Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
Dr. James Dobson
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Some questionable guests/content
Have much love and respect for FOTF; however, guests such as Johnathan Cahn is not well thought out as it is up to debate whether Cahn is a prophecy peddler or not with most serious apologetics leaders agreeing that he is not coming from a wholesome place. Additionally, Pastor Jefress and his doom and gloom about Americas future is too depressing and while it may or may not be accurate, how does Jefress know what the future holds? Remember the commandments. And the greatest of all - to love one another. And what does Scripture admonish us to focus on? ........ whatever is true, whatever is praiseworthy, noble, beautiful, of good report. Think on these things.
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Dr Dobson has been a solid rock. I grieved a bit when the FotF turn over went down. Ive been married 35 yrs, raised 4 sons under the DAILY influence of FotF. I thought Dr D wanted to retire! I am so sorry I didnt know, or support. It was only recently that i found this podcast. I breathed a physical deep breath hearing your voice again. My eyes filled hearing that “grandpa” sound in your voice. Please know- Your influence is real. We all dont have a marriage in agreement, kids that turn out the way we thought, or a walk that looked like we thought it would. But your words and your guests- they encourage and challenge, clarify and cause questions. Thank you! Gratitude to Dr D, Mrs D and to our Lord and Savior for knitting the things all together!
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My go to for Biblical wisdom
My go to for Biblical wisdom. I’ve been listening to Dr. Dobson since the early 1980’s on the radio and now thru his podcasts. Praise God for Dobson’s consistency and keeping Christ as the focus. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dobson for your courage and service to our country and to our family.
Christus Primatum Tenens
Toxic people podcast
Good summary and simple message to walk away from toxic people. However the issue is way more complex when it comes to marriage, work, and family members. We can’t just walk away from loved ones. This subject needs more practical solutions or advice. Toxic people just aren’t going away.
Benz Babe
Enjoying the podcast
I used to listen to “Focus on the Family” by Dr Dobson on the radio in the late 70s and early 80s before I started working. I was unable to listen to it during my career. 31 years later, I recently found this podcast. I am so happy to able to listen to Dr.. Dobson’s broadcast at anytime during the day.
Allie bw
A great light in a dark world
Great Biblical truths and insights! I love the wisdom found within!
Dirt Boy inc.
Thank you!
Thank you Dr. Dobson for continuing to share truth and encouragement!
Great Great Great
Timeless world view. Thanks for uploading Dr. Dobson’s content.
Dr. Dobson, timeless wisdom
I am so happy to have benefited from the timeless wisdom of Dr Dobson. I raised 4 children on his timeless wisdom. It’s timeless, because it comes from the author of ALL wisdom, the Lord!! I was also introduced to so many Godly men, through his ministry: Tony Evans, Pam Tebow, Zig Zigler, Jay Seculow, and a host of other guests, whom I have enjoyed over the years. Thank you, Dr. Dobson, for all you do!!
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pray for him
After hearing about her father in hospital.. did she go to him.. pray for him.. forgive him directly.. A once final chance to save him?
Great Podcasts
I’ve listened to Dr. Dobson for many years and have read many of his books. He’s a trusted godly man with much wisdom and knowledge of God and dealing with kids. Highly recommend him!
Hateful Influence
I was raised by two Christian parents and they did a great job. I grew up in the church and myself identify as a Christian as an adult. Before my mom started listening to this program she was more open minded and loving towards others. Ever since she started listening, I find that she is colder, judgmental, and unwilling to put herself in others shoes as much. She follows and believes anything that is said on this station even when there is no fact or logic behind it. I’m all for a good Christian message but we cannot follow a leader blindly, we must think and decide for ourselves.
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Thank you
This is exactly what my marriage has looked like it. It brought me to tears. Are the sources for help listed?
Natural mamma