Drone to 1K Podcast by Drone Launch Academy
Drone to 1K Podcast by Drone Launch Academy
Drone Launch Academy
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If you own a Drone (aUAS) you NEED to listen!!
If you, like me, went out and purchased a really powerful drone with the hope of doing some really great photography/videography and after flying a few times decided you could totally do this as a side-Hustle or even a main income source. Then the crew over at Drown Launch Academy (DLA) have you covered. Listening to these podcasts you will find out a ton of amazing opportunities to not only better your skills, but fill your pockets as well. After listening to just a few of these podcasts I felt 100% comfortable going to their website and purchasing a few of their amazing courses. I am currently on my own path to $1K and you should be as well. Download the podcasts, check out their website and enjoy the journey, knowing you are not alone with DLA on your side.
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Very informative
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. David does a good job asking all the questions that we are all thinking and it seems like all the guests are enthusiastic about being on the show. I know I’ve applied some of the techniques and tips I’ve learned on the show to my buisness and it’s helped me out!
Sweet Drone Shot
One of the podcasts I most look forward too
This has been such an incredible and motivational tool for me as I’m just starting my drone business. I look forward to every episode and listen as soon as they’re released…My only complaint is that there aren’t more shows haha. But I digress, thanks David and everyone at Drone Launch Academy.
Super helpful!!!
T H I S is it… What a wealth of great ideas, insights, trial and error, history! If you are excited to get into the drone business/industry, or are just curious, this is an amazing resource! A bounty of perspectives, and everyone eager to teach and educate each other. Thanks to David Young and Drone Launch Academy for another pioneering effort and product- you guys rock!!! Can’t wait for more episodes!
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Awesome ideas!!
Stumbled upon the Drone to 1k Podcast after finding the webpage on hints for starting a drone business. I’m are recently retired school administrator that’s trying to start a drone business for real estate marketing. So many great ideas on how to approach getting started. I’ve listen to season 3 first and was blown away at all the great ideas. I have pages of notes on things I now want to try. I’m also considering branching out as I’m getting started on roof and solar panel inspections. Thanks David for hosting the podcast and the great interviews.
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ASA Drones
Great podcast for beginners (and beyond)
I just started listening to this podcast recently and mostly through my smart speakers. As a beginner at flying drones, this podcast provides inspiration, especially listening how others got started. It’s not technical at all and the host makes it easy to follow. Well done.
Very Helpful for Drone Entrepreneurs
This podcast has been very motivational for me in knowing what to do and what not to do when starting my drone business. I am just starting to get my name out there and this continues to be a great resource!
Very practical and upbeat
Some of the best tips, tricks and stories related to the drone business to help you in your journey! I found it very encouraging as well!
Patrick Whalen - Season 4 Episode 8
I found this podcast very informative and inspiring! Patrick Whalen was unable to continue working his normal job when the pandemic struck. He had the foresight and self drive to learn a new skill as a drone pilot and start a new business. He used many of his previous business skills/contacts and incorporated them into his new business. Patrick wasn’t afraid to take a risk by investing in himself and new business by networking, hustling, free work to gain experience, asking questions, listening to potential clients needs, investing in his clients, promoting his new skills and equipment, learning how to sell himself/drones/services and honesty. His hard work, personality and ability to provide an end product to his clients resulted in a successful business!
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A must listen for anyone interested in making money with their drone
Love this podcast. The interviews are casual and easy to listen to, and there’s always valuable information about starting a drone business and the stories behind the subjects will leave you inspired to get out and make money with your drone. Highly recommend!
Amazing resource!
I am a hopeful entrepreneur, and this podcast has helped me focus my ideas and temper them with the experience of others. An invaluable resource for anyone looking to get into the drone business!
Excellent content
New to Drones
I have been flying aircrafts for awhile and getting certificates but it has hit the bank account pretty hard, I have now landed a job in IT and want to start a side business and hoping for it to take off and do it full time and you all have got me on the right path! I am about to purchase the prep course right after this review! Hoping to get my part 107 very soon!! Thank you all!!
Drone 1K-Great Program-Made for me!
I'm beand new to the world of drones and I lov flying, but I'm thinking of taking it to the next level, which would require getting the 107. Your program has provided so much insight in to the world of large and small drone-type businesses! I love love it-keep them coming!!! Thanks-Tom Scott
Always a go to listen.
Hello! DLA graduate here. Always love listening to the guest speakers talk about their mourning in finding success with the fun and amazing tools. Hopefully one day I can be a guest once I start my business at the tail end of this year. Thank you David for putting together a fun listen and a great program.
P. O'Shea
Great to hear the business opportunities possible with drones.
Love to hear all the different fields people are using drones in. Very encouraging to hear the success people are having with not top of the line drones and other equipment. Also great to hear the different ways people get their company’s name out there.
Season 4
Easily one of the most motivating yet informative podcasts for beginners like myself. Hearing the start-up process from other droneprenuers helps me develop my own business that I hope will kickstart soon! Just purchased the two $1 courses and can’t wait to get things together! Thanks so much DLA! Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to get on a podcast some day!
Great listen for new drone enthusiasts!
Awesome podcast! Drone Launch Academy has helped me pass my part 107 test and the podcast offers great business advise for new drone flyers!
Wondering about drones?
I have been wanting to get into drones for a while now. Since finding this podcast it has helped me decide to go ahead and purchase one to at the least do it for fun. After hearing all the different opportunities described by every interview here I can see it can at the least pay for itself. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of drones. This podcast is very informative and easy to listen to. Keep it up David and thank you!!
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Can’t wait to get started!
I just recently found this podcast and also recently got my first drone. I think I may change my ‘recreational’ flying to perhaps start making some side money! Very informative podcast and I like that a lot of these people started out just like me, flying for fun. I especially enjoy the 2 truths and a lie question that you can attempt. I’ve started taking notes so I can get it right!
Great Drone Podcast!
If you enjoy drones, and especially if you have interest in making any money from drones, you will enjoy this podcast. You will also likely learn something regardless of what level you are at.
Inspirational for the Beginners
This week’s episode with Maryland Drone Guy is just the inspiration that I’ve been needing to get started! I’ve been a drone enthusiast and Part 107 licensed pilot since 2016, but have never taken the necessary steps to make it a true side hustle. I too have a full time job, enjoy flying and taking videos and photos but just haven’t had the confidence to put myself out there. This episode did it for me. It’s time! Great job guys!!!
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I have been interested in starting a drone business for just a few months and this podcast has been inspirational to me, especially the episodes involving construction and inspection. Keep producing awesome content!
Inspirational Show!
I’ve been enjoying Drone to $1K for all the great stories from people who are monetizing their interest in flying drones, or utilizing drones in their already existing businesses. I just passed my Small Unmanned Aircraft test (today!) just so I can capitalize on the opportunities when they come up. Eagerly awaiting my certificate, but while I wait, I’m continuing to listen to your show for ideas that I may not have thought of before. Thanks, and keep the interviews coming!
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Foolproof insights
I jumped on this train early and have used it as a guide building up my own drone business. David and the guests are all informative and have valuable insights that keep paying off. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them questions because I’ve found many accessible and incredibly helpful! Wonderful show and business!
3805 Productions
Very informative!!
I am in the initial phases of starting out my own drone business and came to this podcast for guidance. It's great hearing all of these success stories from so many other successful drone pilots. I'm only through season 1 at this point but it has already given me so many great ideas, and has given me a clear direction I'd like to go. Thanks David for putting these together!!
Excellent podcast!!!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been listening for about 6 months and I always find helpful business tips from each episode. David always seems to ask the guests the best questions. Can’t wait for Season 4!
I Need A Drone Now That I Know About This
I don't own a drone - yet. This podcast has sparked an interest in using drones to earn a living while having fun and exercising my creativity. I had no idea drones available "over-the-counter" at Best Buy could be used like this. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the podcasts. S2/Ep 4 With Alex Harris, is my favorite. I was most surprised by how lightly they treated Alex's serious physical challenge. Looking forward to season 4.
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Drone Info
This podcast gives you all the information you need to make money with your drone. The best part is the different ways each individual made money and all the great advice each episode. Keep it up!
Well-produced and inspiring for drone entrepreneurs!
I’ve been listening for just about a year now. David knows how to have great conversations and how to keep things on point. Other than some valid self-promotion and great information on Drone Launch Academy, there’s no extra stuff getting in the way of a great show each episode. I really appreciate the variety of guests. It’s inspiring to turn on these episodes when driving to shoot for my own clients or commuting for the “day job”. I promise that experienced AV professionals like me can find great nuggets in each episode!
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Aircut Studio
So glad to have found this podcast!
Man, I am so happy to have found your podcast. I have been podcast channel surfing and although most of them are informative none of them were what I have been looking for. So I am a new drone flyer. As a kid I have dreamed of being a pilot but my parents never pushed me that way so I ended up in the technology field. I am looking for a career post retirement as I am about 5 years away from that and when my wife gave me the Mini 2 for Xmas, that’s all she wrote. I am hooked and have dreams of doing drone commercial work after retiring from the corporate world. I have loved every episode I have consumed of your show and I have been studying to take the part 107 test and I am a little nervous about it. Keep up the good work and I am so glad to have found your show! MannyM
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Best Drone Podcast Yet
I have listened to all of the episodes at least twice on my drives to and from the mountains. Very informative and motivating to say the least. The courses are also very helpful as I have obtained my Part 107 with the aide of Drone Launch Academy. Thank you do all that you do David and the entire DLA Team. I hope to be at 1k per month by Year End. Cheers. Al
Great podcast
Enjoying listening to your podcast, great advice and strategies for starting a new drone photography business. Thanks for all of your hard work. And have a great day. Kyle C.
Wow, great content! Very informative! Thanks!!!
I took the Part 107 course from you guys, then found out about this podcast. I love hearing the diverse methods of making money with your drone. So helpful for my new business. I highly recommend this! Matt TreetopDroneShots.com
So happy I found this podcast!!
I’m very new to drones and had been looking for a podcast that could help me understand the industry better and what avenue to go down with drones. It was so helpful to be able to listen to so many different people being interviewed that do totally different jobs with their drones. It really helped me figure out what direction I wanted to go and just how far I can go with my own drone company!
Drone to $1K is best in the business
I have learned so much from both the Drone to $1K podcast, the online course and the live webinars that I have anywhere else in the many places I’ve gone for drone flying and business education. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting into this fascinating business.
Sunset Beach Films
Thank you
I wish I would have seen this way before now. I am inrolled Drone Launch Academy so far I have enjoyed the course. Looking forward to season 4. I will be going back to season one to catch up to speed.
firefighter pfortier
Great Content/Highly informational
I just started listening to this podcast and wish I started earlier! Very informational episodes for anyone who wants to start a business in the drone industry. Inspiring guests and helpful content provided by David and the guests. Can’t wait for season 4!
It’s a place where is worth to spend your time! Very refined and organized information. I’m really enjoying in following this podcast, it’s a great way to get inspired and updated at the same time. thank you very much to make this possible and for share this kind of knowledge.
Excellent podcast
Love the podcast, great information, great guests. Thanks for the great info and the great website. Enrolled in the part 107 course already. Thank you
Great Podcast and Company
I took the Drone Launch Academy Part 107 course a few years ago. It was a great course and I passed the test with 96%. The podcast is very informative and inspiring, with great tips on making money with your drone, as well as some general tips for running a small business.
DJW Productions
Very educational and fun podcast
I really enjoy learning about many different ways that drones are being used through this podcast. I also really enjoy learning from those who are willing to share their experiences using drones for business
Great Opportunity to Learn
Just finished binging all of the episodes. It was great to hear the production development from episode one to their most recent. It is also great to hear business owners talk about the different stages of the growth of their business. Thank you for making this information available for those of us considering our own start up.
Practical, Inspirational and Diverse Guests
I stumbled across this in search of interviews with real business owners who have used drone technology in a wide array of applications. Dave does an excellent job interviewing guests who are all very willing to give practical advice and real world examples with a common goal of educating and both recreational flyers who are looking to turn their hobby into a business as well as Part 107 pilots looking to define their niche and grow. There are a lot of great podcasts I listen to on a daily basis, but Drone to $1k is great for anyone looking to leverage the fast changing world of drones and related applications
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Volant Imaging
A really impressive podcast
This is the first time I watch your channel, I received the link to this podcast from a friend of Jorge. I’d never seen the guy or his work and so this podcast was an awesome first experience to watch. You guys kept it interesting and the topic was one that I’m sure will help many out there including myself. At first I didn’t think I’d watch the entire 45 minutes, but it was just that good and I was glued. I’m looking to get my part 107 certification this year for no particular reason, I just want to have it. I currently own 2 drones Mavic mini and Mavic Pro, I really want to get better at flying even though I’ve owned drones for several years now. I will definitely be taking advantage of your videos to get some extra skills. Like I mentioned earlier, this podcast was great and very inspiring just listening to Jorge talk about how he started his business and how he’s landed a job with your company. I was looking forward to hearing him mention the specific drones he uses for his business but that wasn’t covered. No biggie, now that I am subscribing to your channel and his, I’m sure I’ll get that answer eventually. I will definitely be taking advantage of your promo codes for drone training videos. Thanks for the great podcast, I’m a follower for life now. Looking forward to watching much more content from your channel and also from Jorge’s channel. 😀👍🏻
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Great show
I have just been listing a few weeks. I already have my part 107 but haven’t taken the plunge yet into paying gigs. This show has provided the motivation to take my flying to the next step. Thanks David! Maybe I can be in the 1k club soon!
I thoroughly enjoyed Rut Patel giving his examples of how he approach customers in the construction industry. That is one industry that I have been trying to get into and he had some great ideas.I will be putting his examples and recommendations to work beginning tomorrow specially since the weather is breaking and construction is ramping up again. Ted Cox USA
Pop-Pop Grandpa
Comprehensive Informative Podcast
Drone Launch Academy has been very instrumental in my pursuit of entrepreneurship in the drone space. This podcast provides guests and information from the industry who started alone to those who have scaled to large businesses. It’s amazing how scalability in this industry is becoming more viable and the way Drone Launch Academy approaches their guests is indicative of how important it is to make that apart of the focus in addition to comprehensive systems and processes. I actually took the Part 107 course from Drone Launch Academy in 2019 and successfully passed on the first attempt. I’d highly recommend their content and this podcast, whether you are just starting or are already established.
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Mikha'el Morrison
New and still learning
This is a great podcast and I am glad that I came across it! I’m learning a ton!
Great Podcast
I’m new to the business side of drones so I’m happy I came across this podcast when I did. Been binging the episodes all week. Informative and cool guests. Thank you
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