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Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
Dr. James Dobson
Be encouraged and uplifted to build your family upon enduring truths that are built upon God's word. Whether it's marriage tips or how to raise your sons and daughters, Dr. Dobson and his guests will help you build a stronger marriage and family.
Setting a Higher Standard - Part 2
The world in which we live teaches us that we are merely the sum of our sensations. Today's generation is making a choice between nihilism—the belief that life is meaningless—and values that are grounded in Scripture. On this part two edition, Dr. Bill Bennett, author of the best-selling Book of Virtues, warns that the popular culture is having a corroding effect, leading to the loss of innocence.
Jan 22
25 min
Setting a Higher Standard - Part 1
Popular culture has seduced Americans with the false promise that seeking happiness instead of God's will should be life's goal. The message is that if you're not happy, then find a new religion, a new spouse, or even a new family. On today's broadcast, Dr. Bill Bennett asserts that having a healthy marriage and family depends upon an unflinching commitment, especially when times are tough.
Jan 21
25 min
Promise Keepers: Men and Marriage in 2021
For Christian men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, they need to possess the fear of the Lord. That’s one of the fundamental messages shared by Ken Harrison, chairman of Promise Keepers men's ministry. On today's edition, Ken and co-host Dr. Tim Clinton candidly discuss the lure of pornography, along with finding true intimacy with your wife, and the necessity of praying together as a couple.
Jan 20
25 min
Revival Rising - Part 2
Through the unconditional love of a horse and God’s mercy, Kim Meeder’s hope was restored after tragically losing her parents when she was only nine years of age. On this part two edition, Kim describes how Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch pairs rescued horses with hurting kids to create healing where once there was only brokenness. She also relates an emotional story of how God used her to save a drowning man, and describes the spiritual application of sharing Christ with unbelievers before they perish.
Jan 19
25 min
Revival Rising - Part 1
At nine years of age, Kim Meeder tragically became an orphan in the blink of an eye. On today’s Family Talk, you’ll discover how she found indescribable solace in the presence of her horse and learned that God loves her unconditionally. As an adult, Kim felt led to replicate the Christian healing she experienced by founding Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, Oregon, where she pairs rescued horses with broken children.
Jan 18
25 min
A Compassionate Argument for ProLife: A Dr.'s Perspective - Part 2
In part two of this informative discussion, Dr. Lile and Dr. Clinton discuss the life-long effects that abortion will have on a woman, equating it in compassionate terms to a miscarriage. They shed light on the damage, pain and psychological scars that this single decision can have on the unassuming person who is seeking to rid herself of a "problem." Often times postpartum depression, shame, guilt, and in some cases, even suicide, can accompany this traumatic event in a woman’s life. But there is hope. Drs. Lile and Clinton discuss God’s healing grace and the promise of forgiveness that can cover even the most egregious sin. They close this interview by reminding listeners they are not alone. There are resources and understanding people ready to help a frightened girl or woman who is struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. The program concludes with a sorrowful acknowledgement of the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and a thank you to Dr. Dobson for staying in the fight and leading the stand for righteousness since the Supreme Court rendered its wicked decision to legalize abortion.
Jan 15
25 min
A Compassionate Argument for ProLife: A Dr.'s Perspective - Part 1
Family Talk's regular contributor, Dr.William Lile, the "Pro-life Doc," sits down with Dr. Clinton to discuss the increasing threats facing the pro-life movement, due to a new administration entering the White House. Dr. Lile describes the dangerous new trend of increasing prescription "abortion pills." He elaborates that it’s not just "the morning after" pill, but rather abortion on-demand, and it can be used up to 10 weeks into a pregnancy. This horrible drug, which is sold in a simple capsule, could soon become a mail-order prescription, easily accessed without any true medical supervision and becoming widespread across the country.
Jan 14
25 min
America's Coming Implosion
In order to bring down a building, demolition crews use a process called implosion to weaken the structure’s support systems from within. Today, Pastor Robert Jeffress explains how symbolically that effective form of destruction is happening to America. He walks through 3 key examples of our countries’ outright rejection of its Judeo-Christian roots.
Jan 13
25 min
Turn Your Season Around - Part 2
In Luke 12, Jesus warned His followers to "be on guard against all kinds of greed." On this inspiring broadcast, Dr. Tim Clinton concludes his interview with former Major League baseball player, Darryl Strawberry. He continues to reflect on the destructive lifestyle he was saved from, and explains why our past scars are a testament to God’s grace.
Jan 12
25 min
Turn Your Season Around - Part 1
Former baseball star and World Series champion Darryl Strawberry had a seemingly successful life. However, the fame and fortune of being a professional athlete led to a very destructive and harmful lifestyle. Today Darryl talks with Dr. Tim Clinton about this dark season and the way God radically changed his future.
Jan 11
25 min
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