Dressed: The History of Fashion
Dressed: The History of Fashion
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Be neutral politically please
Topics don't need your opinion ladies. Update your knowledge of Womens reproductive rights. There are 2 sets of DNA involved there, hence 2 separate beings. Seems like a choice of convenience to half of us if it's viable
More advert than content
I get it. You need to monetize a podcast but holy crud this Halloween episode was more advert than content. I am truly disappointed in where this podcast has gone both in the actual content provided and the excess of advertising.
Unprofessional hosts
Great guests, interesting content. Unfortunately hosts are sing-songy, unprofessional, use leading questions, giggle, too many likes and ums and cliches and upspeak. More interested in impressing the guests than conducting an intelligent interview that lets the guest shine and informs the audience.
Hypnotist Collector
The best fashion podcast out there, especially if you’re planning a career in fashion.
Zoë G.
Fashion & Grievance Studies
A recent derailment into SJW drivel and revisionist history has made this podcast un-listenable. The latest podcast on reviewing frontier history through the lens of non-binary gender, a concept that didn’t exist at the time, did me in. This used to be my favorite podcast, and I truly miss the research in history & art history that once framed each episode — it has since taken a deep dive into the grievance studies.
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5 stars🤩
First if all I want to be a fashion designer or stylist when I grow up I like this podcast, I recommend this podcast to anyone who ❤️s fashion👗
I wholeheartedly recommend!
I'm not involved in fashion as a career or anything, but I've always been interested. I heard about this podcast on another one I listen to a while back and now that I'm caught up, I feel comfortable reviewing it. I've learned so much that ties in to other topics. This is one of the more inclusive podcasts I listen to. The hosts of Dressed do a wonderful job of teaching and not shying away from the issues of the fashion industry.
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Old Man Beans
A 10
Fresh Fresh Fresh I love listening to ladies with a good vocabulary and grammar. So easy to listen to. I love this Podcast!
michaels magic threadworks
The best!
I look forward to every episode and appreciate the in depth scholarship presented in a casual and friendly form. I’ve upped my reading list with recommendations from this podcast. Thank you for brightening my week
Randi & Steve
If you love history and fashion this is the place!
I have been listening for two years now and I love it. Great host and great content. They get amazing guests and cover a wide range of fashion and fashion history topics.
Too many commercials
There are far too many commercials, and some of them are much louder than the rest of the content. I shouldn’t have to jump out of my skin and race for the volume control while listening to a podcast.
Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing
This podcast is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And since I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up,I looooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee listening to this podcast!!!!!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Have adored from day one
I love this podcast and have been a listener from the very first episode. So well researched and a diverse array of topics. However I’ve deducted a star because i feel like half the podcast these days are advertisements. Understand that this is how the show generates revenue, but it’s gotten a bit irritating and interrupts the flow of the show.
So so good
I love this show. Diverse range of topics. Well-researched. I learn so much from this show.
very bothersome that the ads are so spread out and last like 5 minutes each. usually ads do not bother me but with this show there is at least 10 minutes of ads per episode. just put all the ads at the beginning or end so i can skip them all at once!!!
Incorrect Pronunciations
I only got through a few episodes, but became so fed up with the obvious mispronunciations. If one of the hosts works at FIT then I would think she would know how to properly pronounce the French terms/names. Maybe they’ve gotten better after the first few episodes, but I cringed way too many times listening to the first 3 or 4 episodes.
Mostly love
You guys killed me with the mispronunciations in the GoT episode but generally love!
Love this so much
This is one of the best podcasts ever love both of them keep it going girls
Shopkins lie
Fun and Informative
I enjoy this podcast a lot. There are a fair number of people writing reviews complaining about the hosts, April Callahan and Cassidy Zachary, especially their voices citing ‘up speak’ and ‘vocal fry’ as somehow diminishing their credibility by making them sound young and poorly-educated. “”(>_<)”” - gosh! Now, I like these guys but If you want to hear real vocal fry, listen to Sam Harris in conversation with Richard Dawkins. Toss Joe Rogan into the mix and you’ll go out of your gourd. I like Callaghan and Zachary’s voices their and find both women to be down-to-earth, humble, inclusive, kind and entertainingly well-informed hosts. I sat through years of art history lectures where some stuck up tight-jawed professor droned facts, I don’t want that in a podcast. They take a subject that could be quite dry and haute-exclusive and weave in wee cultural asides and intersect historical tidbits. I also love the way they discuss societal attitudes toward gender and sexuality including gender transgression, women’s rights and issues of race and equality. If you want affected pedantry, watch William F. Buckley Jr. reruns of Firing Line.
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The information can be interesting and informative but the hosts are so painfully manufactured and scripted. Would happily see them replaced by almost anyone else.
Great job of covering history and culture
Fashion is much more than what clothes or colors are in style this season. Dressed does an excellet job of coverng the history, art, politics, culture, and history of fashion, and how fashion is both the product of those things and inspires those things. Dressed is one of a handful of podcasts that make it to my "listen to every episode" list. Highly recommended.
Travelin' Horn man
Great show
This a great show and the hosts are engaging and clearly experts in their fields. (Most of the negative reviews here seem to be people who are just put off by the way young women speak, please ignore the sexism and keep up the great work).
Mostly great content —a few dud guests
Just listened to most of the back catalogue. The content ( if you are interested in fashion) is good, and the hosts are engaging. A few of the guests really drag the level of content down. In particular; the Fashion Fair episode. I couldn’t even get to the halfway point before giving up.
Top Recommendation!
Whenever I recommend shows to new podcast listeners, Dressed is always on the list! This podcast has engaging hosts, interesting topics, and wonderful guest interviews. I truly love listening and am so happy we’re back for Season 3!
5 Stars!!
This podcast is so fun to listen to! I it is so interesting ! I love listening to this podcast.
Miss Ella Bella Grace
Fashion history
I was a history major in college, and always enjoyed seeing how fashion, hair, and jewelry design reflected social and cultural norms, so this podcast has been such a treat for me! I especially like episodes that focus on the history, with fashion as a lens for exploring bigger issues. My favorite episodes so far are murderous millenry, the body episode, the French Revolution fashion episode, the color pink episode, cult style, and the denim episode. All of these were all really about social history, not fashion. I could give or take the commentary on current fashion (met gala looks and so on), but I love April and Cassidy, so I am happy to indulge them when they want to talk current fashion trends.
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I will love it 😍
I love the episode about the glitter and Halloween I love it so much that i love it that much you should try it it is so Nice. It is so fun! You should try do you want to? I really love it I hope you do don't Forget to try it I love it A lot I think you would like it try it sometime grown-ups don't forget give it five stars . I think this will sometimes help you with your life A lot don't forget do you like it A lot at this time you should like goodbye
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Using this so understand fashion better than my GF
Awesome podcast on the history of fashion and designers. Thank y’all for taking the time to do this. Now I can one up my girlfriend with my fashion knowledge! @dairebarefoot (Follow me!)
Daire Barefoot
Best podcast on fashion that I've found
The content of these lessons is excellent. It's especially great to see that they're putting a spotlight on Elizabeth Keckley, a truly amazing woman. The hosts are fashion historians, not just "fashionistas," so their podcasts have real content. I am a subscriber and I am really enjoying this series.
I love your podcast especially the most recent two on sustainability. However I found it hypocritical to lead an episode with an endorsement for Fabletics - the antithesis of the the movement you were promoting. I understand you are running a business and sponsors are so important to the bottom line but before asking the public to buy garments made responsibly you should consider your contribution to fast fashion
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The history of fashion is the history of civilization
Very well researched and performed. Before I started listening to this I didn’t understand how integral fashion is to historical events.
Highly recommend if you’re in the How’s and Why’s of fashion
Bonkersly educational, and also very much liked by people in the fashion industry Due to the wide range of topics not every episode may be for everyone, but at the same time, the depth of knowledge broadens everyone’s understanding
Presentism Much?
Like many other reviews have pointed out, the hosts are quite versed in fashion history and know it well. In all honesty, I’ve enjoyed many episodes, that accounts for the 1 star given. The first season was good, but it has gone downhill since. The blatant cultural bias, specifically presentism, leaves no grace for context. And the audio quality of interviews and live recordings have been so hard on my ears that I delete them immediately. Compounding these issues with the prevalence of political statements, after today’s episode, I’ve unsubscribed. Some of us do not believe in prenatal genocide.
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Tired of Scrolling
Unique History
I love this podcast but usually find the interviews not as interesting as the hosts original research and usually the audio quality is unbearable. This podcast was a favorite but just stopped listening now that most of the episodes are interviews
WW 1 episode
I wish I could listen to this episode but the speakers’ audio is awful. I hope part 2 is a little easier on the ears.
I love Dressed, however I did not finish Punk. The professor was not interesting. This is the first show I did not finish.
Interesting podcasst
I like the podcast and it's very informative. My only issue is that part of the episodes seem to be geared toward people who have a higher level of fashion knowledge than I do. Other than that, it's great.
I really liked the first season, but the second season is painfully boring. The interview format isn’t as effective, and I lose interest real quick. I do like the fhm episodes though.
I Keep Trying
I want to like this podcast. The conversations about Worth and fashion houses through the decades are interesting. However, these ladies are not seated in historical knowledge (as other people have noted). Inaccuracies and some light plagiarism abound. Some of the information about voting on the 19th amendment was lifted straight out of a RadioLab episode, and Robert K did a better job with it. I love parts of their episodes so much. Discussions about fashion collections and when they talk about the fashion mysteries are highlights for me because they *really* know their topic. It’s harder to listen to when it’s clear that they never made it past basic history classes and don’t know how to frame things properly. A little fact checking and some “how to pronounce this” would improve the podcast significantly. They are experts in their fields and it shows, both for the betterment of the show and sometimes it’s detriment. Keep going and improving!
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It was great until
I enjoyed the history of some of the topics brought up, but then it became very biased and one sided. Bummer.
The episode on Dior was wonderful - and a great preparation for visiting the exhibition at the V&A.
My absolute favorite podcast
I am a lay fashion nerd. These two take it to a different level. Their incredible knowledge is peppered with interviews, fun facts, interesting topics and down to earth relatable explanations.
Meh, depends on you think about it....
I’m a big fan of history and fashion and this is only part of historical fashion, ( I know they can’t fit in everything but the could put in more ) but this is mostly female clothing! I know the host are girls but I play this in the car with my mother and father, and he is kinda left out. But on the other hand, this is very fun and interesting, but a bit to much chatter. So two things. One ☝️ try talk about girl AND boy fashion, and two ✌️less chat, more scat!
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Delivery lacking
I really enjoy this podcast but have found that I can only listen to two or three episodes consecutively - hence the reason I am still listening to season one. I had hoped season two would be better but from the comments it seems that it’s not. While the hosts are very accomplished in their field, their delivery is juvenile in their tone (as many have commented, stop with the “upspeak”) and the opinionated commentary inserted into each episode - no need for comments about lack of diversity in fashion in the Givenchy episode, for example - takes away from the topic. (It’s as if they want to ensure the listeners know they think there should be greater diversity in magazines - we know. We agree. We’re not listening to this to debate that topic. And the mispronunciations (in both French and English) are cringeworthy. Its clear they put a lot of research and effort into each show. But the delivery of that research is hard to get through.
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Hit or miss
I usually find the show very interesting but it’s really fallen off lately. The fashion history mystery episodes are too short and awkward and the regular episodes don’t always flow. I was really disappointed this week revolves around “pride” month. I don’t care what people do in their personal lives or how they feel yet it’s being shoved in our faces constantly. They also seem to talk about men with a negative tone and put woman on a pedestal. Honestly just very tired or all the political talking points we’re bombarded with by all media these days. If they continue with this narrative I’m gunna have to stop listening.
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whats with the nicknsme
Too many inaccuracies
I really wanted to like this & recommend it to my Fashion Brand Management major daughter. Listened to the Tuxedo episode first & there were so many statements that wee obviously incorrect it made me question all the other statements. (simple ex: Department stores "make you" tell them the high school you go to and "will not sell you" a dress if someone from that school already bought it? No - after 3 daughters recently graduating from high school I know that's not true. Might be true some places & some times but the way they stated it is just not true.) All the *wrong* along with their silly, girlish delivery means I can't recommend it to my daughter & her cohorts & college club.
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The guests are where it’s at
I love history and I love historic fashion so I was really excited to check out this podcast. The hosts can be a little dry at times and one of the hosts voice is a little grating to me. I really like when they have guests on because the guests are usually excited and passionate about what they’re talking about, so it makes for an interesting episode. They pick fun topics for this podcast, so I keep listening but it’s not something I instantly download every week.
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Fashionating Podcast!
The content is incredible and the hosts are both intelligent and relatable, making it a podcast I look forward to every week. Thank you for sharing all these fashion history factoids that are still relevant today!
Kaitlyn Shea O'Connor
Mixed Feelings
I really enjoy the content of this podcast. The themes are interesting and the guest speakers on the show are excellent. What I take issue with is the juvenile tone that the hosts can give off. It is sometimes really difficult to appreciate the content through the delivery. This is not a matter of not liking women’s voices. The many female guests that this podcast has had have been an absolute pleasure to hear speak. This a nitpicky matter but I was recently disappointed with the episode that mentioned the fashion of Game of Thrones. The hosts made errors regarding character names and plots. I would expect that to be speaking about something on a podcast simple things like this would be fact checked.
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I love this podcast. As an academic myself, I appreciate the thorough research and passion of the hosts. I have learned so much from listening, and have found the content to be incredibly beneficial to my own work. I’ve noticed that many lament the presentation—a complaint I simply cannot understand. It irks me that so many reviewers complain about the sound of the female voice; that a giggle or joke on their part belies an immaturity. If they spoke in strictly academic and trade language, with no ounce of humor, listeners would most complain that the podcast is pretentious. Women just cannot win. I love their personalities and their enthusiasm. I appreciate how they present top-notch content in an approachable and fun manner. If you love history, art, literature, and fashion, listen to this podcast!
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The Real S. Holmes
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