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Dungeon Dads is a D&D 5e actual play podcast. Our characters live the adventurer life, our players live the dad life.
Episode 23: Modern Caster General
As Filnyr & Abel try to find their way back to the Lakenhearth militia's wagon, Ionas, Florn & the militia have to deal with a surprise of their own. Without his compatriots, Ionas is left to his instincts, and well... a blaster's gonna blast. Dad References:Rolo TomassiWho’s on First?Man, it’s been a long day, and I hate the fuckin’ EaglesGame. Blouses.Dread Pirate RobertsDing Dong DitchModern Caster General  Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn RedditOn Patreon
Aug 31
1 hr 45 min
Episode 22: Uh Oh!
With a small militia protecting them & Despo Goodshower in tow, the guys flee the Battle of the Briar and head toward Lakenhearth as fast as they can, hoping to beat the Ederran army there. The situation quickly gets more complicated as scouts report back, and their skills are needed in two places at once. With time working against them, do they risk losing an ally, or attempt to divide and conquer? Dad References:Leisure Suit LarryOld Priest and a Young PriestHungry EyesGet Down On ItDead AgainNight of the Living DeadSkeletons hit the magical ward (GoT)And a shot and a beerPeabody and Sherman"I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!""And the horse you rode in on!""I've had enough of this shit!"Super Mario Galaxy Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Aug 17
2 hr 3 min
Episode 21:The Battle of the Briar
Our heroes find themselves once again atop the bramble wall, this time looking outward over a fierce battle between soldiers of the Hark army and numerous barbarians & druids led by the Gnome on Pantherback aka The Undercarriage of the Future aka The Scourge of the Tall Folk aka Rides with Bear Mounts... Familiar faces appear, and a desperate scenario forces Jonas, and his compatriots, into the middle of the fray.Dad References:West SiiiiideShipoopiYodaNightcrawlerMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade BalloonsIron LotusTriple LindyThe Floor is Lava Episode Page:dungeondads.com/episode21 Check us out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Aug 3
2 hr 19 min
Episode 20: Interview with a Vampire
Our heroes spend the night in Grove Relache, waiting for the arrival of the White Lady. Unexpected dangers loom and familiar faces make surprise appearances, but the fellas worry that their decision may have... grove consequences. Dad References:Gale's Coffee MakerCabin in the Woods"What do your elf eyes see?"PhazymeSpidey SenseTopo Chico's Risque Logo Episode Page:dungeondads.com/episode20 Check us out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Jul 20
1 hr 24 min
Episode 19: Schnobik's Chagrin
It's a schnodown with Jonas's half-brother Schnobik in the Grove Relache. Is blood thicker than water? Is blood thicker than... more blood? Dad References:What's he Building in There?People are PeopleThe Gold WatchErotic Art in Pompeii (NSFW)Elf Porn (Super NSFW)"That's What She Said..."... or "As the Girl Said to the Soldier."ELI5 Episode Page:dungeondads.com/episode19 Check us Out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Jul 6
1 hr 20 min
Episode 18: Reborn a Bramblin' Man
Our heroes journey to the mysterious Grove Relache, where the search for Schnobik -- or whatever he has become -- begins. New allies "join" the fight and new dangers present themselves in the heart of the woods. Dad References:Let's Call the Whole Thing OffChitty Chitty Bang BangLactation ConsultantsTomorrowRelache Episode Page:dungeondads.com/episode18 Check us Out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Jun 22
1 hr 25 min
New Bonus Episodes are Now on Patreon
The dads discuss the traumatic events of episodes 16 and 17. For the full episode, join us on Patreon! Dad References:No Way OutThe Fugitive"We're in the Endgame Now"NellMatt Mercer's DM ScreenDungeon Dudes YTFarmvilleA Boy Named Sue Episode Page:dungeondads.com/bonus17-1 Check us Out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Jun 15
6 min
Announcement: Charity Fundraiser
We're matching donations up to $500 to Campaign Zero in support of their data-driven efforts to reduce police violence in the US. We think this is a cause that everyone can support no matter where you are on the political spectrum. Donate Here:The Dungeon Dads are Raising Money for Campaign Zero (GoFundMe) More About the Organization:Campaign Zero8 Can't WaitWe the Protesters (Parent Org) More Resources:John Oliver Explains the IssuesDM's Guild is Sponsoring Charity BundlesRoll20 is Raising Money for Code2040
Jun 12
11 min
Episode 17: Blood Murder Hex Magik
Filnyr, Abel and Jonas flee from one crime scene to another as signs are given, portents are read, and secrets are revealed! Dad References:Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'EmNatural Male EnhancementE VampireOld Man LoganThe FugitiveBlood Sugar Sex MagikMemento Episode Page:dungeondads.com/episode17 Check us Out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Jun 8
1 hr 24 min
Introducing: Mountain City Mayhem
It's the first episode of our new premium campaign, Mountain City Mayhem! Join Darbin, Milo, and Tarbuk as they try to make it in the big city of Monterre. Pulling jobs, cracking heads, and running grifts is all in a day's work for this crew that's usually trying to do right, even if it's on the wrong side of the law. Check us Out on Patreon:patreon.com/dungeondads Dad References:Margo MartindaleToughie Check Out the Art of Kurolines:Kurolines on InstagramEmail at kurolinesart@gmail.com Additional Credits:Music by the Dungeon Dads with performances by Amanda Watson, Jen Carr, Kiyomi Troemner, and Leah Haynie Additional music, sound effects, and ambiance obtained from:tabletopaudio.comvindsvept.bandcamp.comzapsplat.com Episode Page:dungeondads.com/MCM1 Join the Conversation:On FacebookOn TwitterOn Reddit
Jun 1
1 hr 46 min
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