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The Swamp Beast of Bandon, North Dakota by Jennifer Schell
23 minutes Posted Oct 11, 2017 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes
In an effort to avoid the most boring summer vacation in living memory, Levi Shepherd and her sister Jessie invent their very own urban legend: the Swamp Beast of Bandon, North Dakota. What begins as a website parodying the likes of Sasquatch and the Skunk Ape quickly takes on a new meaning when two young visitors to the site fall for the blurry photographs and joke testimonies the girls craft. But as the teens’ tall tale grows taller and taller, will this faux monster come back to bite them? Find out in “The Swamp Beast of Bandon, North Dakota.”
Written by Jennifer Schell. Directed by Kimmi Johnson. Starring Kiara Negroni, Susanna Ninomiya, Simon Ostrower, and Joshua Diaz. Sound Engineering and Design by Tyler Grimes. Edited by Liz Regan. Play Development by Tyler Grimes. Artwork by Andrew Singer. dtc radio Theme Music by Spencer Robelen. All other music and sounds used with permission from Audioblocks.