jump in at arc 3 with established characters and be immersed in the most up to date story. These guys have an amazing cast with a lot of personality and a great DM with a rich world. Do yourself a favor, forget the daily grind, make it a little better with this podcast! Also I miss yenward :(
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Seems great, how do I listen to arc 1.
I’ve just started listening to arc three and this seems like a really cool podcast. I was just wondering it there was any way that I could listen to all of arc 1 because I think it would be really interesting to go through.
Amazing D&D podcast with an awesome cast
I've listened to many D&D podcasts and I like many of them. But this one is just amazing, several groups all playing in the same world on the same timeline affecting each other's stories. They are story centered and the casts really care about their actions. Arc 1 of the podcast really draws you in as they learn how to play and build the world out. The other Arcs have interesting backstories and an over reaching arc that some doom is soon aproaching. Fun, laughs, sadness, and crying. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as you listen to the entertaining tale.
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Took a second
Took me a few episodes to get into but very fun, informative, and addictive. Thanks for all your work on this.
Best D&D podcast!!
I’ve listened to a couple of d&d podcasts but this one is by far the best. Been listening since 2014 and have loved every episode since! Can’t wait for season 3!
Serious adventuring is serious.
This podcast combines your traditional standard Dungeons and Dragons bits with humor, fun, and a eclectic cast of characters you cannot help but to fall in love with. Everything that happens feels like it was meticulously planned on Jason's end, then the party seems to do everything they can to ruin his scheming ways. A great listen and well worth the time investment.
Aaron 'Prlmus' Preuss
Best D&D podcast out there!
I have been supporting and listening to this podcast for years! Jason/Bri and the cast do amazing work! Such a great story and gameplay. Listen to them everyday. There’s hundreds of hours of content on their Patreon to listen to while awaiting a new Arc to start!
It might be good but the dm likes to tinker with a proven game system. When that happens it’s all overly dramatic and slow paced role play. Overly complicated. Season one was ok but hard downhill from there.
ezra #
Love it
I started listening in 2015when i worked long nights at a security job i love every episode jason is one the best dms ive ever seem he makes u feel apart of the story and all characters are beautifully crafted and wonderfully intertwined in the beautiful story jason has created i can wait for more to come but im still catching up keep up the amazing work💝
An absolutely engaging experience!
Even though this was my first DND podcast and I have yet to compare this with much else, I can say that this podcast has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. It allows one to slip seamlessly into the world of Theria, feel connected with the characters and their arcs, and absolutely enjoy the story, comedy, drama, and action unequivocally. This is definitely a series for those who love rich story and character development, are intrigued by challenging problem solving situations, and accept that narratives are crafted by a fantastic team and the dice roll. I am encouraged after Arc 2 to get into the world DnD and I appreciate all the work this cast has done in their passion to bring to us a remarkable world to enjoy. Cheers!
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This podcast
Made me and my friends start a game in theria itself! It’s so nice to see a d&d podcast with such a fleshed out custom world! I’ve listened to the full second arc and now am gonna start with the first! If this was animated I could see it rivaling lord of the rings! There’s definitely been some emotional moments in this arc, and I assume there’s many more in the first! Keep up the good work guys!
My Favorite D&D Actual Play!
This is my favorite D&D actual play podcast and probably my favorite RPG actual play, period. Jason and Bri have built an amazingly in depth sandbox world to play in. Jason gives a lot of character to the NPCs. Locations are rich and bustling and seem to have something going on even when they aren’t featured in the current take. Three groups of awesome players with great role playing skills. I’ve laughed and cried listening to them blaze their trails through Theria. There’s a reason I chose to back them and get the world book.
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Zeneth Starr
Absolutely fabulous!
I have been listening to DandR for years now. I listen to it at work, I listen to it doing chores, I play it on road trips. I got my parents to like DND because of this podcast, and got a group started on my own at Job Corps. The characters come to life, and so does the world around them. They don’t just exist in this world that Jason has created, they actively change it with their actions. Their actions have consequences that can stretch years, and the story is so immersive.
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An emotional and entertaining storyline
Hey everyone, I started on arc 2 originally, but caught up and went back and listened to Arc 1. So glad I did. It’s been an amazing story to listen to, from the characters and story progression, to the growth of DnR as a podcast. Still trying to get caught back up to Arc 2 but I hope you guys never stop playing. Keep up the good work guys and thanks.
Random person 2240123
The best D&D podcast on the block!!
I started on Arc 2 and loved the first few episodes so much I listened to all of Arc 1 over the past 4 months. Jason is one of the best storytellers I’ve ever heard. On a weekly basis he paints a vivid picture for all of Theria to imagine. The separate story lines keep you on the edge of your seat as you root for your favorite characters. With the help of his lovely assistant Brianna and his most excellent cast you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll get addicted to the best D&D experience this side of The Divide.
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Zippy Jr
I started listening to the podcast in 2016 and the joy it has given me is immense. It was the first podcast I listened to and as shows move in and out of my subscription list D&R has always been one of my favorites. My favorite episodes always include ones were a group visits a character seemingly forgotten with years of travel. Each character is fully developed even when they haven’t been on the show for 100 episodes or more.
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5 stars!!
Stared listening from the beginning(the edited version) and cant stop. Jason and all the groups really draw you in and bring heart into a fantasy world. New story arc is a great jumping on point !!! And if you know anything about the “Critical Role” podcast, the world building Jason gives is just as immersive as that of Matt Mercer!!
Julio down by the school yard
My favorite podcast. SERIOUSLY.
I just plain LOVE this podcast. I started listening when I started playing DnD because I was looking to learn to be a better player. My first DnD group failed (new DM) but I got hooked as listener. Eventually was able to start my own campaign with some friends and it’s changed our lives! So grateful to Jason and all the peeps for showing up week after week! I love the way it focuses so much on telling a good story, and Jason is the kind of DM I aspire to be one day! I started on Arc 2 listened all the way through then went back to Arc 1 and am working my way through that one now. I agree with the creators to start with the second arc. It took me awhile to find my way into Arc 1 as they really were just learning what they were up to. I finally have landed in a place where I can really follow the story (around Arc 1 episode 5, when they “go around the table and introduce themselves” for the first time!) and think this episode or episode 4 might be a place to start if you are also looking for a way into the first arc as I was (I am not too far beyond this but around episode 4, the show changes to be way more character driven and more like the second arc, just newer at it and still finding its rhythm ). In any case, I am just plain impressed with how much the show has shifted and am grateful for the weekly episodes which help me get over the Monday’s!! Thanks ya’all and am super excited for the upcoming kickstarter book!!!
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Very engaging story.
Started with arc 2. Wish I would have started with arc 1 because I’m flying through the episodes.
The only reason that I actually love DND
I started this a little while back and it is so interesting! I never thought that DND could actually be interesting but the way that they tell their stories and just interact has made me a weekly listener! 10/10 would recommend to literally anyone!
This podcast helped me find so many new friends and also helped me to become a player/dm myself!
A big-number-illionare
Great show
I just started playing again after 22 years away and I stumbled across this show. It’s been a great way to relearn some of the old tricks while learning some of the nuances of playing 5e, and you guys keep it very entertaining. Well done
Mark Reb
Great entertainment
Been binging Arc 2 and it’s more than worth the time it takes to catch up. Not only does it give me ideas for home sessions it is just a good time listening to and getting to know the players and characters!
DandR is story telling gold.
Dungeons and Randomness is a showcase of Jason's (DM) ability to craft a an incredible story in a world that feels full and real. Theria (the world) is a dangerous place, full of wonder and carefully crafted, and the cast brings a levity and fun to it in between moments of real heart break and tough decisions. This isn't ordinary DND, it is beautifully played and developed adventure, where multiple groups explore the world and their decisions send ripples throughout the world. It fills the void if you don't have a game of your own, and gives you something too aim for your games. Jason tells stories live the way greats write novels. His ability to weave a bunch of players is truly masterful. The podcast is so much fun and so well done, and the community that supports it is the greatest thing on the internet.
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I’ve have fallen in love with this story
After finally finding a group to play dnd with I thought I would listen to a group play to try and get a feel for the game. And I have fallen in love with the story and the characters. Jason does an amazing job bringing Theria to life.
Awesome story telling - makes me a better D&D player
I’m new to D&D and I plan on running my own dungeon at some point. Jason does an awesome job of DM’ing, furthering the story line while not railroading the characters. This show is hard to turn off and I’m burning through the first half of Arc 2. Thanks for the adventures!
Nick pirate
Best D and D podcast I love it
This is a spectacular podcast very funny and a pact with excitement I d definitely think it is Worth the time to listen to
I ended up here many years ago because I wanted something to listen to while mowing the lawn. Flash forward, and I’ve remained a loyal listener thanks to the truly touching characters and the profound artistry. It is one thing to execute a scripted performance, and quite another to improvise such wit and pathos. I applaud Jason Massey and the entire cast for their achievement.
Thank you!!
I miss my days of playing D&D with my friends. The journeys, experience and time we spent together creating these characters, lands and adventures was the happiest times I’ve had. I am currently an Inactive US Marine. But, during my time in service, Me and my friends would spend every minute of down time playing .It helped us escape and take us to a better place. Unfortunately most of my friends aren’t able to play anymore. But, those characters journeys will never end. I am glad you guys and gals are doing this show. Keep making episodes and I’ll keep listen and imagining I’m playing with my friends again! Semper Fi!!!!
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