Duncan Trussell Family Hour
Duncan Trussell Family Hour
Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly salon-style supershow, where comedian Duncan Trussell and guests explore the outer reaches of the multiverse. And on April 20th 2020, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast will be coming to Netflix in the form of "The Midnight Gospel", created by Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward. The adult animated Netflix series is set in a fantastical universe and will use interview clips from the podcast.
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Joy Miner
We need Joy Miner Merch! Love listening to You and Sharon💜
very good show
He’s Back!
The smartest guy in L.A. just moved back to North Carolina. Welcome home, Duncan.
friends!!! listen!!
duncan is so smart and his podcast is enlightening
Y do I hav to rite a nickname
All I can say is, if Duncan ever started a “rural and self sustaining spiritual commune” I would be there in 5 minutes. I am listening to the podcast from the beginning. I am about 25 podcasts into 2012 and I can say with full dedication I will be making my way through the decade. Duncan is a thinker and leader but also a real human who talks about his flaws and his humanity.
Backyard Therapy Sessions!!
For free y’all. I’m not lyin’ ... they don’t call me Honest E for nothin’
🐸Just say no to woke anti-racist conversion therapy.🐸
Profit Prophet
❤️ Duncan
My star dust is tingling with universal freedom and expansive creativity. Which I share with my young boys, neighbors and sometimes high friends. Namaste D!
Matt "El Toro" Neal
My new favorite podcast!
Not sure how I ever lived life without it
Great ep with the wife!!
It is I, D Trussell
Duncan is harvesting a community of love that he gathers in a small to midsized Easter basket as he hurls through the ether. His words tickle the inner ear through the elves that he sends to all of our homes and who hang from the small hairs in the ear’s canal singing sweet goodness in sort of a cross between a siren’s call and a cheer section at the local roller derby. I’m proud of the current carnation that calls itself Duncan Trussell as I am proud of all the carnations dancing in this confusing, boiling universe.
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Joe VD
Welcome home...
Soothing cicada
Love it all
Found what I was missing 💓
Female guest please!
It’s a great podcast. But need more female guest.
More women and poc
Good content. More women and poc pls
Enjoy the Rabbit hole!
If you like Philosophy ,religion, Psychedelics and self help . This is the podcast to listen to . With a extensive Knowledge and experience with these subjects Duncan leads you down the rabbit hole . Don’t get caught up on the words listen to the message. .. and no I’m not a hippie. I’m a punk rocking anarchists who doesn’t want to be a hypocrite. Who believes in making himself better ! I also love exploring ideas . When I get caught up in this rat race called life. He always reminds me to slow down and focus on important things in life. I love listening to this hippie!
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Dan sold out
The midnight gospel lead me here. Honestly, what you talk about on here is so amazing to me. On every podcast I have listened to so far. Life changing, and I’m so internally happy to find this. To be able to listen, and to really understand. I thank you
Anyone who thinks Duncan is racist/sexist is absurd. The man oozes positivity and love towards everyone. He might touch on things you don’t like to hear, but he does it in a loving curious way. Plus he’s a comic, dummies. He can joke about whatever he wants. Even if you don’t find a joke funny, the attempt was to be funny, and not to promote hate. Love and Peace!
Duncan Trustle
Duncan Trustles family show is great, I would say I’m a big fan. Duncan trustle we would like it if you and Rogan start that new show together
Absolutely Amazing
This changed my life. Seriously.
Next level
This podcast is next level. So unique. The intros are glorious. Duncan radiates love. He is a guru. I have learned so much and listening to these podcasts helps my mental health
Lara's Theme
5 stars
When you’re here you’re family.
I would give it 10⭐️’s
This podcast is magical. Duncan doesn’t just speak from his heart and mind, but from his soul. Whether you agree or disagree with the topics discussed, it is a true joy to listen to. Respect the journey, bathe in the diversity, and enjoy the ride that is this podcast ✌🏼🙏🏼😊
This Is Home.
No other podcast puts a big ol smile on my face like the DTFH. This year I’ve switched over from Rogan to the Family hour and Ram Dass and WoW! What a year. This will definitely get the brain juices flowing. Still love other podcast but this is the perfect balance of comedy , Buddhism, occult mysticism, And diving deep down the rabbit hole. 💗🕉
Shouzyy Q
Love and light
Duncan spews love and light into the world in a super weird and great way!!!
Truly Uplifting
I have listened to this podcast for a few years now and am never disappointed. Duncan is such a knowledgeable and down to earth human and I always feel like I’m in a better mood after hearing him spout ideas. Huge fan!
This is the episode that I have been waiting for! Two great minds… Be still my heart.
Exceptional content
The DTFH is music to my ears. I love you, Duncan! Me, my partner & tiny baby all participate in taking in the sweet sound waves of your strange musings. It is a family hour PHENOMENON. Truly unique, exceptional perspectives in a sea of voices. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone. Thanks for doing you.
Briski 907
Infinite Stars
This is the podcast that I look forward to each week. It’s such a necessary honest broadcast, a nice change of pace, and a beautiful creative endeavor. Sometimes we need a reminder of what we see under the veil from altered states of consciousness. A dose of the metaphysical, spiritual, and philosophical. I am truly grateful for what you are doing here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sending vibrations of love to the universe. Something I learned from the other side; “Everything you’re doing is right and serving others is the greatest purpose.”
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Andre Toloun
You have an amazing gift of teaching with humor. Thank you!!!
Ever own
Thank you!
Have been a fan for a while! Long live DTFH & Midnight Gospel!!! #Manifest #TeamLou
Mind blowing
Love this podcast so much. Wish I’d found it sooner.
sab 183.2
You are a magnificent human
Awesome show truly amazing and I love to hear it every single episode is awesome
Duncan you can read my mind
How did someone as beautiful as you come through my ear buds and ring with a sweet sweet beautiful ring of glory . I love you Btw I try to give you a 5 star rating every few weeks because I dont have much money and can’t join your Patreon. My little way of saying thanks. Maybe when we are both dead you’ll know how much you have helped me over the years. I don’t feel so alone.
More visibility
Really love the topics in this podcast. So many men being interviewed would love to hear more voice of BIPOC, women and non-binary folk. Duncan’s view on capitalism in the latest episode really threw me off, I forgot for a second that he’s still a white dude profiting off of spirituality. Also, would love hear him address his privilege in being able to leave LA during this pandemic.
aunt gwen
The best
The best The best
Enlightened and Brilliant Conversation
I just stumbled on Duncan’s podcast after watching the Midnight Gospel episode with his mom. After watching, I needed more and frantically searched for the two part interview on this podcast. I recently lost my father to cancer and this open and beautiful conversation between mother and son was incredibly healing for me. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world. Your mom was an infinitely wise person and my heart is more open and bright than ever before.
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Please interview more WOC
I absolutely love this podcast and all the amazing ideas on it. But PLEASE host more women and POC.
Duncan is funny, insightful, and honest. His interviews are entertaining and thought provoking. The AT&T episode taught me how to handle bad customer service over the phone haha.
No efforts to interview women?
Are used to love this podcast, but it is a sea of dudes. Depressing to see such a great thinker make seemingly zero effort to interview women. Subconscious bias toward men maybe in Duncan’s part? Unconsciously reflecting the patriarchy?
Thank you!!
From the lavender hour to the family hour
Chris Penn (Sterns)
Such a genuine and compassionate voice
I’m a late comer to Duncan Trussell but oh my! He explores so much so eloquently with such wonderful guests. Please keep this going. Hare Krishna
guHan Solo
Dude. Audio quality.
Bro, I love you. I so appreciate your mind and your perspective. But, can you please, record your audio using a higher quality mic so it doesn’t sound like you’re talking into a metal pot from across the room? Much lovez.
I’m so enlightened now
All done! 😊 juuuust kidding! Love LOVE LOVE!
Candy nix
Always and forever, the one to unite us all
Good stuff
Needs more riffing with Pemberton
Love u Dunc
Forever I shall remain your friend Until the spirit plane we ascend And the only reason I know where you have went Is because I’m an secret agent 🕵️
My favorite podcast
Most down to earth guy there is. I think Duncan can do no bad always watch his show if you haven’t.
Okay guy....
"T" from Pittsburgh
A new fan!
I remember you appearing on Harmontown back in the day and you were always one of my favorite reoccurring guests. I found my way to your podcast much later through midnight gospel, I wish I had checked it out earlier. I like the free flowing conversations and the perspective I get from different ways of thinking. I don’t always agree with those perspectives, but that’s not the point. Thanks for the feeling you add to my day, much appreciated.
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