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5 thumbs up!!!!!
Excellent content!
I got an iPhone
Can’t recommend this podcast enough
Steve and Andy provide an excellent podcast where they bring strong analysis but aren’t afraid to let loose and get silly sometimes. The best of both worlds!
Da Colbert Code
podcast is great, just like xbox!
Although they are heavily bias towards sony and Steve is the biggest of sony ponys....this is still a fantastic podcast that deserves to be listened to! Xbox is the most powerful console ever! The episodes are always fun and you will have a blast listening to them. Sony has no games. Make sure to check old episodes because they have alot of amazing guests too! Xbox Game Pass is a must have subscription. Enjoy their humor and the fun games they play along with guests too!
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Superfan Zack
Like I’m having a conversation with friends
Steve and Andy have such good chemistry, they can easily get their guests to open up. By the end of the episode it genuinely just sounds like a conversation between friends which is absolutely awesome.
Taylar A
So good!
Great conversationalists, I really vibe with these guys and the topics I’m hearing.
Very good
Very good podcast
Very nice podcast and so inspiring
Very nice
This podcast is the best in this world i think
Very Nice
So nice Podcast it is
I love these dudes
They love to listen to me pee. I love to pee for them. I Regret Nothing!
Mike Jaret
Indie interview heaven
I’ve been looking for a show like this for so long. These two guys put out some of the absolute best interviews with indie devs, voice actors, and industry insiders I’ve ever heard. They’re two natural entertainers with some seriously infectious energy. Would highly recommend to anyone who is into gaming at all.
A wonderful show.
Hilarious and well-informed. Even if Stephen is a Rangers fan. Let’s go Islanders.
Patrick Hickey Jr.
Voice actors, indie devs, witty banter? This is the podcast for you
Hello, please listen to this wonderful passion project that has had the devs of Cat Quest, Mage Quit, Moonlighter, and more! You won’t find a better independent podcast with this repertoire of guests out there!
One of the best podcasts ever!!
If you like Nintendo and indie games then this is the podcast for you! Stephen and Andy are great and their interviews with indie developers are fantastic! To top it off retro game club might be my favorite part of any podcast I listen to! Keep up the good work guys!
Peter Schmeling
Subscribe and listen to this show.
Funny, informative and silly. Consistent content, too. Supported on patreon also! Keep it up!
Great Show!
NDS is a great podcast! Listen immediately!!
What a special show
Listen, I enjoy plenty of podcasts, but never have I experienced something so joyful and pure that it actually burned the cancer out of my body. Andy and Steve inspired me to call my mom again after 20 years of not speaking. I found Jesus because of this podcast. I showed this podcast to my friend who was having trouble sleeping, and after listening to one episode, he slept for 27 hours straight. Seriously. It’s really good. See what miracles you will experience when you give Nintendo Duel Screens a chance. It’ll change your life.
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The best pod cast!
So addictive and fun! I listen every Monday 👏🏼
Chris Semertsides
See? Its so easy, Zack!
Zack refused to use apple products so I am reviewing my own podcast on his behalf. WOW WHAT A SHOW THE BEST ON THE WEB MUST LISTEN 5/7 PERFECT!
If you love Nintendo...
... then you'll love this podcast!! Always on point!!
Come for the Nintendo News...
...stay for the puns.
F Ken P Maes
Thanks boyos
Many thanks for the laffs lads! Keep it coming.
Funny Nintendo News and Critical Reviews
These jokers have really fun segments like "The Hype Zone" where they decide what piece of video game news to hype. They do it with so much goofy and witty humor, it's worth the subscribe. Good to hear their motivations and gaming history. And the retro game quiz at the end is fun to play along with.
Sakou Balde
Interesting niche news and views
Critical discussion of the 3ds/2ds is difficult to find on the net these days, but these game boys deliver on a weekly basis. Plus Switch discussion, dirty sometimes creepy man-child humor, and other good stuff. Thanks keep up the good work!
Salon alley
Have a listen. You won't regret it.
Guys and gals. You've gotta listen to this podcast. These guys know their stuff about Nintendo, past, present, and future. At times hilarious, at times touching, at times raucous, you won't find better. It's like sitting down with your best buddies to chat. Steven and Andy are incredibly entertaining, and will have you laughing, thinking, and running to pick up your JoyCons, WiiMotes, or even sometimes that ol' NES controller. Seriously, have a listen. You won't regret it!
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Proven Gamer
Definitely my favorite gaming podcast! Keep up the good work guys!
You guys will never catch me in points!
Tricky Mic
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